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Give Scentura credit.. despite conning people for over 10 years with bogus offers of managers’ jobs, these folks won’t quit. The scam has not changed one bit in 10 years and all the con men read from the same playbook. They advertise, offering positions as managers, you take the bait and go for an interview where you get hired, but when you report for work you find yourself hustling bottles of cheap perfume on street corners. The scam has victimized thousands and thousands. Nine months ago we did the story, and now we have found out the scam is still spreading. Be warned and let us know what you think of the scam and our story.


scentura creations has once again opened an office and its in my part of town st. charles missouri, i noticed you did a story on this and thought you may want to do another because these offices are still poping up and i fell for it along with others that are still not aware its a scam but now they are making us sign a paper saying we will not talk bad about the company or we will be sued so i do not want to give out my name

I was employed by SYNERGY EXPANSION, located at 1425 Koll Ciecle Suite #101 in San Jose, CA 95116.
I was there for one week because I found out they were liying to me, I was hired for the Maneger Position, and ended up saleing Scentura Creations fragances on Parkinglots all over the City. I was told that I was going to get paid on Friday the 14th, but nothing happend and they did’nt mention anything about it in our meeting that same day Evan & Liz, that’s how that Office’s Owners are called. I know I did something really wrong because I kept 7 bottles of Perfume, but I am very Overwhelmed by what they did to me, I was their number one seller in their office and they keot telling me that I was going to get Promoted on that comming Saturday, But when I started conecting their lies I did’nt know what to do, I’m a Single Mother of two Beautiful Children, and they made me work for them from 9:00 to 6:00pm

Hello! I have 1 of your best scam artist new location in Atlanta,Ga.Once again Mr.Larry Hahn Scenteura Creations.They almost got me.My training start this monday at 10:30 everything you said is true.I wanted not to think anything bad about the business but,I just could not help to look and research for myself and others that will be there monday.If you can please got catch them to save the others.I was able to meet some very cool hard working new people that will be starting training monday & 1 girl even is a young single mother catching the bus and a college student, other are just out of high school & married with a family like me looking for extra income.I seen you on youtube I know what you are about so please crack down on them again

I’m 32 and been looking for a job for way to long now. The scentura scam caught my wife’s eye, (we have 4 kids to feed also), so she set up an interview for me. They’re still doing it. The a so called “Business” by the name Coastal Promotions in Mira Mesa, CA. Here’s their phone number and address if you can use it. Hopefully this Larry Hahn Douchebag will get his soon for wasting honest peoples time.
858-554-1156 ph.
6790 Top Gun Street #5
San Diego California 92121

HI I was a victim of Scentura Creations they made everything sound good but im glad i did research and found out some things they not even liscensed by the BBB.I need u to investigate.there in Palose Hills,Il 10661 Roberts Road.Im willing to help this company need to be SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!

I believe there is a Scentura going on in San Diego by the name of “COASTAL
PROMOTIONS” offering to train people to be managers. Its my second day and
they are wanting us to try and

sell perfumes and colognes on the street. It would be awesome if you could
pay them a visit.

The location is: 6790 Top Gun street San Diego, California

I am currently caught in the middle of one of these scams. I think it would be great if you helped me humiliate them like they’ve humiliated me. I would love to see them get completely shut down. Here’s the address to “S&G Enterprise” (scentura)
2751 Fruitridge rd. 95820 suite 14

I have been scammed by another Scentura Creations office out of Baymeadows FL. They posted an ad saying that the job was not commission based, but in fact, thats the only way they payed you, if they even had the money to pay you that week. They need to be stopped for good, Larry Huhn has started a crooked pyramid and someone needs to knock it down.

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  • LH7

    David Watson, you are appalled? I don’t think you know what the meaning of that word is, but I am here to educate you! Being appalled is responding to a job ad that claims they are hiring a receptionist, office admin and a manager and finding out the 2 office positions you applied for don’t exist and never did. You don’t find out till day 2 or 3 that you have been hired to illegally hustle crappy perfume in parking lots.Being appalled is being promised you will receive paid training and then being told AFTER training is complete that no, there is no pay for training. Being appalled is finding out that 32K salary you were promised or that hourly wage you were promised, does not exist! You are working for commission only!!! No sales = NO PAY! Being appalled is finding out you aren’t even an employee, you are a 1099 independent contractor. Really? Because the IRS says that if I’m an independent contractor, I get to make my own schedule, set my own hours and choose where I want to work. Scentura doesn’t allow for that. They mislabel workers as 1099 while treating them as hourly, W2 employees. That is ILLEGAL and the IRS has financial penalties for that! The only reason these offices label the workers as 1099 is so they won’t have to pay them for training or an hourly wage. People: if you were ripped off, contact the IRS. There is a special form you fill out to report the scamming office. Also, alert the IRS its a mostly cash business and that they probably need to audit the place (call your state’s revenue department and notify as well)! We’ll see who ends up appalled then! Also folks, you can and will eventually be fined (up to 1k) and/or be arrested, for peddling without a license. You MUST have a permit to solicit for each individual city and town you go to. Don’t believe the owner when he/she/it says they have a permit in the office that covers everyone. There is no such animal! As a 1099, you have to apply for all these permits in each location you are peddling in, the permit must be in YOUR name (yes, it costs money to get each one plus a criminal background check) and you are required to have it on your person when you are out “hustling”. If you are fined for soliciting with a permit and/or jailed, you will receive NO help from your boss. You will be told as an independent contractor, “it’s all on you”. In fact, the only thing the owner will be concerned about it, is getting back his/her bottles of unsold perfume. If anything happens to those bottles, you will be held responsible because you stupidly signed you would be during training. Another appalling thing: you are expected to utilize your own vehicle, pay your own gas (NO REIMBURSEMENTS) the tolls, and when you go to another city on a “satellite”, you are expected to sell a certain number of bottles to cover your motel room (there will be up to 10 or more people per room – people who don’t sell sleep on the floor) and the cost of food. No sales = you don’t eat. You will also have to drive other workers around. You will be told to ask for $5/day gas reimbursement but guess what? You will never get it because these people, like yourself, may go days and not make a single dollar!!! They can’t afford to pay you any gas money! So just how much money will you make? Well, that’s a really appalling thing. The great majority of people (we are talking thousands of people who have made reports online) state they worked at it for several weeks and made $0. Some report they made up to $50 total over a several week period. A lot of people report after paying for their gas/tolls, they actually lost money!!!! Yep, that’s appallingly right! You can work this “job” for 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and actually end in up in the negative! If you have rent/mortgage/children/car note, how do you expect to pay your bills/provide food/shelter/clothing, hustling cheap knockoff perfume for commission only, in parking lots that you always ALWAYS get run off from! What a life, eh! No paid holidays, no paid time off (PTO), no sick pay, no 401K, no medical/vision/dental insurance. NOTHING!!! My God, that is appalling!!! I’ll tell you something else appalling: when they come at you day 1 of training and tell you about FFAR(friends, family and relatives). They ask you take an order sheet home and sell as many bottles as possible for a special contest. The contest is suppose to be “just for fun”. The winner gets XXX dollars. You must bring the CASH back the next day (no, you make ZERO commission off any sales because you are training!) and there are NO REFUNDS! The bottles are to be delivered to your FFAR at a later date (many former workers state they eventually had to refund their FFAR’s money when no product materialized). You rush home and try to sell as many bottles as possibles to family members and friends. You turn in the cash the next day, hopeful you will be winning the money prize. Oh, but wait, you and your training class misunderstood. In order for anyone to win the cash prize, 250 bottles had to have been sold and you worthless lot only sold 236. Therefore, NO ONE gets the prize, but the distributor just made $5,900 for your efforts!! With new training classes several times a week, where do you think the majority of the owners’ money comes from? FROM THE TRAINING CLASS AND THEIR FFAR PROGRAM! Think about it: they just made sales off people they otherwise wouldn’t have had a shot at!! They invested $0 in YOU and your co-workers, indeed you don’t cost them a penny. It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation for the owners and LOSE LOSE LOSE situation for the workers. ABSOLUTELY APPALLING!!

  • David

    Wow… I looked this up trying to find the name of the guy Doug, who (I think) started or organized the marketing portion of the company, because someone just walked up to me at Starbucks in Houston, Tx. trying to sell me a bottle of their cologne. I worked for Scentura Creations way back in 2007 in San Diego when I lived in Chula Vista, Ca.. It was the weirdest thing ever. I stayed because it was different and I had never met such a spunky group of people before. Long story short, I came expecting one thing and found something TOTALLY different. I’m never scared of finding something different, though, because I came from a rough neighborhood. Working with Doug and learning certain principles of sales and direct marketing was THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME! No. I don’t still work with them, but I did take what I learned about sales and marketing and have since applied it to my own I.T. company, multi-media company, consultation company, and even my mentorships. I am very appalled at all the negative comments from x workers. I think you guys may have missed an opportunity to expand your thinking and become wealthy entrepreneurs by being so focused on what you EXPECTED. I mean, I bet you went and got other jobs and I (on the other hand) own four businesses. It pays to grow… and, yep, walking up to people in parkings lots and going business to business selling that cologne was the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done (getting yelled at in broad daylight by older ladies like I was going to rob them because my skin was dark and all of that), but it was also my biggest learning and and growth experience ever. It is also my foundation of knowledge of marketing and sales and the reason why I can discern most people are going about expanding, marketing, and promoting their companies in extremely inefficient ways. Gooo Scentura!!! -David Watson

  • Anon

    They have opened an office in the st. Charles, MO area. The ad on Craigslist said it was for a receptionist position, 30k a year. complete lie. It’s commission only, so I never got paid for the time I worked or the gas and miles I used to sell this knock off perfume. It’s sad because I’m not that stupid, but when you’re desperate for a job you don’t always think logically. I just hope these comments help others so they won’t waste their time like this.

  • Angel

    SCAM!!!!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!

    Scentura Creations has now opened up a new location in Lafayette La. Their post says they were hiring for managerial and office positions but will train. After passing both interviews they had us meet to take notes for a few hours every morning but strongly encourage to not get to know your co-workers. Shortly later the guy explained that we would be training to manage sales reps but in order to do so we would have to start from the bottom and learn what they go through. I stayed one week, selling in the hot @ss sun only to be promoted with this stupid paper badge that looked unevenly cut out. They lied and said you will make 2-400 a week in training when in reality it’s all bullsh!t because you will not see a dime at the end of the week. They send you home with products even when your off and tell you to mark up prices if the customer looks like they have extra money and will even sell you a fragrance pretending it’s what you ask for just to make a sale (also referred to these customers as the ducks). These people need to be shut the f^ck down and ran over. Waiste of d@mn time and embarrassing. They’re new name and location is :

    Branch Management Solutions
    505 Loire ave. Carencro La 70507
    Phone: 337-896-5356

    If you love waisting your time,working for free, and a pseudo business who condone drug use during recreational times. This is the “job” for you!! Most of them wore flip flops during the week .. lol horrible!!!!

  • Angel

    SCAM!!!!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!

    Scentura Creations has now opened up a new location in Lafayette La. Their post says they were hiring for managerial and office positions but will train. After passing both interviews they had us meet to take notes for a few hours every morning but strongly encourage to not get to know your co-workers. Shortly later the guy explained that we would be training to manage sales reps but in order to do so we would have to start from the bottom and learn what they go through. I stayed one week, selling in the hot ass sun only to be promoted with this stupid paper badge that looked cut out. They lied and said you will make 2-400 a week in training when in reality it’s all bullshit because you will not see a dime at the end of the week. They send you home with products even when your off and tell you to mark up prices if the customer looks like they have extra money and will even sell you a fragrance pretending it’s what you ask for just to make a sale (also referred to these customers as the ducks). These people need to be shut the fuck down and ran over. Waiste of damn time and embarrassing. They’re new name and location is :

    Branch Management Solutions
    505 Loire ave. Carencro La 70507
    Phone: 337-896-5356

  • Daizy duke

    Hey so i went 4 an interview today and all these pple are doing is wasting pples life they have an office in ARLINGTON TX under the name VERONICA if the business has been going on 4 years and making money why do they have ratched offices they jst look so lame these pple need to be stopped this is jst a scam business they wount even pay you they make u sit down 4 3-4hours saying they talking abt business please pple dont be fooled by this business.

