Give Scentura credit.. despite conning people for over 10 years with bogus offers of managers’ jobs, these folks won’t quit. The scam has not changed one bit in 10 years and all the con men read from the same playbook. They advertise, offering positions as managers, you take the bait and go for an interview where you get hired, but when you report for work you find yourself hustling bottles of cheap perfume on street corners. The scam has victimized thousands and thousands. Nine months ago we did the story, and now we have found out the scam is still spreading. Be warned and let us know what you think of the scam and our story. YouTube Preview Image


scentura creations has once again opened an office and its in my part of town st. charles missouri, i noticed you did a story on this and thought you may want to do another because these offices are still poping up and i fell for it along with others that are still not aware its a scam but now they are making us sign a paper saying we will not talk bad about the company or we will be sued so i do not want to give out my name

I was employed by SYNERGY EXPANSION, located at 1425 Koll Ciecle Suite #101 in San Jose, CA 95116.
I was there for one week because I found out they were liying to me, I was hired for the Maneger Position, and ended up saleing Scentura Creations fragances on Parkinglots all over the City. I was told that I was going to get paid on Friday the 14th, but nothing happend and they did’nt mention anything about it in our meeting that same day Evan & Liz, that’s how that Office’s Owners are called. I know I did something really wrong because I kept 7 bottles of Perfume, but I am very Overwhelmed by what they did to me, I was their number one seller in their office and they keot telling me that I was going to get Promoted on that comming Saturday, But when I started conecting their lies I did’nt know what to do, I’m a Single Mother of two Beautiful Children, and they made me work for them from 9:00 to 6:00pm

Hello! I have 1 of your best scam artist new location in Atlanta,Ga.Once again Mr.Larry Hahn Scenteura Creations.They almost got me.My training start this monday at 10:30 everything you said is true.I wanted not to think anything bad about the business but,I just could not help to look and research for myself and others that will be there monday.If you can please got catch them to save the others.I was able to meet some very cool hard working new people that will be starting training monday & 1 girl even is a young single mother catching the bus and a college student, other are just out of high school & married with a family like me looking for extra income.I seen you on youtube I know what you are about so please crack down on them again

I’m 32 and been looking for a job for way to long now. The scentura scam caught my wife’s eye, (we have 4 kids to feed also), so she set up an interview for me. They’re still doing it. The a so called “Business” by the name Coastal Promotions in Mira Mesa, CA. Here’s their phone number and address if you can use it. Hopefully this Larry Hahn Douchebag will get his soon for wasting honest peoples time.
858-554-1156 ph.
6790 Top Gun Street #5
San Diego California 92121

HI I was a victim of Scentura Creations they made everything sound good but im glad i did research and found out some things they not even liscensed by the BBB.I need u to investigate.there in Palose Hills,Il 10661 Roberts Road.Im willing to help this company need to be SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!

I believe there is a Scentura going on in San Diego by the name of “COASTAL
PROMOTIONS” offering to train people to be managers. Its my second day and
they are wanting us to try and

sell perfumes and colognes on the street. It would be awesome if you could
pay them a visit.

The location is: 6790 Top Gun street San Diego, California

I am currently caught in the middle of one of these scams. I think it would be great if you helped me humiliate them like they’ve humiliated me. I would love to see them get completely shut down. Here’s the address to “S&G Enterprise” (scentura)
2751 Fruitridge rd. 95820 suite 14

I have been scammed by another Scentura Creations office out of Baymeadows FL. They posted an ad saying that the job was not commission based, but in fact, thats the only way they payed you, if they even had the money to pay you that week. They need to be stopped for good, Larry Huhn has started a crooked pyramid and someone needs to knock it down.

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  1. Victoria says:

    They are here in Arlington TX, operating under the name “Wholesale Texas Fashion.” (Their office doesn’t even have a sign with their name).You can find them on facebook. Their address is 714 N. Watson Suite 320, Arlington TX, 76011. I found their posting on craigslist, stayed for a week, and thought I had enough of their “business.” They offered a Management Position with “no experience required.”The office is ran by Robert and Ricki Zuckert, with Veronica as their right-hand girl. I just don’t want any more people being scammed by them. I remember them clearly telling us to “work a quality 8 hours” but then on Friday, 3 of us we were kept out in a’ power car’ with Veronica, and told we were not heading back home until we reached our quotas. This was just unfair treatment to me and raised an eyebrow. It was around 10:30pm, in a different city by the time we left. I refuse to be a puppet for Scentura, so I left.

