About John Mattes

Investigative Guy/Attorney John Mattes lives by these rules:

1)   Don’t let the bad guys win.
2)   Don’t back down.
3)   DO something. Make things right.

He’s all about finding the full strength, high-octane solution.

While living in Madison, he entered politics, and was first elected as a County Board member, then as a City Councilman.

He received a law degree from University of Miami and worked as a Public Defender and then as a public policy litigator. While investigating the story of one of his first clients, he uncovered information that helped break open the Iran-Contra scandal.

He then served in Washington as Investigative Counsel to the US Senate Committee on POWs. Later he took on the CIA and the Defense Department on behalf of a group of Commandos working for the US, who were captured and abandoned as POWs in Vietnam.

This lawsuit made national news – chronicled in the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and 60 Minutes – not only because of the deplorable actions of the government but also because of the impossible case he won on the prisoners’ behalf.

Mattes found a way to put his investigative skills, knowledge of the law and finely tuned sense of justice together in one career: as an investigative reporter. He worked on an innovative local TV news show in Miami for the Barry Diller station, WAMI. He then worked for a national newsmagazine show, Uncovered, and then in San Diego for the Fox affiliate.

His stories in Miami and San Diego have won him numerous Emmys, a Murrow, Golden Mikes, and Press Club awards.

Here are some stories the I-Guy has uncovered:

  • Lenders who put homeowners across the country in “liar loans” that were designed to fail
  • Mortgage modification firms that prey on homeowners at their most desperate time
  • An Indian casino that stole all the water from an entire region
  • Counterfeit moving companies who robbed homeowners of all of their belongings
  • A phony veteran’s charity that stole from veterans in need
  • Collection agencies that stole from consumers with bogus bills
  • Gangs that have been ‘stealing’ mansions by using phony property deeds

The I-Guy is an advocate of the people who will continue to stop the bad guys, bad deals and illegal doings.

Contact John Mattes. He’s got your back.

John Mattes
contact [at] investigativeguy.com
PO Box 815
1666 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109

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