  • rich

    Apparently another one in greensboro. Thanks for saving me the trip. They are going by the name prevail management. The number there is 336 235 2064

  • Breanna Johnson

    They are now currently in Houston, TX I went to their second interview today and was offered a job. I was excited to start a new career pathway but still had my reservation about everything. I did some research when I got home and your comments are what I found! Thank you so much because I was about to make the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Thank you all!! I went to an interview this afternoon. I live in Newport News, VA. They have an office there, and another one in Virginia Beach, VA. Such a scam. Wanting to get up and walk out of the interview!!

  • Shocker

    So glad I came across this sight all of these cautionary tales are EXACTLY why I`ve experienced so far. After going to this fakeass “2nd interview”,and “conveniantly” getting hired on the same day. I was excited at first thinking “cool finally landed an awesome gig and a make a ton of money” then I asked myself how the hell could you make a 6figure salary just selling bottles of fragrances? What kind of company hires you on the same day of an interview without a proper background check? No company does that! Just didnt make sense. Everything about them was suspect: no computers,no receptionist,no official website the list goes on. Safe to say Ive been had…NEVER AGAIN will I except a job without doing research on it first. Beware people they WILL try to get you!!!

    Houston TX

  • Lakeshia

    OMG! Just had my second interview today. Something did not feel right how we get paid with profit sharing and it’s not a paper check scared me a little. I went home Google Prevail Management in Greensboro NC and what do you know a fox 8 on your side report for a scam and this website with similar stories and this Larry Hahn guy I prayed about this there was an uneasy feeling and now I know why.

  • LiaH. Mngmt

    Almost got scammed today…

    So I’m looking on Indeed’s website for a new job (currently employed but actively searching)…I see this ad in Houston, TX for a Liahona Managment position, no exp.needed…they’ll train all that good stuff (blah blah). So they leave their number and add in parentheses that calling would move faster than sending your resumé. So, I called them up and this guy answers that seems really laidback…His name is Levi, and the first thing I said was, “I’d like to know more about your company…and possibly set up an interview.” He ignores that part and says he has some questions before giving me an interview date. He asks my availability, dependability(transport), and if the time they provide would work for me(Mon-Fri, 9-5:30). I said yes, perfect(obviously blinded). We set an interview for tomorrow at 4141 N Fwy Ste.114 Houston, TX 77022. *Might I also add that I can hear rap music in the background; it wasn’t blaring, but after reading previous comments I realised it was a tactic in order to “lure you in”* But, in the back of my mind…something didn’t feel right (the ad -its lack of info, “Levi”, the music, how he ignored my question), and I couldn’t put my finger on it and that’s how I ended up here.
    Thank God I found this thread because I would’ve been doomed!
    Stay Away! Def a scam!

  • Kim

    In Houston, TX going under the name Liahona LLC.



    4141 North Freeway Suite 114 Houston, TX"

    it's ran by Scentura, be careful.

  • Scotty

    I was at the Austin location for 5 months (never lived so broke before). They allow people who “so called” had a business before do nothing. The couple is creepy: 25 Latina with a 45 year old white man who has the creepiest smile. They’ll talk & treat you like shit. & remind you that you’re broke EVERYDAY. A few females messed with 2 dudes who fuck any & everything. The male boss promotes it. I’m married & had no time to see my wife. They say you can make money but in reality you can’t because nobody’s buying that shit. They’ll call you out your name as well. They’re supposedly millionaires living at the domain. I heard the apartment was small & had no class of a millionaire. They don’t care about anything personal. (Death of family or family issue) they also pick favorites. Their favorites treat them like shit so I guess that’s funny. One of them drives one of the bosses car & LIVES with the creepy couple. Bottom line is that it may not be a scam. But you’ll get treated like shit & work 8am-11pm 6 days a week to not be appreciated & to be reminded that you’re still broke. They live in a sick fantasy.

  • Brittany

    There’s a location in San Antonio, I feel so stupid for taking the job. I had an officer escort me and ensure my documents were shredded.

    Beware of SAS Inc. 2424 Freedom street, San Antonio, 78217






    BE SAFE!


  • nikki hodge

    Glad I researched this company
    … I fell for the okie dok… training starts Monday.. 10:30 714 n Watson rd Arlington tx. I’m pissed. Had second interview yesterday and was hired. Quit both Of my jobs yesterday that I was working. Just moved here 6 months ago. And was doing Pretty well… but these lying bitches fooled me now im out of 2 jobs …. just got an apartment.. have 2 kids.. car note.. single mother… ugh im sick.. but i will be there monday and im showing my ass…..and letting the other people know this is some bullshit

  • Dominique Williams

    Liahona Management is here is Houston,TX offering Entry Level Management/ Receptionists… NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

    I was so excited because I had called and I talked to a really enthusiastic guy name Levi and he had me rush in for a interview. Literally I had like 30 mins to get there. When I get there I was already a little nervous bc it was an old building off the side of the highway 4141 Northfreeway suite 114 (713) 694-5085.

    I find the office and it’s this little small office with no receptionist or any other people in the office for that matter. I also start noticing I saw no computers no where in the office. The first interview was about 15 mins with just basic general questions like do I have a car and etc. He also told me that they would be opening multiple locations because the company had done so well and they would be expanding and with the manager job i would have and be running my own site. After the interview I felt really good about it and he said he would call between 5 & 5:30 because he didn’t want me to wait all that time. So he called and I got the 2nd  interview scheduled for Christmas Eve which I thought was odd. He also told me i would need to being pen and paper to take notes because i would be there for about 2-3 hours. I get up the morning of the interview and because I wanted to be prepared I did some more research on the company. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!! Those people are taking advantage of hard working people and feeding them lies. PLEASE BEWARE PEOPLE!

  • turtle

    Scentura Creations are now in Virginia scamming people with this fake perfume. The main office is in Chesapeake Va on 841 juniper cres. These people are full of shit. They all over our 7 cities lying to people to sell knock off Cologne. The investigative guy need to come to va to let the people of our great city know about these scans.

  • Heaven Scent Management is a SCAM!

    I saw a posting on by “Heaven Scent Management” offering manager positions as well. My first interview was one on one with a woman called Terisha, my second interview (Friday, November 7th, 2014) was a group interview with 2 others. I had a feeling it was a scam and decided to google Larry Hahn after the interview. It turns out that I was right. Thanks a lot for making this site, the location of “Heaven Scent Management” is 157 Tibbetts Road, Yonkers,NY. Their number is 914-965-2100.

  • Heather Merone

    Thank you for this web page. I am definitely not going to “New Beginnings” at 8180 NW 36th St. Suite 229 Miami, FL 33166. I had a feeling it was a scam. I been to a previous perfume scam called Smart Management in Boca Raton. They moved on now but it was the same scam. They offered Managers and Administrators positions and told everyone that it is not a sales job. “We are just testing you.” They lied!!!! The first thing they did is keep assigning perfume to sell every week with a promise to give you an office. THANKS TRULY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I am a mother of three with no job. It would have been a waste of gas and time.

  • Carrie

    Hello! I just got my job after two interviews (yay!) and felt quite loved. It appears that I begin next Monday at 10:30am to fill out paperwork (in other words, an independent contract).

    The location of this new Sceuntera or whatever is in Arlington, TX. I found it via Craigslist.

    Their number is: 817 652-1968

    I’ll post their address as soon as I can. Same story, all about a positive environment, positive people, loving Larry Hahn, etc.

  • Itza

    Thank god I did some research,something told me it was a scam. I went in for an interview today and they called me to go in tomorrow but it just gave me a bad vibe luckily I searched and found out its a scam . They have a office in houston 4141 north freeway houston tx 77022 suite 114.

  • ciara

    I go to work for them on Monday and im sure as hell going to let everyone in there know whats up when i go.

  • Katie

    Same story, different name – now in SLC, UT. Under the guise of “Dynamic Development”. Like a bad cancer growing.

  • Josie

    I believe Scentura has resurfaced in Clifton NJ., under the name Excel Management.
    I was interviewed yesterday by a certain JP. It was like a cattle drive in a tiny office.
    Some questions were strange such as do I have a car?
    Guess what? I was qualified for the manager position earning $30,000.

    I was called back for today for a 2 to 3 hour second interview. I did the research and found out the scam played here.

    They have job postings under Craigslist, and quite a few more sites.

    LIARS, LIARS!!!!!! To take advantage of people trying to feed their families and what it is is selling door to door perfume, usually in a pair. And what what I read, it is illegal in some places without a permit.

    In Florida 4 women were charged!!!!!
    Stay away!!! Please do your research on any postings on the internet. What was created for the good, mankind is destroying!!!

  • Rochelle

    I was made aware that they are offering management positions in Lake Worth, Fl going by the name Infinite Innovations.

  • spencer

    I got you guys beat.. I fell in to this trap in 1994. so it has been going on more then 20 years, if not longer

  • Victoria

    They are here in Arlington TX, operating under the name “Wholesale Texas Fashion.” (Their office doesn’t even have a sign with their name).You can find them on facebook. Their address is 714 N. Watson Suite 320, Arlington TX, 76011. I found their posting on craigslist, stayed for a week, and thought I had enough of their “business.” They offered a Management Position with “no experience required.”The office is ran by Robert and Ricki Zuckert, with Veronica as their right-hand girl. I just don’t want any more people being scammed by them. I remember them clearly telling us to “work a quality 8 hours” but then on Friday, 3 of us we were kept out in a’ power car’ with Veronica, and told we were not heading back home until we reached our quotas. This was just unfair treatment to me and raised an eyebrow. It was around 10:30pm, in a different city by the time we left. I refuse to be a puppet for Scentura, so I left.

  • Tracie

    These guys are in salt lake city utah by name of Elite Uinta. 4500 south 500 east
    Kat n Tasha are running this office. Hireing 14 new manager trainees.

  • jesa

    I definitely almost felt for this job scam as well I went to several locations in need of a job 40k was an eye opener for me went on a interview located I’m doral fl 8180 NW 36 Ave or street to be exact. Passed the first interview was invited back for the 2nd time around what I saw was very displeasing it was about 45 to 60 candidates in the lobby at this point um like wow but to make a long story short they claim they don’t do sales but I was issued a order form right along with others our project was yo sell perfume to out family and friends they clearly stated we accept checks credit cards and cash I kept saying to myself something ain’t right it just don’t add up so that Monday it lefted me puzzled so the next day I didn’t return but come to find out north Miami beach and doral FL suite 229 1721 ne 164th street 1791 ne 164th street are connected in the same phony scam selling rendition perfumes copyrighting name brand fragrances now since I am on to the scheme I call and the company name always changes someone needs to report all of there asses

  • Lady Romero

    Hi! Today I just came back from the 2nd interview from Excel Management, better known as Scentura.It is located in 404 Clifton Ave in Clifton NJ. It didn’t really seem like an interview, more like a pitch. We were being fed so much information that I could barely process what was going on. I wasn’t sure what to think. We weren’t even given the name of the company. All that was given was the founder’s name. So I looked it up and found that it’s a scam. Too bad. I was kinda interested, and I know that the other 5 people in it were too. I think two of them were in school. I wish I could tell them that it’s seen as a shady business. I might attend the orientation to tell them.

    If any questions please notify me! I wish to know more and how exactly its a scam.

  • Josephine Cruz

    Looks like the same place opened up in Clifton, NJ. Their name is Excel Management. They called to set-up an interview for either a customer service/receptionist or a management position. Glad I saw this before I wasted my time going to an interview tomorrow. I also went to the place ahead of time and they don’t even have their name on the building. It’s 404 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ.