  2. Tracie says:

    These guys are in salt lake city utah by name of Elite Uinta. 4500 south 500 east
    Kat n Tasha are running this office. Hireing 14 new manager trainees.

  3. jesa says:

    I definitely almost felt for this job scam as well I went to several locations in need of a job 40k was an eye opener for me went on a interview located I’m doral fl 8180 NW 36 Ave or street to be exact. Passed the first interview was invited back for the 2nd time around what I saw was very displeasing it was about 45 to 60 candidates in the lobby at this point um like wow but to make a long story short they claim they don’t do sales but I was issued a order form right along with others our project was yo sell perfume to out family and friends they clearly stated we accept checks credit cards and cash I kept saying to myself something ain’t right it just don’t add up so that Monday it lefted me puzzled so the next day I didn’t return but come to find out north Miami beach and doral FL suite 229 1721 ne 164th street 1791 ne 164th street are connected in the same phony scam selling rendition perfumes copyrighting name brand fragrances now since I am on to the scheme I call and the company name always changes someone needs to report all of there asses

  4. Lady Romero says:

    Hi! Today I just came back from the 2nd interview from Excel Management, better known as Scentura.It is located in 404 Clifton Ave in Clifton NJ. It didn’t really seem like an interview, more like a pitch. We were being fed so much information that I could barely process what was going on. I wasn’t sure what to think. We weren’t even given the name of the company. All that was given was the founder’s name. So I looked it up and found that it’s a scam. Too bad. I was kinda interested, and I know that the other 5 people in it were too. I think two of them were in school. I wish I could tell them that it’s seen as a shady business. I might attend the orientation to tell them.

    If any questions please notify me! I wish to know more and how exactly its a scam.

  5. Josephine Cruz says:

    Looks like the same place opened up in Clifton, NJ. Their name is Excel Management. They called to set-up an interview for either a customer service/receptionist or a management position. Glad I saw this before I wasted my time going to an interview tomorrow. I also went to the place ahead of time and they don’t even have their name on the building. It’s 404 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ.

  6. roland says:

    Remember Scentura Creations? Well the reason why this company keeps spreading its scam is because all the idiots who want to keep scamming open their own office and name the off what ever they want. Early Gaynor opened an office in Temple Hills, MD ( I have the address if you need it), along with Merlange Rene. They gave me the same crap that you busted their parent company with. They told me that if I worked hard I would make six figures. What stood out to me was I didn\’t even sing a W2 form, weird. They are scamming big time selling fake perfumes and colognes. PLEASE HELP! Those who are still in the company have made through \”training\” (street hustling stage) and other offices will open. Please help stop the scamming.

  7. lee says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE! I knew something wasn’t right about this “entry level manager position ; NO EXPERIENCE REQ’D!” I went on my 2nd interview today, wasted a good 4 hours of my life listening to this bullshit story. what caught my eye was the fact I was in a room of about 15 other people and a good handful of them had prior experience as managers but weren’t offered the job…yet I was offered the job and I’m a medical assistant with absolutely no business background or experience. the company name is under “Phoenix Management” located on 448 Lincoln Blvd. in Middlesex NJ. Manager name is Donny Zinc, another woman by the name of Holly and a receptionist named Kristen. phone number is 732 764 6859. I’m so pissed I wasted my whole day on a bold face lie but THANK GOD I saw this article before I started “training” on monday. SHUT THESE ASSHOLES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jmattes says:

    I went for an interview with Scentura Creations. They just opened up a new office here in MD. The address is 7200 Belair Road. The phone number is 410-665-1072. They wanted me for customer service and told me to call them in 2 weeks. I went home and did some digging on the Internet and found out they are scamming people. I’m glad I dodged a bullet.

