UPDATE DEC 7 2011 Consumers now take Delta to court over delayed bags

If you ever travel you know the hell of finding your luggage lost or delayed . What you didn’t know was that the airlines have been not being honest with travelers about their rights when their bags are delayed .The contract of carriage allows passengers to purchase up to $3300 in essentials when bags are delayed,but airlines never tell consumers that.Let me repeat an airline owes you up to $3300 for essentials when your bags are delayed.
Our investigation of Delta Airlines reveals they are not upfront with passengers about their rights when bags are delayed. Delta has not protected it’s passengers so passengers are fighting back demanding in a class action lawsuit that Delta abide by the terms of passenger contracts. Passengers want justice .If you have been a victim of Delta’s baggage polices contact us at investigativeguy@gmail.com
Also to find out more about the lawsuit go to


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  1. jmattes says:

    complain to the FTC .Ask Greyhound on how they can lose a bag that sits on the bus that your mom was on.

  2. nancy says:

    My mom traveled in grayhund bus line and they lost her bag. she filed a claim and they offer no help to cover some of her imidiate expenses to purchase some outfits instead they send her a letter stating that it would take 3 months to make a decision in what is the follow up. Till this day she has not heard from them :(

  3. I flew from New York to Colorado for the Xmas, New Year holidays. On my flight home on January 2, 2011, my luggage was not on the plane. For three days I was told it was being delivered that day. Having to replace some necessary items, I haven’t heard a word from the airline (United). I spoke with the manager at the office of the lost luggage and he told me when the luggage was delivered to me he would get in touch with me and make compensation. How long do I need to wait. For the price of the airfare, I should get a little courtesy.

  4. Diane says:

    I thought that 18 years ago when my luggage going overseas was delayed 3 days was an inconvenience, but just last march, my brother-in-law’s coffin going overseas was delayed 3 days. Now that was despicable. The only explanation from the airlines was that there was no room on any earlier flights. Thank you Mr. Mattes for making the public aware of something that airlines should publicly display.

  5. Jerry Boehm says:

    Even after Delta was fined for violation of the reimbursement limit guidelines, their web site still says this: “Reasonable expenses generally are $50 for the first 24hrs and $25 per day for the next 4 days the bag is delayed. The guidelines for reasonable expenses are NOT daily limits or a cap and additional expenses may be incurred and should be handled on an individual basis up to the limit of liability.”

    Note that they apparently hope you will not bother claiming more, although the wording does leave higher reimbursements possible (which I guess makes the statement legal), but you still have to know to go after it.

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