  • roland

    Remember Scentura Creations? Well the reason why this company keeps spreading its scam is because all the idiots who want to keep scamming open their own office and name the off what ever they want. Early Gaynor opened an office in Temple Hills, MD ( I have the address if you need it), along with Merlange Rene. They gave me the same crap that you busted their parent company with. They told me that if I worked hard I would make six figures. What stood out to me was I didn\’t even sing a W2 form, weird. They are scamming big time selling fake perfumes and colognes. PLEASE HELP! Those who are still in the company have made through \”training\” (street hustling stage) and other offices will open. Please help stop the scamming.

  • lee

    THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE! I knew something wasn’t right about this “entry level manager position ; NO EXPERIENCE REQ’D!” I went on my 2nd interview today, wasted a good 4 hours of my life listening to this bullshit story. what caught my eye was the fact I was in a room of about 15 other people and a good handful of them had prior experience as managers but weren’t offered the job…yet I was offered the job and I’m a medical assistant with absolutely no business background or experience. the company name is under “Phoenix Management” located on 448 Lincoln Blvd. in Middlesex NJ. Manager name is Donny Zinc, another woman by the name of Holly and a receptionist named Kristen. phone number is 732 764 6859. I’m so pissed I wasted my whole day on a bold face lie but THANK GOD I saw this article before I started “training” on monday. SHUT THESE ASSHOLES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jmattes Post author

    I went for an interview with Scentura Creations. They just opened up a new office here in MD. The address is 7200 Belair Road. The phone number is 410-665-1072. They wanted me for customer service and told me to call them in 2 weeks. I went home and did some digging on the Internet and found out they are scamming people. I’m glad I dodged a bullet.

  • Rich T

    I worked for them for 2 hours in 1992.Once they dropped me off on a street corner in the gang district of Watts Blvd in Sacramento,I knew it was crap.I got turned down 10 times in a row.So,I handed my box off dime store colonge to the guy with me a said “Bye bye!
    I am not angry,it was a good life lesson and everytime I see kids today with a Scentura box in their hands I tell them about my experience 21 years ago.The funny part is that they make it out to be like your getting hired by Microsoft or something.They complimented my tie as a “Power Tie!” and told me that “I” was the only one hired as a great and powerful manager.Strangely,there were about 500 people that showed up for work on monday to walk around like nit wit Mormon missionaries.We all were the ONLY ones who got hired.
    I asked one of the girls in the office that had hired me if it was a scam or not and she very cleverly said “Pssst,yeah,of course,psssst,it’s a scam,ha ha ha,next year when you’re a manager you will be laughing too when someone asks you the same question…Jeez,ha ha yeah a scam,right.”…Notice she told me it was a scam,she never said “No it’s NOT a scam.”

  • SULY

    I LIVE IN MIAMI FL , KAI MANGEMENT IS A SCAAAAAAAAMM 8180 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL 33166 Tania 786-333-7601 SCAAAMMMM!!!!…. DONT FALL FOR THIS B.S

  • Joel

    Hi, I went into a interview offering the same offer and I quickly found out it was scam. The office name is Kai Management located 8180 NW 26th st Doral, Fl an there phone number is 786-333-7601.

  • Smarter than name

    I just had my second interview with them. They said they will set up an office for me as a manager. Although I would have to pay 800 a month for rent and 200 for cell phones. It is a scam. The guy giving the interview’s first question to three of us is Do you guys work for the government because i am not signing anything. It is the biggest scam out there. The building has no signs on it saying Excel Management. Each manager would be making up there own name for the office. DO NOT DO THIS

  • lizette salazar

    This is a scam this company scammed me.and my cousin dont fall for this!!!there office is in anaheim ca on armando st and la palma kerry is the manager

  • Upset

    Hello Everybody!!!.. I was so exited about this job I saw on craiglist!! It doesnt matter your experiece we will train you!!!! Of course they dont tell you the name of the company!! Everything they offered its what you want. I went for the interview and I asked for the company’s name “KAI MANAGEMENT”!!!… They offered me a second interview, but of course I went home and did my research and OH SURPRISE!!! it was the same address! same Tania’s number…. thank God somebody else post it…. and i am posting it also….
    interviews aDdress… 8180 NW 36ST DORAL 33166…. Tania 786-333-7601 SCAAAMMMM!!!!

  • Need Job

    Hello Miami,

    I am currently at a location in Miami, Florida. It all sounded like a scam to me from the beginning but I was extremely curious. The address where they are holding the interviews is 8180 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL 33166. I was told to come back in 30 minutes to listen to the owner of the company speak to an entire group. Supposedly he is a motivational speaker. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Amie Sims

    There is a new office in Greensboro NC, I was offered an Office Manager position today…and thought I would do some research online. All the stories are the same… I was offered to come back on Thursday to start training for 2-3 hours.
    Wondering if I should go just to see what its all about?

  • Imam

    I just spent 1 week doing crap by Excel Management in 404 Clifton Ave. NJ. as usual we sell cheap bottle for 20-55 each with soliciting which is forbidden in this country.
    I smell something not good after we do 6 weeks working hour with uncontrollable working place and do something embarrassing (selling cheap parfume, or ask donation for school) truly i felt guilty to someone i pitch…

    this company are doing wrong in selling method, why dont they use their office as a shop. why the should use “trainee” to sell their product on street….

    I just realize when I talked to my cousin which is a police officer, and he will investigate this office,

    I hope people who read this can do the same to eliminate this scam, because trough their method they can grow larger.


  • jmattes Post author

    Hi guy remember the scentura scam guess what there back @ 136 e mcnab road pompano beach florida, I was a victim for 3 days they got me good until I started to do my research and found out its all a scam they guy goes by the name of brad and the girl tonka and chennelle I feel so missl led is there anything we can do they got there add right back on craigs list!
    Email: –
    Street Address – 3702 sw 52nd ave pembroke park
    Select a State – Florida
    Zip Code: – 33023
    Phone: – 340-277-6294

  • Kasandra

    I’ve been desperate looking for a job once I came across this customer service ad on Craigslist I though hmmm this could be good. I called “Tania” phone#786 333 7601 she didn’t ask me any questions all she said was can you come in at 3 mind you it was 2 something and I told her I couldn’t make so she set up the interview for the following day at 11am …. I looked up the address and name of the company …. And to a realization that’s its all a scam. . ADDRESS 7750 w 26th ave Hialeah gardens 33016 Tania 786 333 7601

  • Derek

    Location on 1045 Armando St.(Suite G), Anaheim, CA operating under the name “Southland Marketing Group”. BEWARE!

  • Sour Patch Kid

    they are currently here in Micgigan doing the same thing i need help exposing him and this company witch he is tearing up families and its crazy i need someone to expose him and let it be known that they do this shit in every state

  • Sara

    Well I just talked to Joel in Warren,MI for the manager position and thought awesome I could do that but since I found the ad on craigslist I was like I should research it first before I go and leave a semi good job and this is what I found lets just say I will NOT be at my interview on Tuesday I’m so happy I did the research.

  • Brittney

    FLORIDA, HIALEAH LOCATION is a scam, I am not going to orientation after having researched. 6-8 weeks of training, ‘claim’ to pay between ‘200-400′ a week based on ‘performance’. Only during the first week of training will they request you to ‘sell to family and friends’. 40k for ‘new opening branches’ because they’re expanding from ‘California and Texas.’ They go by PRESTIGE.

  • ray Post author

    I would like to say thank you very much for the video about Scentura Fragances. I lived in hollywood florida. I just left one of their interviews. I saw all the reg flags and knew something was wrong. They have a new name Nu Beginningz and have a office in the Bank of America bank building at 18350 NW 2nd avenue s406 miami, florida. After my interview, I searched online for any information and ran across your video. I left immediately. The sad part was leaving the other people who thought they had a good job opportunity. Mainly, young adults and minorities. They should be exposed. Wasting people’s time and gas for such nonesense. Thanks again!!

  • Mahmure Oran

    I almost fell for this scam until I started doing research and everything was true ! they wanted me to come in for orientation but I called them and said I wasn’t interested. They opened up a new location and the address is 3133 central ave union city nj 07087 and his name is Anthony. please help stop this horrible scam !

  • Bs

    I went to a interview on hoover in warren mi this morning some how there are still up an running! It’s a scam 100% waste of time!! Thank god for google!!

  • Celia

    Omg I was probably in the same room with ya too .After my second interview I had to call April on Saturday she stated I was hired…But me an my husband did some research an …there out was…the whole scam….I never did show up on Monday!!! Than God for google…

  • Bbb

    I was just also a victim of this scam!!! Als in Houston tx off of 1960 manager name April !! I wasted a whole week of my time,gas,effort on this bs and I’m highly pissed!!! I made $23 for a whole week with the promise of my own office this job posting was on craiglist so please beware people!!!

  • Brandon


  • JON

    GUYS I THINK THIS IS A SCAM GOING ON IN MIAMI, FL, Found the “Opportunity” On Craigslist and they are located at 7750 W 26th Avenue, Hialeah, Florida, Miami. They said something about Larry Hahn and im glad i did my research, im supposed to sell perfumes to my family as a one time only thing and then go into a 6-8 week training where supposebly after the training i get my own keys to my own office along with a 40K a year salary. BEWARE! After watching these videos im realizing its a scam. Plus im suppose to give them money tomorrow for all the perfumes i sell and then he will order them but i dont believe it now. The meeting were very energetic and he kept going about how it was not a scam. BUT SOME THINGS ARE TO GOOD TO BE TRUE AND IM SURE THEY WILL FIRE EVERYONE AFTER THE 6-8 WEEKS OF TRAINING AND JUST RESTART THE HIRING PROCESS AND SCAM MORE PEOPLE ALL OVER AGAIN.

  • Shanda Green

    Great work, John. Tonight , I was researching a different company (ACN) that my friend began working for because I have serious misgivings about it. I was then reminded of my experience back in 1994 or 95 in Fresno, CA where I answered an add in the local paper for a great office manager job (no experience necessary!) for a Company Called “California Creations.” I called, got an interview and was told to “dress professional” (not professionalLY, but professional). I declined to inform the person on the phone about the use of adverbs and showed up for the interview, in a freezing cold warehouse somewhere in downtown Fresno in the middle of winter. After being greeted warmly by a plump woman (who wasn’t all that professionally dressed, in my opinion), we sat in oh-so-comfortable metal folding chairs and were then informed that “some of you used false Social Security numbers and you need to just leave now, because you won’t be selected.” NOW they had me–I was too petrified to leave, because I didn’t want all of these other losers/applicants to think I had claimed to be someone I was not. So, I stayed. So did everyone else. The warm lady who greeted us played a video that showed how you can patent just about everything, except a FRAGRANCE, so everything is legit, and you could own a mansion someday by working for this company. Then, the video stopped, and a douche bag appeared, who screeched through a 30 minute rant about how he doesn’t “candy coat a goddamned thing” and that “if you lied about your SSN you should leave now–you are wasting our time–YOU WON’T BE SELECTED!” Then, the DB began to chastise us for not acting enthusiastic enough. “If you want to be selected,” he bellowed, “you should act like you want this position.” And damned if we didn’t all start saying “Yes. That’s right!” and begin to nod emphatically when he spoke. I began to look cautiously around at the other applicants (there were about 30 of us), thinking to myself, “is this some kind of a joke? They want us to sell knock-off perfumes?” He told us that if SELECTED, we would MANAGE offices for the sales people–we wouldn’t have to sell anything, oh no, we would boss the sales people around. I thought back to the ad: “No Experience Necessary.” Who the hell would want to work for me? Certainly not any competent salesperson. For goodness’ sake, I don’t even WEAR perfume! The plastic smile I had worn in my sad attempt at enthusiasm was replaced with a deep frown of incredulity. Finally, the presentation ended and we were grouped into dozens and hustled into rooms to talk about whether we’d been SELECTED or not. I was called up by the plump woman and queried about my negative expression during the presentation and whether I still wanted the fabulous opportunity or not. I politely said, “No. I don’t think it’s for me.” I walked out, far too late to maintain my dignity. I shared my experience with my co-workers at UPS (I was actually looking for a SECOND job at the time since I’d dropped out of college and had been gainfully employed part-time during the entire debacle). “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE SELECTED” became one of our go-to phrases at the UPS hub for when people would screw up. So I guess I got something out of it. Epilogue: 2 years later, I was at a laundromat and was approached by a gentleman wearing acid-washed jeans who wished to sell me some “scents.” I asked, “Are they from “California Creations?…then, no.” Epilogue: 18 years later–I finished college, and make a boatload of money working for a pathology lab. I also teach biology classes part-time for the local junior college. Maybe business just wasn’t my thing. Still, I’m so grateful that I wasn’t SELECTED. Keep up the great work, John!