  9. Rich T says:

    I worked for them for 2 hours in 1992.Once they dropped me off on a street corner in the gang district of Watts Blvd in Sacramento,I knew it was crap.I got turned down 10 times in a row.So,I handed my box off dime store colonge to the guy with me a said “Bye bye!
    I am not angry,it was a good life lesson and everytime I see kids today with a Scentura box in their hands I tell them about my experience 21 years ago.The funny part is that they make it out to be like your getting hired by Microsoft or something.They complimented my tie as a “Power Tie!” and told me that “I” was the only one hired as a great and powerful manager.Strangely,there were about 500 people that showed up for work on monday to walk around like nit wit Mormon missionaries.We all were the ONLY ones who got hired.
    I asked one of the girls in the office that had hired me if it was a scam or not and she very cleverly said “Pssst,yeah,of course,psssst,it’s a scam,ha ha ha,next year when you’re a manager you will be laughing too when someone asks you the same question…Jeez,ha ha yeah a scam,right.”…Notice she told me it was a scam,she never said “No it’s NOT a scam.”

  10. SULY says:

    I LIVE IN MIAMI FL , KAI MANGEMENT IS A SCAAAAAAAAMM 8180 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL 33166 Tania 786-333-7601 SCAAAMMMM!!!!…. DONT FALL FOR THIS B.S

  11. Joel says:

    Hi, I went into a interview offering the same offer and I quickly found out it was scam. The office name is Kai Management located 8180 NW 26th st Doral, Fl an there phone number is 786-333-7601.

  12. Jimmy Simpson says:

    I worked for them 3 days. The company was called “Texas Management” and they’re located at 111 W Anderson Ln, Unit D223, Austin, TX 78752. They promised me an office job and all they had me doing was selling their perfume on the streets, in parking lots, gas stations, going into businesses and this was all in a bad part of town that was dangerous. They had plenty of other people sucked into their lying trap and almost had me until I researched it and found out the truth. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN ITS ALL A SCAM!

  13. Smarter than name says:

    I just had my second interview with them. They said they will set up an office for me as a manager. Although I would have to pay 800 a month for rent and 200 for cell phones. It is a scam. The guy giving the interview’s first question to three of us is Do you guys work for the government because i am not signing anything. It is the biggest scam out there. The building has no signs on it saying Excel Management. Each manager would be making up there own name for the office. DO NOT DO THIS

  14. lizette salazar says:

    This is a scam this company scammed me.and my cousin dont fall for this!!!there office is in anaheim ca on armando st and la palma kerry is the manager

  15. Upset says:

    Hello Everybody!!!.. I was so exited about this job I saw on craiglist!! It doesnt matter your experiece we will train you!!!! Of course they dont tell you the name of the company!! Everything they offered its what you want. I went for the interview and I asked for the company’s name “KAI MANAGEMENT”!!!… They offered me a second interview, but of course I went home and did my research and OH SURPRISE!!! it was the same address! same Tania’s number…. thank God somebody else post it…. and i am posting it also….
    interviews aDdress… 8180 NW 36ST DORAL 33166…. Tania 786-333-7601 SCAAAMMMM!!!!

  16. Need Job says:

    Hello Miami,

    I am currently at a location in Miami, Florida. It all sounded like a scam to me from the beginning but I was extremely curious. The address where they are holding the interviews is 8180 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL 33166. I was told to come back in 30 minutes to listen to the owner of the company speak to an entire group. Supposedly he is a motivational speaker. I’ll keep you posted.

  17. Amie Sims says:

    There is a new office in Greensboro NC, I was offered an Office Manager position today…and thought I would do some research online. All the stories are the same… I was offered to come back on Thursday to start training for 2-3 hours.
    Wondering if I should go just to see what its all about?

  18. Imam says:

    I just spent 1 week doing crap by Excel Management in 404 Clifton Ave. NJ. as usual we sell cheap bottle for 20-55 each with soliciting which is forbidden in this country.
    I smell something not good after we do 6 weeks working hour with uncontrollable working place and do something embarrassing (selling cheap parfume, or ask donation for school) truly i felt guilty to someone i pitch…

    this company are doing wrong in selling method, why dont they use their office as a shop. why the should use “trainee” to sell their product on street….

