Hundreds of Dollar Rent A Car customers complain of high pressure tactics and tricks

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Hundreds of rental car customers complain of high pressure tactics and tricks –  
By Jackie Callaway TAMPA -

ABCActionNewsFrequent rental car users like Dr. Allen Friedman know the drill at the counter.  He says he’s never had a problem until he arrived at the rent a car counter during a trip to Denver in 2011. Friedman claims he declined the optional insurance and all extras. Nine days later he returned the car and discovered a 215 dollar charge for insurance and another 53 dollars for roadside protection on his bill. But this customer claims Dollar Rent a Car refused to remove the fees that effectively doubled his rental bill.

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Consumer advice from AAA and the Attorney General’s office on what to do before you rent your next car (Read more from ABCActionNews)

  • Ask what the total cost will be after all fees are included. There may be an airport surcharge or drop-off fees, insurance fees, fuel charges, mileage fees, taxes, additional-driver fees, under aged-driver fees, and equipment rental fees (for items such as ski racks and car seats).
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  • Ask whether the rental company checks the driving records of customers when they arrive at the counter. If so, you could be rejected even if you have a confirmed reservation.
  • Check in advance to be sure you aren’t duplicating insurance coverage. If you’re traveling on business, your employer might have insurance that covers accidental damage to the vehicle. You might also have coverage through your personal auto insurance, a motor club membership, or the credit card you used to reserve the rental.
  • Carefully inspect the vehicle and its tires before renting and when you return it. Try to return the car during regular hours so you and the rental staff can look at the car together to verify that you didn’t damage it.
  • Check refueling policies and charges.
  • Pay with a credit card rather than a debit card, to avoid holds on other funds in your checking account.
  • Ask the rental company if a deposit is required. If so, ask for a clear explanation of the deposit refund procedures.

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Lawsuit Claims Overcharges by Dollar Rent A Car
April 24, 2013 By Dana Fowle, FOX 5 I-Team reporter   ATLANTA -

myfoxatlanta.comIt’s time to start booking vacations, and that means renting a car may be a part of your getaway. But before you sign the dotted line, there are some things you should be aware of about renting a car. A lawsuit claims overcharges by Dollar Rent A Car. The confusion is over something called the collision damage waiver. The suit goes on to claim that even though customers state clearly they don’t want the pricey option to have the rental car company cover potential damage, they’re being charged nearly $25 a day anyway. In an email to the I-Team, the company denies those allegations and says they intend to fight them vigorously.

Fred Elsberry at the Atlanta Better Business Bureau says in the past, customers have gotten confused because of the language. He says customers think when they sign the loss damage waiver, they’re saying no they don’t want the coverage when in fact they are saying yes. What do you do if you believe you’ve been charged for an add-on that you didn’t want? You should go straight to the rental car company and ask for your money back, and report it to your credit card company — although in this case you may not have much luck. If the system shows your signature of approval, the credit card company might not get involved in a he said – she said situation. You may have to go to small claims court to get your money back.


Have you ever run into trouble at the rental counter? Please share your thoughts and experiences by submitting the Dollar Overcharge Contact Form. FOX-5 ATLANTA I-TEAM STORY ARCHIVES

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