  • jmattes Post author

    Give them credit they never give up.They even have a web site to show you that what we exposed could not be true.

  • Carla

    Not only are these people with TCCS (Twin Cities Common Scents) job scammers, but a friend of my sons worked for them in New Brighton, off of Silver Lake Road and we purchased some men’s colognes from her to help her in her job – some special contest they were having. I gave her a check for $84.00 back on 10/30/12. My son ended up going to jail for 25 days, and when he got out, called his friend to see if he could stop by and pick up the colognes. She said that he could go to the office and get them and gave him the New Brighton Address. She said she was very upset because they never paid her. And that her grandmother had purchased a perfume which was supposedly sent to her, and she never received it. She also told my son that her managers told her that my son had stopped in and picked them – which wasn’t possible because he was in jail.

    My son went to the office and it is closed up tight. A lady at another business in that building said that they had been evicted and re-located to St. Louis Park.
    I call the number in one of the above comments and got Deb. Told her I wanted either my colognes or my $84.00 back as well as paying the young lady that I bought these from for her work. Deb didn’t sound overly surprised. She took my info and said that the regional managers would be back in the office at 2:30 and she would give them my details.

    I have spoken to my bank and will be stopping by on my way home from work tonight to get the company/individuals name and bank info. They will also help me file a claim to get my $84.00 back.

    They have messed with the wrong woman! I work hard for every penny I have, for the past 9 months I have had limited income due to fighting breast cancer, but saved a little here and a little there to be able to buy some Christmas presents. Not a happy camper, and they won’t be done with me until I get what I paid for or my money back.

  • Ryanne

    I responded to a craigslist ad,

    On 11/26/12 I received the following email:

    “Hello, this is Andrea from Common Scents responding to your email. What we are exactly looking for is someone who can help open and close our office. Help with admin duties such as: phones, filing, bank deposits, etc. Hours are M-F- 9-5, and we discuss pay in the interview. If this sounds like someone who want to find out more about please let me know ASAP and we can set a time up for you to come in.


    So I proceeded to set up an interview for the following day. I was told the interview would take 10-15 minutes. The address was: 2738 Winnetka Ave New Hope Suite 150Q

    That same day on 11/26/12, I recieved a voicemail from Lindsey (who called from: 612-226-1356) saying she would like to set up an interview. When I called she recited from script the same job description that Andrea had written to me via email. When I asked Lindsey, “Is this for a job called Common Scents”, she said that they were individual companies, and that if I already had a job interview set up with Andrea there was no need to set one up with her.

    On Tuesday 11/27/12, I proceeded to go to my interview with Andrea. It was a 7×7 office (more appropriate to call it a room) rented out in a building filled with other businesses. It had a desk with a chair on each side. The interview was very short, and Andrea proceeded to explain the job description again, and how training would be 60 days (paid).

    My gut feeling was that something was off. But I was so desperate to leave my current job I set up my second interview for this coming Friday (12/7/12).

    Meanwhile, shortly after my interview I received a voicemail (from 763-898-0317) from a woman named Deb, saying she was interested in setting up an appointment. I didn’t respond to her. The following morning of 11/28/12, I received a text from Deb from the number 763-898-0317 saying, “This is Deb from TCCS. I have tried to reach you for a job interview. If still looking for 9 to 5 call ASAP. Today is the last day of interviews. TY.” When I called her, she recited the same script as Lindsey AND Andrea had. When I told her I had interviewed the day before with Andrea, she said, “Oh, well that just means you responded to multiple postings for this job.”

    After a few days, my gut instinct would not go away that something was wrong. Why would I be getting contacted by THREE seperate people, all reciting the SAME script, and never going into detail about the company. Last night, 12/4/12 I finally decided to do some researching and came across this website. Thank you for saving me from quitting my current job. Although I may be semi-unhappy here, it provides me with security and benefits. And I definitely cannot risk losing it to these scammers.

    Thank you!!

  • Maria

    How funny! Yesterday I got a call from Debbie. Her phone number was 763-273-3871. She left a message that she wanted me to call her back to schedule an interview. i called her yesterday and left a message to call me back. This morning at 8:32 a.m. I’m getting a text message from Deb, from her cell phone. Number is 763-898-0317.The text message said:”This is deb from TCCS. I have tried to reach you for a job interview. If still looking for 9 to 5 call ASAP. Today is the last day of interviews. 763.898.0317 TY”. Isn’t it weird to get a message from a prospective employer? Never had such experience before. I tried to look it up on-line, and it came out that it was some churches phone number, with name Debborah and exact number stated. So, I gave it a shot. I just called her several minutes ago. She offered the same position of the office manger with working hours of 9 to 5. For my duties, I needed to do bank deposits, filing, scheduling and copying. I asked he for the name of the company, and she stated that it was TCCS but never explained what it was standing for. We agreed for the interview time. It was scheduled for 4:30 pm. The address she mentioned was 6325 Cambridge Street, Unit 5, St. Louis Park, MN 55414 (?)… Suppose to be 55416 though. I’m not going for sure :) I will send her text message to state so. She replied: “Ok. TY”. Good! If they will contact me again, I will post it here

  • beware

    Stay away from craigslist ads. Do your research on scentura and whatever state you are in. Here in MN there are offices in coon rapids, new brightonburnsville, st louis park , Minneapolis St Paul with managers andre lindsay deb jez tracy will jimmy matt and they’ve opened a few new offices lots of people lots of parties and not professional ….. Its just smother direct sales company

  • KIM

    This scam is never ending!! I want help to end this. I’m calling the
    Minnesota department of commerce and will also get the news stations
    involved to bust these fuckers

  • Megan

    THANK GOD for this webpage. I went to 2 interviews with a company called “Common Scents” The interviews were held in New Brighton, MN at 151 Silver Lake Road NW…and then 1 day of “orientation” (UNPAID TRAINING? WHAT?) in St. Louis Park, MN 6325 Cambridge St.

    On day one (today) of orientation they wanted us to go home and to sell 15 + bottles of perfume to family and friends before tomorrow…I looked into the company more because it seemed weird to gather credit card information from everyone … also the company does not have a website and that is just ridiculous. Nearly every legit company has a website!!!

    I did some digging and found this webpage among others. DO NOT BE FOOLED. This is a SCAM and this company needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau so they can be stopped…whatever the company is calling itself…Common Scents, Scentura, Millenium…doesn’t matter. It is all a big lie. Needless to say, I will not be returning to a fake job tomorrow. On with the job search…

  • beth

    I also was a victim of this scam but in Delaware and they changed their name to impulse management they wanted us to sin a contract saying we would keep our office open for a year or we would pay them the money for he months it wasn’t open, we were also promised 500 a week grantee and the contracted said other wise needless to say i read the contracted and didn’t sign they were yelling at me say just sign it done red it so i walked out please don’t fall for this scam

  • Cindy

    Thank goodness I did my research before going to my “second interview”. Just got off a second call about an interview for the same position located in the same “office” and when I mentioned that the address was the same she immediately hung up on me.

    There is a similar company (that is actually legit) in the same area advertising for work in New Brighton, so either I confused the two or they are now advertising themselves as different people to get people through the door before pulling a switcheroo. Either way, I’m glad I did my research and all I’ve lost is 4 hours of PTO from my current job. Same deal, Lindsey at (763) 291-2348. The second, who hung up on me was Deborah (763) 898-0317.

  • scot

    Hello, Please Help Shed Light to this operation in Greensboro and DO A
    Scam all over the country and maybe even the world for a number of
    years. You have done a story on them before. They simply set up and
    operate until someone shuts them down. But they usually survive in
    areas with LOW to NO media exposure. So maybe you You can be
    instrumental in doing a serious investigation and then reporting it
    and shutting it down. Below are some links to help explain what I am
    talking about.

    Prevail Management is Located on 5 Dundas Circle Ste E, Greensboro.
    Its in the Pomona Park off of Spring Garden Street.

  • Girl Power

    Wow it’s finally that time…… I worked for this fake company for a year I stared when they were called United in Crystal, MN.

    Like everyone else I was looking for a great job with advancements without a college degree, come to find out I really enjoyed it at first you could be your self and I was amazing at sales. Built a lot of amazing relationships with the managers Tracy Himes which is now Erkkila, Jez Erkkila, Kerri, Rob, Will Hall, and of course others I had met in the training program. Which I am still friends with a lot of those I trained and people I trained with. Had a lot of great times it was not all bad.

    However I did complete the training because I was determined to get my own office and finish something for once and I did. I opened my office 6 months later with two others. It sank really fast because I realized something I wasn’t good at lying. I knew what I was doing everyone that works there know’s the truth its a SCAM. I kept pretending it wasn’t I ended up closing my office down and going back to my main office to work in the office working Mon-Thur 8-5 not getting paid and working 12 hour shifts fridays, and satellites out of town working 12 hours a day selling. All it is, is sales until you find a bunch of morons to do it. You have to do it! Had a lot of great and fun days, but then a lot of really bad days. I started to really hate working in the freezing cold selling in parking lot’s getting tickets lying to people. The sad part is they take you in make you feel you are apart of the family I even lived with Tracy, Jez,Will and Rob and a lot of drama that was. When I finally realized it was not for me and I hated it after Tracy advised me to open credit cards for her so she could pay for her wedding ring, wedding trip to vegas, and Puppy power, hair extensions, makeup ect, Tracy Maxed out 6,000 $ and that is one of the reason’s I continued to stay with the company as my fear was she wouldn’t pay me otherwise. My family realized what was going on and I told them everything. I left the company last February told Tracy she needed to pay me back and she freaked out and told me she wouldn’t pay me anything and If I went to the cops she would flee the country. I did try to get my money back multiple times the cops wouldn’t help me because it was too late no video tapes as it was to long after the CC’s were used without my permission. I was so angry,I wanted revenge I worked for the company for a year busting my ass working 80 hours a week making them so much money! NO WONDER THEY DIDN’T WANT ME TO OPEN MY OWN OFFICE I MADE THEM WAY TO MUCH MONEY! I even fell in love with one of the managers Will that was the biggest reason I stayed, but I realized if he truly loved me he would have left as he knew what the truth was.

    I finally realized it wasn’t worth it I paid off the $6,000 and got a real job that I love and am working towards management. I do regret a lot but, I did meet a lot of great people that am still close with to this day. I know I am a kind great person and Karma is a bitch. So even though I know Tracy is walking around wearing my wedding ring with my dog and wearing my clothing, along with many other things. I know one thing to be true she didn’t win I did because I am a happy person now and don’t cry after drinking and get into fights like they all do.

    It’s been almost a year since I left the company and I am now writing this for a piece of mind and some closure. Just wanted to voice my story. Please read what I wrote and make your own decision.

    If you ever hear anything good on any of these sites, ripoff report, perfume scam ect, it’s the managers posting those comments. If you are reading these post’s from people that have been victimized or almost have been, ask Tracy about her children or Jez’s children neither of them see there children unless Tracy goes home for a weekend because she is having another melt down. The part that really pushed me over the edge is when we got evicted from the coon rapids house and lived in a hotel for a month. Tracy had told me that she called her kids and the kids answered and said hey it’s our old mom, and she said I wish I had never had them. Really great mother huh? anyways now you know and Tracy if you are reading this I hope it hits home and you feel like a piece of crap of which you are.

    —– From yours truly Tiffany —–

  • Job Seeker

    Thank God I saw this! I just set up an interview for tomorrow. They are really pushy with their interview schedule. I thought it was really weird that I couldn’t find the company name or phone number anywhere online. I googled the address and this site came up! They are going by the company name Common Cent. I got a call from Bethany at 763-645-9179 and she told me the address for the interview is 151 Silver Lake Rd Suite 9 New Brighton, MN 55112. She was very vague with the job information and details. She talked so quickly and I could tell she was reading from a script. Terrible! Needless to say I’m glad I didn’t waste my time going to the interview tomorrow. Calling to cancel right now.

