Meet Mortgage Modification Con Men



It’s a scam we first exposed in 2009: Con men selling promises of mortgage modifications to thousands of desperate homeowners.  After our series of stories they were finally shut down and convicted of defrauding homeowners of over 11 million dollars.

In Dec 2012 the ringleader, Gary Bobel, was sentenced to 92 months. His co-conspirator Scott Spencer (who was featured in our 2009 story) was sentenced to 30 months. End of story you might assume.  Well get this, Scott has been hard at work – he has started a company called Reputation Impression.  The company says it will improve your online reputation.  A convicted con  artist says he will help you improve your reputation. Yes, the irony of a man in a desperate need of a reputation makeover starts a company to help  you with your own reputation. You cant make this stuff up, it is just too rich. Now the punch line, his reputation company is called a scam by people who hired him.






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  1. [...] John Mattes is an investigative reporter that really looks out for consumers by exposing loan modification scams. [...]

  2. Jim Jackson says:

    Gary Bobel’s operation has been raided by F.B.I. and I’m confident they will sending this convicted felon back to prison.

  3. jmattes says:

    It’s time consumers get justice

  4. Fred says:

    Thanx John….
    Good work, these people are going to meet me, and it will not be pleasant. They will feel the rath of Fred, you can rest assured. I got the ‘itch’ and bringing them down, legally, will be my pleasure.

  5. Chris Sheffer says:

    Excellent job on Gary Bobel’s Business, haven’t heard from you in a great while. All in all, That was excellent…

  6. hulagirl says:

    I know someone who got taken on this kind of thing — is there any way to get the money back from these jerks?

  7. scott says:

    OMG we just recently tried for a home “modifacation” through chase bank…and those guys even “lie.”LOL The world is gettin redicuals if ya ask me!.

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  9. pete fuentes says:

    Great job John, you have a great franchise! Keep up the great work. Love the production and sound effects stuff. major league material. Pete

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