    I just realize when I talked to my cousin which is a police officer, and he will investigate this office,

    I hope people who read this can do the same to eliminate this scam, because trough their method they can grow larger.


  19. jmattes says:

    Hi guy remember the scentura scam guess what there back @ 136 e mcnab road pompano beach florida, I was a victim for 3 days they got me good until I started to do my research and found out its all a scam they guy goes by the name of brad and the girl tonka and chennelle I feel so missl led is there anything we can do they got there add right back on craigs list!
    Email: –
    Street Address – 3702 sw 52nd ave pembroke park
    Select a State – Florida
    Zip Code: – 33023
    Phone: – 340-277-6294

  20. Kasandra says:

    I’ve been desperate looking for a job once I came across this customer service ad on Craigslist I though hmmm this could be good. I called “Tania” phone#786 333 7601 she didn’t ask me any questions all she said was can you come in at 3 mind you it was 2 something and I told her I couldn’t make so she set up the interview for the following day at 11am …. I looked up the address and name of the company …. And to a realization that’s its all a scam. . ADDRESS 7750 w 26th ave Hialeah gardens 33016 Tania 786 333 7601

  21. Derek says:

    Location on 1045 Armando St.(Suite G), Anaheim, CA operating under the name “Southland Marketing Group”. BEWARE!

  22. Sour Patch Kid says:

    they are currently here in Micgigan doing the same thing i need help exposing him and this company witch he is tearing up families and its crazy i need someone to expose him and let it be known that they do this shit in every state

  23. Sara says:

    Well I just talked to Joel in Warren,MI for the manager position and thought awesome I could do that but since I found the ad on craigslist I was like I should research it first before I go and leave a semi good job and this is what I found lets just say I will NOT be at my interview on Tuesday I’m so happy I did the research.

  24. Brittney says:

    FLORIDA, HIALEAH LOCATION is a scam, I am not going to orientation after having researched. 6-8 weeks of training, ‘claim’ to pay between ’200-400′ a week based on ‘performance’. Only during the first week of training will they request you to ‘sell to family and friends’. 40k for ‘new opening branches’ because they’re expanding from ‘California and Texas.’ They go by PRESTIGE.

  25. ray says:

    I would like to say thank you very much for the video about Scentura Fragances. I lived in hollywood florida. I just left one of their interviews. I saw all the reg flags and knew something was wrong. They have a new name Nu Beginningz and have a office in the Bank of America bank building at 18350 NW 2nd avenue s406 miami, florida. After my interview, I searched online for any information and ran across your video. I left immediately. The sad part was leaving the other people who thought they had a good job opportunity. Mainly, young adults and minorities. They should be exposed. Wasting people’s time and gas for such nonesense. Thanks again!!

  26. Mahmure Oran says:

    I almost fell for this scam until I started doing research and everything was true ! they wanted me to come in for orientation but I called them and said I wasn’t interested. They opened up a new location and the address is 3133 central ave union city nj 07087 and his name is Anthony. please help stop this horrible scam !

  27. Bs says:

    now it’s called ccm inc and the guys name is Joel 5862778213

  28. Bs says:

    I went to a interview on hoover in warren mi this morning some how there are still up an running! It’s a scam 100% waste of time!! Thank god for google!!

  29. Celia says:

    Omg I was probably in the same room with ya too .After my second interview I had to call April on Saturday she stated I was hired…But me an my husband did some research an …there out was…the whole scam….I never did show up on Monday!!! Than God for google…

  30. elizabeth says:

    BBB I was prob in the same room with you! Worthless people!

  31. Bbb says:

    I was just also a victim of this scam!!! Als in Houston tx off of 1960 manager name April !! I wasted a whole week of my time,gas,effort on this bs and I’m highly pissed!!! I made $23 for a whole week with the promise of my own office this job posting was on craiglist so please beware people!!!