  • John

    Work in the same building as this company. MN. I see the people coming in and out for their so called interviews. I feel sorry for these folks. Surely, these people had manager expectations and have probably driven a long distance and taken great pains to get to what they thought was an interview. It’s the classic bait and switch. It is hard to believe people would pull this B.S. on other people. It is sad and it is disgusting. Hopefully the marks that are smart come away with a lesson learnt and their hope in tact. I keep thinking I’d be so pissed if they wasted my time with this B.S. A complete joke that should be criminal. Good luck my friends.

  • Maria

    I recently got a call from Lindsey for the position of Office Manager. As she descried the duties, they were following: work from open to close (9-5), office duties (filing, faxing),, MAKING BANK DEPOSITS (?) and assistance to other people. This would be a full time job Monday-Friday, 9-5. She stated that it was the last day for the interview, and they needed to schedule it ASAP. First of all, she said 12:15 pm, then I asked to move it to 2 pm, and we agreed on 2:30 pm. The address is 1405 SIlver Lake Road NW, Suite 14, New Brighton, MN 55112. The phone number is 763-221-3417. I believe it is scam, otherwise how would you have so many open time frames for the interview. Besides, I have to take a bus to get there, and do not really want to spend 2 hours for nothing! Thank you guys for the review of this company!

  • Ashley

    I had my “interview” with these low-lifes at 1405 Silver Lake Rd NW, New Brighton MN 55112. Honestly, the woman who called me was so brief on the phone, I wasn’t sure what position I was even interviewing for! When I arrived, the interview lasted about 5 minutes. The woman told me they were a “growing” fragrance company & that I was applying for a manager position earning $35-$40,000 a year. I knew something wasn’t right- I had zero managing experience, but that didn’t seem to matter since they “trained” you. She then told me to call back to check the status of my application in a few hours. My gut was telling me this job was sketchy, so I didn’t call, but of course they then called me. They told me I had made it on to the “second” interview & that it would last approximately 2 hours.. another red flag. Why would an “interview” require a 2 hour training? I then tried googling the company to confirm my suspicions, but couldn’t find a website. So I typed in the google search “Fragrance company, New Brighton MN” & this site popped up. I couldn’t have been more grateful for this investigation. I already wasted my time & gas money for one interview, so I’m glad I did my research & discovered the truth before I did it again. I will absolutely be giving these scumbags a piece of my mind.. & I’ll be sure to let the police know as well :)

  • Katie

    I received a call from “Lindsey.” I knew this was a scam right off the bat because last year I had interviewed with “Tracey” in Coon Rapids. The first time I tried calling back it went right to “Lindsey”‘s voice mail so I called back a few minutes later. It sounded like the same pitch right away. She asked if I was interested in the position and I told her I was not and came back to post to this site. It sucks that there are people like this out there looking to make a buck on other people’s misfortunes. I’ve also reported them to the BBB.

  • zekj17

    The people that runs the offices of these companies are brainwash, they leave there families to start a bull crap business outta state, bout time they realize it was a mistake, there to far gone, next time anyone is in one of those meetings, ask the person that’s doing the interview, do they own there own care, no there sharing a car and apartment, there broke as a joke, you can make more money at a fast food resturant, do not waste your time, it’s a brain washing business with fake promises, trust me, selling knock off perfume in parking lots, a real fragance company will have business come to them.

  • Beth

    The Company is Star Management in SLC Utah. I worked for them for about a week. I was under the impression the upon completion of my 6-8 week training that I would be opening my own office. While I believe they do offer that opportunity, they make it almost impossible. They are vulgar, unprofessional, and disrespectful to people they meet on the street. I was not paid anything for the week I worked there, not even for what I sold. I was also under the impression that in my own office I would be managing employees. Instead I would be selling the fragrance myself in order to bring in a profit for my company and hiring people for the management training program. All of the office profits come from the trainees; there are no real sales reps. Also, in order to ‘be promoted out into your own office” you have to sell enough of the product. I am not a sales person and was not about to work for free to support the company in hopes that one day I sucker enough people in to buying a product and getting my own office to continue doing the same thing. This company is new in Utah and there are only 2 Scentura companies here.

    The office managers are: Kathleen Joseph and Marlisha- there is one other girl, however I don’t remember the name. Their information is:

    Star Management
    535 E. 4500 South, Suite D160
    Salt Lake City, UT 84107

    801.268.2523 phone email
    and their website is:

    They are posting these jobs on KSL and Craigslist

  • LNP

    Location in Coon Rapids, MN (right by the El Loro)- Tracey and Jez were the one’s operating this outfit. Got the job of “office manager” (yea right). They went by a completey different name but I cannot remember what it was. I went to the first two “interviews” and when I heard “We’ll pay you 50 dollars if you sell 10 bottles of perfume” I caught on….it’s a pyramid scheme. Absolutely. WASTE OF TIME! They were loud, yelling, cursing, music really loud, speaking of sexual acts, etc. SO UNPROFESSIONAL! I then recvd several calls from different offices (with different names, mind you) after I had left asking me to come in for an interview. I told them “you are a scam and I know all about you”. The other day, while at the gas station I had a woman approach me and ask me “do you have a favorite perfume…” I knew INSTANTLY where she was from and I told her I was hired to work for them and they are a scam. She said “do u believe everything you hear?” I said “when I see it for myself I do!”……. Get those suckers!

  • Krissy

    Okay so I was just offered and interview by Sam at the 151 silverlake rd in new Brighton Minnesota. I already know to much about how this company work already wad caught in the scam in may at the office on highway 13 and cliff road. I think that this is ridiculous as there are so many people being scammed and nothing is taking place on stopping these fools. I’m feeling as I should go in there tommorrow an do my own investigation on these people. I also feel like going in and whoever is there interviewing letting them know what a scam these people are. There needs to be action taking against these ignorant people. Something has to be done.

  • jon

    Greetings, Mr. Mattes, my name is Jonathan. First off, I’d like to thank you for exposing these unmoral scamming dirtbags…Secondly, I recently got suckered into this scheme and my unpaid “training” begins tomorrow after 2 waste of time orientations, but I no longer want to be involved with these dirtbags. Here in Delaware, they go by the name of Impulse Management LLC at 406 Marsh Road, Wilmington, Delaware. A week ago, I was asked to sign a “Independent Contractor” paper and with that submit my SSN. So thanks to your video and my researching on the web, I knew this was a scam and called them out on it in which I received insults and threats. I then requested that they return the “Independent Contractor” paper to me so that I could tear it up because I didn’t want them to have my SSN in their records for fear they might use my SSN for identity theft. I received vilification and threats from their site manager who refused to return the “contract” to me. Then he verbally insulted me telling me to “Get the F*** Out of Here”. I knew with their use of profound language and their loud playing insolent noise music that something was not right about this company and very unproffesional. My question to you is how do I get them to return that paper to me. I don’t want them having access with my social security number and I obviously wouldn’t doubt that they’d use my SSN to open some credit cards and try to ruin me. The male manager is “Floyd”, and the female manager is “Ms.Keisha” and I find it weird that they wouldn’t give me their last names as I find it more appropriate and formal to call my elders by their last name. Any advice? I hope I can get a reply for you and I am sincerely looking forward to reading your response. Thanks for taking the time to read my email. Sincerely, Jonathan.

  • dont do it

    wilmington de, Impulse Management 406 marsh rd 302-761-9500 my story is the exact same AS ALL THE OTHERS…. i was so upset this was fake. The promises they make, the fast talking motivational speakers Floyd and Kiesha are full of #$%^. PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!

  • Crystal

    I applied for an “Admin” position over the weekend and got a call from Lindsey Monday afternoon. I went in for my interview this morning, and something just didn’t seem right. THANKFULLY I did research before quitting my job of SEVEN years and found this sight! The phone number they used was 612-227-2704 and they were located in the Cliff Cove buildings in Burnsville right off of Cliff Rd. and Hwy 13. Ugh! SCAM!

  • Plymouth, MN

    I had this same exact scam, and they don’t pay you except a small commission after you go all around town selling whole sale fragrances. They called the company Millenium or TCT it was twin cities something. And it was training you to be an office manager for all these random branches they were going to open. I spent two days wasting time in interviews. I had a feeling the whole time it was a scam but figured i’d check it out. They do have nice perfumes though for cheap! It was the same hours too 9am-6pm. This was in Plymouth, coon Rapids, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park in Minnesota. Watch out, I know its hard getting a job now and it sounds so good but don’t let these people talk you into doing this!! If it feels like a scam it probably is!

  • roxanna

    Omg! Today is my second interview and im just so glad I found out the truth about them!
    I was surprised that they did not mention their company name anywhere,even at the interview!
    Just half an hour ago I called them to asked their name ! (I forgot to ask) I told my self its better to do some research over them, and as soon as I entered their address the complains poped up on Google.I couldnt find any website over the name they gave me . (CPO WHOLESALE). when I played this video and I saw the people were working there are the same people interviewed me at 6790 top gun street.suit #5 92121

    Thanks alot for publicizing their fraud.

  • Josseline

    I just went to one of those meeting today and when I was there my friend had told me it was a scam & I told her I was going to check it out if it’s the same thing she was talking about I was going to step out. Have way of the orientation he started talking about te perfumes that it was going to sell for $27. The minute I heard that u got up & stepped out & left. This is happening here in Miami Florida. They got caught once & idk why they keep doing it. They should stop this imediatley. People are actually looking for jobs to maintain their kids & bill & try have no heart of making this a joke. People like me don’t have time for none of this. This has to be stopped !!!!!! Address of this place is 7798 nw 64 st doral fl 33166. The supposedly manager is calle Jeffrey.

  • sam

    Hello John Mattes! I was very skeptical on this new job opening called
    B.O.S Management, and was very curious if this is the same sort of
    scam that your video just showed me. They said no job experience
    needed, they will train me for free an teach me from scratch. I will
    become a manager, and are selling product is Fragrance…hmmm? If you
    have any idea if this is a scam even though I’m pretty sure it is. I
    would like to hear it from you. Please get back to me as soon as
    possible, I have my second interview on the 5th of July. I was really
    hoping this was the real deal, but thanks to you I’m sure I wont be
    wasting my time.

  • JANE

    Recently I applied for a job that I found on Craigslist that promised
    me 35,000+ dollars a year for an office manager’s job at a
    Distribution Center for a perfume company. I went to the 1st interview
    and got a brief introduction to the job. Then I was called back for a
    2 hour interview where the Regional Manager told us all about how
    great this company is, how it’s grown 200% in the last year and that
    they need office managers for all the new Distribution Centers they
    are opening in the area. We have to first go through training where we
    need to have 50 transactions before me move up in the training process
    and that includes a huge bonus if we sell to friends and family this
    27 dollar perfume. After I got back from the second interview I saw
    your report on youtube about a perfume scam that you investigated
    before and everything that you said about that company sounded exactly
    like the company here in St. Louis Missouri. The company is called AG
    (Alliance Group) and 7539 Ravensridge Road, St. Louis MO, 63119. The
    phone number is 314-932-9151. I am not sure if this is a scam but it
    sure feels like one to me. The name on the door is wrote out in black
    marker on a bright orange piece of construction paper.

    The main office is located in Atlanta Georgia, and she said that they
    are going through a 10 million dollar expansion and they are desperate
    to fill these offices within 76 days. I hope this information may help
    people out and to avoid getting scammed.


  • na

    Yup Spring lake park is a scam. 1631 country rd 10. The girl named lindsay called me for an interview about 2 minutes after i sent my resume. phone number is 763-742-7522. I called and said I would like to cancel my interview because i found out they are a scam and i dont appreciate being scammed. She just laughed and said ok have a nice day. UGH

  • anonymous

    lindsay 763-742-7522
    1635 county rd 10 slp mn 55432

    jez 763-221-7971
    151 sliver lake rd new brighton mn 55112

  • anonymous

    I just did an interview in slp last night and new brighton today. It seemed bogus and now I know for sure it is… a guy name lindseu called me yesterday and did an interview and for y 2nd one today a guy named jez did the 2nd one. How do I report them? I have addresses and numbers too…

  • jmattes Post author

    It is sickening that they tell people to leave real jobs to go to this scam.They have no shame.

  • sarah

    I went to this interview today with Lindsey. In Spring Lake Park. was told to go to New Brighton tomorrow for a 2 hours interview.. sounded strange. i said i wanted to give my current job a two week notice and she said we only want people that can start on monday. so what they want to completely screw people over?? ugh this is a bummer cause i really want to leave my current job. im thinking i will give her a call tomorrow and just say i googled the information she gave me and see what she tells me.

  • recently scammed

    i forgot to mention that they are now out in Bursnville off of Cliff Road and Hwy 13! Going by the name of INFINITY! TRACY is the regional manager from st louis (supposedly) and Bridgette is the one who calls to set up the interviews! BE CAREFUL! they talk fast, loud, and blare rap music to make them seem cool and down to earth so you’ll want to work for them. It’s all a big show! they want to make you feel comfortable and then they brain wash you! THEY USE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU just so you can make THEM money and sell their cheap product and only get a small side reward on the side! WATCH OUTTTT!

  • recently scammed

    ALL LIES! I just worked for these misleading ppl last week. During the “2nd” interview TRACY (supposed regional manager) said that they were trying to open all new locations in the twin cities, but obviously from reading the above posts they have offices already open. I knew something was up when we started out with 20 on tuesday and by thurs there were only 4 people left. As stupid and embarrassing as this sounds, they brainwashed us. We put on “Blinders” to ignore outside comments that this was a scam and that the perfume wasn’t legit. We were told to ignore everything if we wanted to be successful and as long as we finish the training we would have our own office within 60-90 days.

    I stayed all the way until Friday. I skipped the promotional saturday meeting because on Friday is when i caught on. A lady even approached me and said that this business is bogus and to stay away from them and to google them. they had me on the streets like a pan handler selling perfume form 11am to 9pm. They also made me lie to ppl if we ran out of a certain kind we would lie and sell ppl a different bottle. I felt like dishonest scum. I got paid for the bottles i sold but not an actual payment for all the hours i had been there that week. It was a waste of time and energy and i wore myself out for nothing when i could have been working somewhere else and getting paid by the hour like a REAL job is supposed to do. I ignored my gut feeling for the first and the LAST TIME! After friday night i knew it was a rip off!

  • ScamSpotter

    Coon Rapids MN. I’ve applied to lots of ads on craigslist the last few months tryin to find steady work and these guys have called me like 6 different times. 6 different people at 6 different offices but everything filters through the big office. I’ve seen lots of diffent people at these offices from one lady that was 50plus to other people that looked like teenagers. Very unprofessional lots of loud music and foul language.

  • ScamSpotter

    Coon Rapids MN!! Right off of Hanson and Hwy 10. I’ve been contacted by like 6 different people over the last 8 weeks trying to get me in selling perfume. They have several offices here in the metro area. I’ve read some of these other post and some of the names are familiar but I’ve interviewed at 3 locations here in the cities. Lots of different people running around. Very unprofessional some 50plus some look like kids. Lots of loud music piercings and foul language.

  • dave

    I did answer an ad on craigslist. This add had no business name, but I
    thought why not. It said training in the following areas.. Assistant
    Management/Management, Branch Management, Distribution,
    Administration/Office, Marketing/Sales. I sent the people posting my
    resume. And contact info.
    So red flags showed up when I was called about the job 2 minutes after
    emailing, the person, they asked if I could come down for an
    interview. Fine so I scheduled for the next day. I arrived and there
    were four people in the waiting room. Most likely looking for the same
    job. Another red flag showed up when I didn’t even fill out the
    whole application due to I could kind of tell there was something
    going on. They interviewed me anyways. She told me a little about the
    company now under the name “bos management” here in phoenix AZ.
    The interview went really fast. They said they weren’t concerned
    with experience. They didn’t check up on previous employers. Red
    flag three was when they told me to call back to see if I would be
    considered for a second interview. Red flag four was the second
    interview were there was one person doing the interviewing of 15
    people being interviewed. He said it would be three hours. I figured
    why not no one else is giving me this opportunity for my own business.
    Red flag four he asked us all not to ask any questions until the end.
    I waited about an hour for more red flags to show up.
    he said that there would be distributors of said perfume and cologne
    that go to various locations in the area. Any way long story short, I
    thought it was all a hoax and did a research plan on the internet,
    about the notes I took during the interview on things such as “Bos
    management”, “Observe’ L Essence” “Larry Hahn”, and
    “Scentra creations” my suspicions were right, big time scam. I
    will be in contact with better business bureau. And posting adds on
    craigslist and wherever else.
    the address is 3001 w indian school rd suite 301 phoenix az 85017 they
    post the adds with and email address of info@bosmanagement and evern
    have a website

  • jmattes Post author

    Send us all the details on how they advertise and where they are .Include names and phones numbers.We need to expose them

  • Joann Smith

    I found an ad in the star ledger job finder. Here is what the ad says “Receptionist/Customer service. Office expanding and needs help ASAP. No experience necessary. Fun work atmosphere. Growth opprotunity. Call 732-841-3898 or email resume to” Company is called Phoenix Management and they have been located at (732) 764-6868
    448 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, NJ 08846-2439 for 18 years. I went for a first interview where they told me of 2 positions that are open. An entry level manager and a receptionist. I then got called back for a 2nd interview which i sat through and Donny Zinkin (his partner is Holly) talked about the wonderful paid vacations and bonuses and a little background on Larry Hahn. My fiance said it sounded to good to be true. So i did some research. I plan on going to the orientation on Monday to hear out what they have to say but from everything i read i dont feel like i will be working for them. It saddens me as like most Americans im looking for a decent job to keep up with my mortgage. Please stop them as they are wanting to open 25 locations in the tri state area (NJ NY and CT)…

  • Scentura! people

    I work for scentura and they are a great company!!!! I would never in my right mind talk bad about them! their pay is great, the people are awesome, and they are just everyday people trying to give work to others…………..NOT!!!!! scentura is a scam when a company is not part of the BBB bureau its simply for one of two reasons 1) awful product or 2) treat their employees like in a not so nice way SHIT! The fact the company has to hide their true identity which is SCENTURA! should tell you one thing! DONT GO!

  • Rae

    I just set up an interview for tomorrow…decided to do some investigating to find out what this company was about. Could not find anything for “Millennium” until I typed in the address in Spring Lake Park and found this site. You know it’s fishy when they can’t tell you what you will be doing!

    1633 County Hwy 10
    Suite 7
    Spring Lake Park, MN 55432


  • tiffiny

    Hi, I got a job screening from this company called Rhino Management just yesterday 04/11/2012. I’m schedule to come in for my 2nd interview later on today on Thursday 04/12/2012. I’m so glad that I did the research first on this company because this company sounded so fishy to me when I came in for my screening. I looked at both the sites of Scentura Creations and Rhino Management and found out they sell same exact products and similar websites. Here a website to their advertisement:
    Here is another advertisement from them just another week later:
    Today, I’m actually going to attend my 2nd interview but I’m won’t participate in their scam. I have a lot of questions that I am going to ask them that would put them in shock of how much I know about their company.

  • Stacy

    I was just interviewed today. LINDSEY interviewed me and said I did a great job on my interview and then told me to call her back in about 2 1/2 hours. I was really confused about the the things she said. because she spoke really fast leaving me thinking it was so easy. I finally called and she told me to show up for a 2nd interview in coon rapids. She gave me the address and said they were located by a strip mall. I am so thankful that right now that I chose to research on them and this page popped up. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts! I am definitely NOT going to that 2nd interview.
    And she also said that they were called Millennium and that they were a fragrance company. She talked about learning a sales, then working with others, then office managing. and that it would be PAID training, which now i know that it IS A LIE! After the interview, things didn’t felt right. I thought and thought, there was no way I could get a job/interview this fast. Thank God, the internet and everyone who posted on here.

    BTW here are the names that were given to me and addresses:
    1633 County Hwy 10 Spring Lake Park, MN

    (Supposedly the place is called TWIN CITIES)
    1452 115th NW Coon Rapids, MN 55433

    I didn’t know such scams like this exist. People are so cruel. I hope and pray that one day God will convict their hearts and that they will turn from their wicked ways.

  • jenny

    They came to minnesota in the winter of 2011. Im college educated and had been on about 20 interview at the point i went tk the mass interview. There was a bald headed woman yelling and raving about the ompany. I was hesitant because i could find them anywhere on the internet. I got up and walked out half way through. There was nothing logically about the situation or what she was saying. I like others have a family to support so i feel for the second interview but stay until the end. What do we do about this. I hope they didnt do any damage to personal information of mine etc. I have the name and number of one of the girls who contacted me can we bring them down!?

  • Shena

    I just went for an interview in Coon Rapids, MN off of Martin Drive and it is Scentura. I told the manager I knew what they were doing and I was reporting them. They are liars and scam artists. Do not work with them.

  • Renee

    Twin Cities, 11452 Martin Pl, Coon Rapids, MN

    They just scheduled an interview with me for basic office duties from the number 763-670-6498. I was suspicious when the company was called “Twin Cities.” Also, “Deb” mentioned it was difficult to find and in a strip mall. What?? What is wrong with people? Taking advantage of job seekers is so sick.

    Thank you to all who posted this address.

  • erica

    Hi John, I just wanted to say thanks. You saved me a lot of time by report Scentura, now called Phoenix Management, located in Middlesex, NJ. I just went on a 2 day interview for this scam. I found the ad on It sounded to good to be true. Thank god I decide to look it up and I came across your report. You saved me a lot of time and Money. Money by the fact that I almost quit my job, a really job for this bull. Thanks again John!!!

  • Shauna

    I got a call this morning from a girl named “Lindsey” I went in for an interview that lasted about 10 minutes. She told me to call back at 3:30 to find out if I made it through to the second interview. When I called her back and she told me I made it to the second interview. She told me the interview would last around 2 hours, to arrive 5 minutes early and to bring a notebook and a pen to the 12:00 interview on Friday. When she gave me the address my mom looked up directions and this website came up. She told me it was a scam and I didn’t want to believe her. But after reading this website I called her back. When I asked about sales she changed her story from “no sales” to “sales during training” I told her I was unable to make it to the interview but thanks anyways, I forwarded the information to a cop friend of mine, We need to get this taken care of.

  • Scott Crawford

    The Scentura people are currently working out of an office at 11460 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite G, Rancho Cordova, CA. “training” is suppose to start tomorrow, 3-26-2012.

  • Tyler

    They are back at it again in coon rapids, MN! These ppl just won’t stop! They are located at 11492 115th in coon rapids MN! Get them scammers!!

  • Nick

    I knew my spidey senses were right with this place. I was just at the Coon Rapids location today. Tracy at 763-688-1917 called me, and I had a feel. But I REALLY need a job. But then when I got offered 30k a year when the only experience that I have is at a fast food restaurant I knew something was up.

    ALSO. They’re at the same location that you all have been talking about, but the address she gave me was different. The new address that they are using is 1452 115th Ave, Coon Rapids MN. But then she gave me some spiel about how google maps doesn’t work really well getting to the office and she gave me directions. I just sent an email to the Coon Rapids Police Department and really hope that they find a way to shut them down.

  • Ck

    I was also a victim of this scam. They had an “office” on Superior street in Duluth MN. Wanted all of the same things as others of you have listed. I often heard the names Deb, Jez, Shane, Will, Kerri, Courtney, etc.. They wanted you to go on “Satellites” to other cities far away and also to the twin cities every weekend. Luckily I did not quit my other steady job for this because they promise you the world and for as sceptical as you are you want it to be true!! FUCK YOU PEOPLE, HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT??? I hope I run in to any of you now because you will be getting a piece of my mind and maybe my fist!!! You need to be shut down and better yet put in jail! There are so many people out there that desperately need jobs and they are wasting their time on you and you are NOT WORTH IT! Ruin some more peoples lives and waste their time why dont ya.. oh yeah,, how come that office is no longer in downtown duluth, or better yet, why werent the other three in duluth superior and cloquet open? couldnt find enough people to fall for your lies? get away and stay away you fucking piece of shits!