  32. Brandon says:


  33. jmattes says:

    spread the word

  34. elizabeth says:

    I almost fell for this scam until a friend showed me this info. They are in HOUSTON, TX under the name ALS. I went for an interview, then I was chosen for a 2nd interview with a large amount of people in a board room which they ranted on about the so called company that sells “name brand perfume” but in a different box. They promised if you were hired you would received at least $40K, own office, & people to work under you. . Please stop these heartless people! Here is the address

    3845 fm 1960
    Houston, tx 77068

  35. Steve says:

    I got them In warren mi trying to scam 12 people this Monday

  36. Laura Davidson says:

    Just came from CCM initial 5 min. interview and was supposed to go back in a couple hours for follow up interview. Decided to do some research of the company now that I had the name
    Scentura…I found your site and all the comments and feedback and was mortified. I did not
    go back but decided to call and say I wasn’t coming back (just curious to see what kind of response I’d get) and got a recording that said “the number you have reached is not in service
    at this time”. Thought that was odd since there were two employees in the office not even two hours prior. Guess it pays to do your homework.

  37. Alyssa says:

    HOUSTON, TX IS VICTIM TO THIS SCENTURA BULLSHIT. Was selling this nasty crap on the street corners being promised to make sooo much money but only made $9 in a 12 hour day. I was brought to the ghetto areas of houston and told to walk around parking lots up to peoples cars and sell them cheap knock off bottles of perfume. I was sexually harrassed verbally and physically but wasn’t allowed to go home or I would have been fired. Wasn’t allowed to carry my phone or any weapon to protect myself. I have a baby and I am a single mother, can’t believe they put their employees in situations like that!! They go by ALS here in houston, but can’t tell you what that stands for?? It’s off of 1960, BEWARE.

  38. Douglas says:

    Please give me a call, i have just been hired by Scentura Creations as a manager along many others. After further research upon the career i was pursuing i stumbled upon your youtube video about this companys scam. Everything you said is exactly what im facing. Im outraged. My class has just started and i would love for you to pay him a visit. It is located in Warren, Michigan. Contact me as soon as possible so i can give you all the detail

  39. Jesse says:

    My Daughter responded to an ad on Craig’s list, the company call itself: CRASH COURSE MANAGEMENT LLC, by the 2nd day someone found out that its actually Scentura Creation in disguise. This may be a new tactic they are using to stay under the radar, My Daughter is out of there, but the scam is still going strong. This is the address for this location: CRASH COURSE MANAGEMENT LLC aka Scentura Creation 29417 Hoover Rd Warren, MI 48093 I know it’s been a while since your last encounter with this outfit, hopefully you can investigate this operation so they can be shut down.

  40. Unknown says:

    Scam all the way! The ppl running the one in Minneapolis mn are a joke. Get this they are moving in April and are still hiring ppl even tho there will be no one there to help open their “offices” shut them down they are in St. Louis park.

  41. omar says:

    their in clearwater fl goin to open 25 new shops.

  42. sammi says:

    there is a scentura going on in HOUSTON TX!

  43. JON says:

    Who said work could not be FUN? Are you SPORTSMINDED? We are a company that is expanding in the South Florida region and need to fill these new offices with Customer Service, Administrative, and Entry Level Management personnel. No experience necessary we will train at company expense.
    Opening locations in:
    North Miami
    South Miami
    *If you feel you qualify for these positions, please contact us via Text/Call at (786) 333-5113
    HURRY! scheduling interviews Immediately, and possible on the spot HIRING.*

    THAT IS THE POST I SAW ON CRAIGSLIST, THE FIRST TIME IT WAS DIFFERENT & IT TALKED ABOUT MANAGER POSITION BUT NOTHING ABOUT SPORTMINDED. THE (786)333-5113 Number was the same number i was given so it goes to shwo they are trying to trick people using different wording on there craigslist post. BEWARE GUYS… UNLESS YOU DONT MIND SELLING BOOTLEG PERFUME IN DA STREET.

  44. Jay says:

    It is a scam I went in for the “second interview” in pinellas park, fl 8800 49th st n and the manager went on for about an hour about himself and perfume then said that there would be 6-8 weeks of training and he “didn’t know how much we would get paid for training” that is the point I got up and walked out .