  • catherine

    they have offices here in the south florida area. 7798 nw 64 st 33166. i just left my orientation and i felt really fishy about this job. so i googled it and here it is a bunch of pple that went to those interviews describing each part of it the same way as i saw it today and its all bull. the diplomas they had on the walls actually had the centimenters written right on them! ??? and they had all the same handwriting, but yet they all came to the company at different years ??? whaaaaat? its ridiculous how this people can actually make us waste our times and promise fake dreams. im so glad i didnt quit my job to go there cus if i had oooooo boy el escandalo q le hiba a dar a esos hijo de putas! i had the pleasure to meet the faboulous hesther, that gives u a long story how she was homeless and strugglin mother even tho she went to harvard, but this company helped her and now she makes 300k a year n has $1.5 million house! this pple belong in jail! this has been going on for way too long and the authorities must get involved!

  • Not gullible

    I recieved a phone call for the Coon Rapids, MN location from an ad on craiglist I answered. I thought it was odd that they had no website or any information about their so called “company”. When Tracy called me, she made it seem like it was good a very great job, but I originally turned it down because I couldn’t abruptly quit my job. However, when I did call back, a man named Jez answered Tracy’s phone claiming to be one of the “managers”, gave me the SAME description, as if they were reading from a script. Which was also very suspicious. To make sure it was a scam, I accepted the interview and got their address. A real company wouldn’t be in a strip mall and once I googled the address, It led me to this website, and thank goodness I didn’t show up and waste my time and gas.

  • Mandy

    Last year,

    In Charleston SC, I got taken also. They try to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I went with it and did the sales on the street, until the cops were called on us and busted us for not having a business license. Ryan and Jenn are their names and you can tell just by looking at them they are rats! So what happened when the police were called on me. Did Ryan and Jenn come to save the day, nope! Left me their on my own.

  • Katie

    THANK YOU. I just finished day one of orientation with these guys and their coon rapids site. I felt like there is no way this is all legit. I will not be returning tomorrow after reading this. So happy I did not waste my money or that of my friends and family on their “bonus” for selling their product. I almost want to go to their orientation tomorrow with a printout of this website for all the other people who are there now.

  • Janet Ploncinsky

    Thank you for your report! I had an interview today with them and they blast music and make it sound like there’s a party going on outside. Don’t apply on Craig’s List in Coon Rapids, MN looking for managers!

  • drew

    i was called on 2/22/12 by a woman who stated they wanted to have an interview with me the person i would meet with to conduct the interview was neal johnston i was told to dress business like and also show up to the address 10 Fairway Dr 127, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 and i would be meeting with Neal at 10:30pm 1st interview they liked me told me to come back at 2pm. stated i was hired training starts tomorrow at 12pm on friday. showed up the secretary was no where to be found should have known it was a scam when they stated that most of the people did not return. neal brought me and another young woman into the back of the suite explained how we would be sales person first and had to obtain 50 transactions in order to be put into manager meetings ran by him and others. selling 50 renditions of purfumes i took notes down he gave a phone number to call 954-635-4401 neal answered and immediately asked did i sell anything yet. i implied no because i was skeptical to why he would try to have our family members and friends buy these items at 28+2 fee. if this website is true and you are looking out for the best interest of the american people you will expose neal johnston, dan chasin and others like roweena. they asked us to come back at 9am-3pm saturday 25th to learn the business and budget side. i can only imagine what they will say to try to make us get out on the street and sell cheap purfume. im showing up there tomorrow to warn those about this false job so they wont waste their time and i hope you can shed some light on this for others in florida and other states here is a facebook page also
    heres neal johnston face book

  • odin


    Two new managers Jimmy and Matt in Minneapolis. They are still spreading…………..

    Repost: Over the last 16 months I’ve interviewed at coulmbia heights, new hope, brooklyn park, spring lake park, coon rapids, minnetonka, st. louis park, and anoka offices. All differnt managers. I’m very organized and I ask lots of questions. I know these guys from 10 years ago when they had a office in burnsville. I was there for 2 weeks and never got a office. So when I go in for a interview I can smell these guys out in 2 seconds flat. Its a sales company. They don’t demand a investment but they forget to tell you that the investment is time. Their names were samantha, courtney, marcus, heather, erika, jez, tracy, will, rob, kerri, shane, tiffany, adam and deb. Some of the offices were small some very large. Some of the decor was crap to average but they all had the same story. “Become a manager after 60-90 days of training”

  • Danny Hecht

    They have made it to Denver, Co. They have my daughter believing she will be a manager. She’s 18 years old and two months out from having her first child. Now they are about to wreck her world. Someone find away to shut these people down!

  • Kate

    I’m so glad I saw this!!! I got a call this morning from Lindsay at Diamond Enterprises 1633 County Rd 10, Ste. 7 Spring Lake Park, 55432. I applied for a front office job on Craigslist, and was shocked to get a call the next day. I was skeptical because I couldn’t find the company when I Googled it, but I went anyway. She wasn’t at all interested in my many years of experience as an office manager, because they train. She said that I would manage a n office of 10-12 distributors – I asked if I would be doing any selling and she said NO! I was told to call today at 5, which I did to find out I was accepted for a second interview. She gave me the “regional office” address at 11425 Martin Street, Coon Rapids, 55433- a sign says TNT. I’m supposed to come in on friday at 12, dress sharp with a notebook and pen, and arrive 5 minutes early. I asked what their website was, and she stated that because her office is so new, they don’t have one, but “tnt might, I’ll let you know”. Nothing feels right about this. I might go to the group interview just to figure it all out. Is it even legal to completely lie to people? ?? I feel like such a dupe!

  • Janikka

    Hey! They are still active at the 11452 martin st coon rapids mn address. I just got a call offering 35k to 60k. They were reluctant to divulge any specifics about the job. They even said and I quote “do you have your own car to run to the post office and carry out other managerial duties?” What a laugh! Its all a pyrimid scheme! Think I dont know? I went to one of these “interviews” at the same location by the el loro restaurant a year ago. It was a cattle call followed by private talks in offices with no computers and nothing on the walls. They had you fill out your “application” on their cell phone. They were very persistant on getting your ssn on their personal cell phone. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! please dont waste your time with these jokers.

  • mike

    Website: http://
    Subject: To ask a question

    Hi My name is Mike and im asking about SCENTURA CREATIONS. My friend went for a “job interview” with them, who are also under the name Phoenix Management according to her. This was in NJ ( im not quite sure where exactly). My question is, after researching it for her and finding out about it, is there any danger from her having just applied? They gave her a background check but she has not submitted it yet. Should she be wary of any info she has given them in applications and interviews? Please let me know.
    Thank you

  • Crushdhart

    TNTs new address is: 11454 Martin St.
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433

    Just so you all know.. They are STILL at it. :)

    They try to be veeeerrrrryyyyy sneaky….Let you think what you want…
    No actual details…Left open Questions…


  • Katie

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was just called by “Deb” and offered an interview tomorrow for an administrative office job. I was pretty excited and confused at the same time. I have been job searching on Indeed and Craigslist so I thought it was something like that, I applied for jobs where I didn’t know what the company was. I started googling this and came up with this page, and became super suspicious. I have to thank all of you who shared your experience so I didn’t waste my gas, time, and energy going through the same experience.

    Again, I know it sucks what you all went through but THANK YOU! for saving me from the scam!!! :)

  • Latavia

    Wow, something told me to do my research. I received a voicemail yesterday from Rowena about 2minutes long explaining the position and everything. I didnt return the call but I got another phone call this morning from Southern Distribution in Deerfield Beach, Fl asking to set up an interview Monday at 11:30a.m for an Administrative Assistant position. Rowena was the one who actually called me but a few minutes later Neil called explaining the position again after Rowena already explained on my voicemail and over the phone. That was a lil fishy so I decided to look them up and came across this page…wow…I’m in school for Paralegal and we don’t play when it comes to research so to everyone out there, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! By the way thanks to all who spoke out, you all saved me the drive and my time. Thank you all

  • paig

    Thank you so much ! I am so gratefully I looked into this I was about to quitmy job for wht I believe is the same scam in deerfeild beach florida ! Southern distribution is the name please look into and give me feed back I know so many people in florida are getting scammed I knew it was too good to be true the mans name is dan chasen and he said he is interviewing 75 to 100 people a week that is 400 people a month getting scammed . I became curious when I went into “orientation” and half the people who were interviewed with me where in orientation and he claimed more people where hired from our interview also gotthe “job”

  • Jordan Webb

    I was contacted by “Deb” about a job in the beginning of january, i was looking for office assistant jobs and so i thought maybe that i had applied for an office manager job. I went to the interview in coon rapids and the adress was to an old business that has not been there for over a year. I even repeated the adress back to “Deb” over the phone to make sure i had it right. so i asked the lady in the office next to the deserted one what was up? she directed me to the strip mall next door. I went there and wondered why there was no sign for their comapny and why the adress was wrong. I had my interview with tiffany and she seemed nice and everthing seemed ligit. I was instructed to call her back to see if i got a second interview, which i have never heard of. I thought it was a waste of their time for everyone who applied to call back. So i called and she said i have a second interview, and to dress nice with a pen and a notebook. I went to the second 2.5hr group interview(which was 100% them talking about the job) and she said that she will only hire ppl who she feels have good personalities. a few ppl walked out of the “interview” and i didnt understand why. Everything seemed ok with the job. I was intstrucked to call back again to see if i got the job or not. When i left i was excited cause i thought everything went well. I called back and they said i had the job and to come the following monday to orrientation, again dressing nice with a pen and notebook. I went on monday to the 3 hour orientation. the lady explained more about the product and made up some excuse as to why she couldnt provide the product for us to sample. we were supposed to sell some perfume that night to our “friends and family” as a contest with the other new employees. I thought it was weird that the order forms were just like a girlscout cookie order form. i had a few questions after i left that day….why does this comapany that has over 900 offices have no website??? they could make a killing off online sales…why would they ask us to sell something that we have never even seen??? and only give us 1 night to sell them??? sithout samles??? the money durring training was not taxed??? I was still excited because i thought i had a good job so i quit my steady job that i had making decent money for a college student. I got a link from my friend in an email and it was to this blog…so i searched around and found many more blogs and stories about this “company”. I didnt wanna jump to conclusions right away so i called “tracy”. After a few plesantries i told her that a friend of mine had sent me a link and i told her what i read in the blog. she imediatly went on the defense and called me a skeptic and said i was looking for something wrong with the company, i had to remind her multiple times that i was given the information from a friend. I told her i wasnt looking to fight and that i just wanted to call and ask her about it cause i was concerned. she then told me to type on google “walmart scams” and “insureance company scams” cause if u type those in on google u will get many search results for it. blah blah blah. she said not all companyies have websites. Also that if she had time she would sue all the ppl that wrote bad stuff online about “TNTCC”. She called me a skeptic no less than 3 times in our conversation. in the end of the phonecall she just said “i could care less if you come in tomorrow or not. I do good for myself”

    Her phone call told me all i need. I did not show up the next day, and have not heard from them since. Now i am job searching like a mofo since i could not go back to my old job. I am honestly not mad at these ppl anymore. I feel sorry for the ppl who work for this comapny, idk how they can sleep at night knowing that they are lying and hurting ppl. I hope my story will save someone from this place. I just hope they get what is coming to them.

  • rob

    “Southern Distribution Group, Fragrance Scam Continues Deerfield Beach, Florida”

    Please make another video on this continuing SCAM where many, many young people are offered “MANAGER” positions within an “expanding” new company.

    As you know, these applicants are given a sales “quota” and NEVER make it past hustling cheap perfume in strip malls and parking lots because there is NO managing position.