  45. JON says:

    GUYS I THINK THIS IS A SCAM GOING ON IN MIAMI, FL, Found the “Opportunity” On Craigslist and they are located at 7750 W 26th Avenue, Hialeah, Florida, Miami. They said something about Larry Hahn and im glad i did my research, im supposed to sell perfumes to my family as a one time only thing and then go into a 6-8 week training where supposebly after the training i get my own keys to my own office along with a 40K a year salary. BEWARE! After watching these videos im realizing its a scam. Plus im suppose to give them money tomorrow for all the perfumes i sell and then he will order them but i dont believe it now. The meeting were very energetic and he kept going about how it was not a scam. BUT SOME THINGS ARE TO GOOD TO BE TRUE AND IM SURE THEY WILL FIRE EVERYONE AFTER THE 6-8 WEEKS OF TRAINING AND JUST RESTART THE HIRING PROCESS AND SCAM MORE PEOPLE ALL OVER AGAIN.

  46. Shanda Green says:

    Great work, John. Tonight , I was researching a different company (ACN) that my friend began working for because I have serious misgivings about it. I was then reminded of my experience back in 1994 or 95 in Fresno, CA where I answered an add in the local paper for a great office manager job (no experience necessary!) for a Company Called “California Creations.” I called, got an interview and was told to “dress professional” (not professionalLY, but professional). I declined to inform the person on the phone about the use of adverbs and showed up for the interview, in a freezing cold warehouse somewhere in downtown Fresno in the middle of winter. After being greeted warmly by a plump woman (who wasn’t all that professionally dressed, in my opinion), we sat in oh-so-comfortable metal folding chairs and were then informed that “some of you used false Social Security numbers and you need to just leave now, because you won’t be selected.” NOW they had me–I was too petrified to leave, because I didn’t want all of these other losers/applicants to think I had claimed to be someone I was not. So, I stayed. So did everyone else. The warm lady who greeted us played a video that showed how you can patent just about everything, except a FRAGRANCE, so everything is legit, and you could own a mansion someday by working for this company. Then, the video stopped, and a douche bag appeared, who screeched through a 30 minute rant about how he doesn’t “candy coat a goddamned thing” and that “if you lied about your SSN you should leave now–you are wasting our time–YOU WON’T BE SELECTED!” Then, the DB began to chastise us for not acting enthusiastic enough. “If you want to be selected,” he bellowed, “you should act like you want this position.” And damned if we didn’t all start saying “Yes. That’s right!” and begin to nod emphatically when he spoke. I began to look cautiously around at the other applicants (there were about 30 of us), thinking to myself, “is this some kind of a joke? They want us to sell knock-off perfumes?” He told us that if SELECTED, we would MANAGE offices for the sales people–we wouldn’t have to sell anything, oh no, we would boss the sales people around. I thought back to the ad: “No Experience Necessary.” Who the hell would want to work for me? Certainly not any competent salesperson. For goodness’ sake, I don’t even WEAR perfume! The plastic smile I had worn in my sad attempt at enthusiasm was replaced with a deep frown of incredulity. Finally, the presentation ended and we were grouped into dozens and hustled into rooms to talk about whether we’d been SELECTED or not. I was called up by the plump woman and queried about my negative expression during the presentation and whether I still wanted the fabulous opportunity or not. I politely said, “No. I don’t think it’s for me.” I walked out, far too late to maintain my dignity. I shared my experience with my co-workers at UPS (I was actually looking for a SECOND job at the time since I’d dropped out of college and had been gainfully employed part-time during the entire debacle). “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE SELECTED” became one of our go-to phrases at the UPS hub for when people would screw up. So I guess I got something out of it. Epilogue: 2 years later, I was at a laundromat and was approached by a gentleman wearing acid-washed jeans who wished to sell me some “scents.” I asked, “Are they from “California Creations?…then, no.” Epilogue: 18 years later–I finished college, and make a boatload of money working for a pathology lab. I also teach biology classes part-time for the local junior college. Maybe business just wasn’t my thing. Still, I’m so grateful that I wasn’t SELECTED. Keep up the great work, John!

  47. jmattes says:

    Give them credit they never give up.They even have a web site to show you that what we exposed could not be true.

  48. Beth says:

    Don’t believe everything you read. Sorry if you don’t understand but its not a scam. Get over it people.

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