    These SCAMS are STILL operated out of small, cheap rented offices and STILL run ads online.

    I can offer assistance with coordinating meetings or getting audio of how these people “pitch” there “growing” company.

    Ripoff Report: Southern Distribution Group Dan Chasin Dan Long Neil Johnston Roweena Perfume / Fragrance Scam Continues Deerfield Beach, Florida

  • Melanie

    I have been contacted twice in the last two weeks. The first time, I thought it was fishy because I didn’t apply at any TNT and the address that “Tiffany” gave me was wrong. I drove by since I was in the area at the time. No legitimate business has a 10 x 10 window sign done in permanent marker. (And they would know their address). I called the police and the officer I talked to was at the location. No longer than five minutes passed before “Tracy” called me and said the position had been filled… At 7:45 at night… Don’t think so. Then they called me again today. Maybe if they’re going to continue their scam, they should keep records of who they call…

  • All smiles

    I wonder how much John mattes is paying you pieces of crap.

    I think all of you whiners are probably leaving at home as you write this garbage.
    I bet a small amount of you have a utility bill in your name.
    You can’t scam a broke person!
    None of you have the smarts, nor the legal action, nor the money to do what you write you’ll do. SO why not join my cult .You too can work for nothing without any proper license .We never worry as we have to money to pay fines if caught. For us jail is no different than where we live

    Just face it, all of you are at the bottom of the food chain just like us, So join us down here ripping people off.
    No one cares!
    No ones listening!

  • D.

    I was totally scammed just like everyone else on this site… the messed up thing is that i actually fell for it around 5 years ago and actually got as far as selling there perfume on the street for almost 2 months. Frezzing in the Minnesota winter!!!
    So, last week i was almost scammed again. i thought maybe it was the same kind of company that hired me 5 yrs ago, so i asked Deb ( the woman at the Coon Rapids, MN ) location. I told her “hey “Deb, i sold perfume for a company like this some odd years ago, i sold quite a bit of knock off perfume for them and was never given any indication that i would be running any kind of office, Is this that same kind of company, Deb”? And, Deb reassured me, saying “No Danielle, this is a management position, come back in for your 2nd interview process and ur administrative Management position will start on Monday of next week”.
    So i decide to give them the benifit of the doubt and attend the 2nd interview, even though everything was unclear and nobody was even interested in my skills that related to the position i was SUPPOSEDLY being hired for…..
    45 minutes through the 2nd interview process thingy…. i realized that it was indeed the same scam… they want u to go outside rain, sleet or shine and sell knock offf perfume for them for 60-90 days and basically if u don’t sell enough u don’t get the office, but the way it sounds from others caught in this scam…. that getting into and managing a office is not at all a sure thing, in the first thing!!!
    So….. then i called them up about 15 mins ago, after leaving the TNT in Coon Rapids telling them they are a scam and i will be contacting the local authorities and the local news if they dont reimburse me for my gas and my time going all the way to these interviews, i told them that what they are doing is wrong AND THEY KNOW IT!!! The guy who answered the phone Jez… Kept beating around the bush and talking to me in circles it was clear that he didn’t know how to respond to me. Then half way through the phone call he started to be rude going through all the names of the people who worked there saying” oh i know this person won’t reimburse you, and that person won’t.
    It seemed to be like a big teenage drama session. But i was upset and kind of hurt. I am a woman with an education and shouldn’t be outside selling perfumes to pedestrians and what not. My unemployment has ran out and i have bills i really thought there maybe be some promise in this venture but was extreamly let down again!!! All people beware and if u feel u want to contact police or news DO IT because these people need to be shut down!!!!!! Its unethical, immoral and just plain old bad karma!!!!!

  • Jordan

    These guys are still in Coon Rapids! My wife just got done with a too good to be true job offer as a branch manager making 40-60k. They have changed their address to avoid the applicants from hearing about the scam, however, they are still in the same strip mall. The new address is 11452 Martin st. Coin rapids mn. If I would have never heard about this site my wife would have quit her job for this new scam. What a relief. I have all of the contact info for the “regional managers” if you would like. Thank you.

  • Katie

    I went to an interview this morning and it seemed a little fishy so after the interview was over, I went home and looked up the company name and came across this website. While I was there, they had promised me that I would be training for 90 days and that I would be managing my own office and that I would be getting paid $35,000.00 per year and that I would get a company car and “all of the corporate stuff without the corporate feel.” It just seemed strange. So after I came across this website, I decided not to call back Tracy, however, now they’ve been calling on 10 minute interludes. This was the Coon Rapids, MN location.

  • shannon

    Website: http://
    Subject: To make a comment

    Hi saw your youtube post on scentura creations, just got a call to set up an interview, which is an hour drive from where I live,(for a real job Ill drive that far) the girl made it a point to tell me that I inquired about customer service position on craigslist but they also had assistant manager position available as well, fyi they are at 3707 latrobe dr in charlotte NC, I did not inquire about any sales position, I am not interested in applying for sales, and I am glad I do not have to spend unemployment money on gas wasted on something I dont want.
    Thanks for your video

  • Dav id

    Got a call about a management position this morning, I missed the name because the lady spoke so I drove by and seen in the window a little sign that said TNT, but the huge overhead sign was blank so I googled it and found this sign, I have an “interview” tomorrow morning, I was wondering if I should get the police involved before hand for a possible sting?

  • scot

    Hey John! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the eye opening report on Scentura Creations. I started my training this past Monday and started to have some concerns about the company i was working for. When I got home last night i decided to do some research about Larry Hahn and Scentura. I googled the company and saw so many of the bad things said about the company and the i went on youtube and came across your video this morning. I was completely blown away. I live in Arlington, TX and the office i worked out of is called Designers International located in Irving, TX. The managers names were Rob and Rikki Zuckert and I also found some info on them. Thank you very much for doing that investigation and thanks for having my back.

  • Skr

    Here we go….

    I was called early Monday to have an interview for an “office manager” job posting. I went in that afternoon to have a one-on-one interview for about 15 min. He showed mo concern for my experience at all, since the job position has “training”! I thought to myself that it seemed odd that there wasn’t “any” interest in me or my qualifications. I was to call later that day to see if the management team was interested in having me for a second interview! Yes, I was scheduled to arrive with pen, paper and dress nicely 5 min prior to my second interview set up for two more days. The second interview was with a group of people of about 20+! We listened, took notes, smiled and participated in a 2 1/2 hour meeting of information vaguely describing the company and job duties. It felt strange again, that there wasn’t any interest in anyone’s experience or qualifications of my kind. I called later that day to hear that I was “accepted” and could I start orientation tomorrow!? I almost quit my full time job to go for this what seemed like “opportunity”! My boyfriend did some research on the Company! Since it all seemed too easy and good to be true, I checked into it myself which brought me to this site!! OMG!! I’m educated and have a great work history. To even think about being in a parking lot selling perfume or anything just sickens me. I applied to work in an office. I feel badly for people! I’ll admit the pretty dollar of 35k to 40k starting out with full benefits had me. The training sounded unclear and I was unsure. Good thing I didn’t quit my job and go to sell perfume on streets!! NEVER in my wildest dreams would I do such a thing. I should have went with my first instinct. I didn’t do any training nor did I give up my fill time job! How terrible for some people to be so misled!! I refrain from giving my name, since I also signed a paper stating that I will not give any negetive comments towards the company. I was led to believe I would be doing administrative work. False advertisement!! I’m a lucky one. Hopefully, we stop this and people aren’t seriously affected!!

  • Skr

    Yes, the scan sounds like what I’ve experienced this week in coon rapids, mn called TNT! I can’t believe I almost went for it! Thank goodness for this information given here! How do we stop this?

  • KMB

    Thanks to this website I was almost a victim of this scam. I too was contacted by Tiffany at TNT at 11452 Martin St. in Coon Rapids, MN 55433 and wanted me to come in today. I was confused that she contacted me about a Office Mgt job that I did not apply to. I wish I knew which craigslist ad it was from, so I could report it. No wonder she didn’t want me to mapquest the address, since this pulls up in the search engine! Thank god! If any knows what step is next to take, please let me know. This makes me sick, that they are praying on honest people looking for honest work in such tuff times.

  • lolita

    Hello all. to the Minnesotan blog. i was looking for a job on the internet and i come across with tnt associates so i decided to call the company. first i talk to a lady name deb and i said to her i am interested in office administrative assistant. the description was very persuasive so i called back again and scheduled for an interview and and went for the interview. dressed up well and when i had went there i did not see a sign posted so i thought may be this must be a new area its located 14425 martin street coon rapids MN. then the interview was very short and brief. i worked in a legal office before and law firm and usually the longest interview even on the phone takes about an hour let alone you got in there and walk about within 5 minutes. i was fooled to even go for a second interview. the funny thing is that there is no hourly wage. now when i see all this similar incidents now i am being skeptical. i am not going to go for the second interview. i am glad that i did my searched before it is too late.

  • Twin Cities

    This is the job posting on craigslist that got me into the scamming interview.

    These people use so many company names to lure you in. Those innocent people will be victims ending up selling perfume in the mall parking lot approaching customers face to face. Which is illegal, you will be kicked out or arrested. Wasting time, effort, driving gas and may end up disappointed.

    Note: When you get a call, don’t agree on a set date and time for in personal interview yet. But please ask for the caller’s company name, website and do a search on the net, make sure the company exists. If he/she can’t provide you that’s a red flag.

  • odin

    Over the last 16 months I’ve interviewed at coulmbia heights, new hope, brooklyn park, spring lake park, coon rapids, minnetonka, st. louis park, and anoka offices. All differnt managers. I’m very organized and I ask lots of questions. I know these guys from 10 years ago when they had a office in burnsville. I was there for 2 weeks and never got a office. So when I go in for a interview I can smell these guys out in 2 seconds flat. Its a sales company. They don’t demand a investment but they forget to tell you that the investment is time. Their names were samantha, courtney, marcus, heather, erika, jez, tracy, will, rob, kerri, shane, tiffany, adam and deb. Some of the offices were small some very large. Some of the decor was crap so average but they all had the same story. “Become a manager after 60-90 days of training”

    I’ve done my research there isn’t a lot you can do and they mulitply like rabbits.


  • ben

    A.L did you tell Tiffany your piece of mind? I just wonder what happened during your meeting and what do u think of it afterward?

  • AB

    It is that time again that T&T shows their face!

    I received a call from a Tiffany (her fake name) from number 763.221.7971 stating she had a assistant manager position available for me. TNT 11452 martin street, coon rapids, mn.

    Something didn’t add up. I never applied at T&T Associates – I called the police

    The police are currently trying to get their license revoked to drive them out of town. I explained to the police officer that I was to meet them dec. 15th 2011 for an interview.

    They’ve already arrested one of the owners and I encourage everyone who is contacted by these scammers to contact the police. Hopefully it will drive them out of town and keep them from victimizing other people.

    Sweet victory.

  • j from MN

    i am so glad i saw this too… i answered an admin/front office for this on craigslist. the 1st interview (15 mins) is 45 mins away from where i am now…. id get to pick my top 3 offices in the metro and they would place me in one of those 3 to work in after i had gone thru the second 2 HOUR interview.

    when i pressed for details on where and what this was for, she was rushed and very vague. she just wanted to get the interview scheduled.

    needless to say, i will not be travelling to coon rapids tomorrow…thanks so much for this site!

  • A.L

    I’m so thankful I found this website, because I had my interview with them tommorow…and something just didn’t feel right…I talked to a Tifanny, and she seemed very suspicious and rushed; so I did my research and I am so glad I did because I would have wasted so much time and gas driving out there (40 mins) away. Wow, such losers! I can’t wait to talk to her tommorow because I’m gonna tell her every piece of my mind!

  • Justin

    They are now at 11452 Martin Street, Coon Rapids, MN. They are calling themselves “T&T Associates”. Will, Rob, Tracy, Deb, Kerri, Jez, and Tiffany. 612-910-2284 and 320-455-1783 are their associated numbers.

    I was also there too! I came home and my wife knew this was fake scam job. I did a few research and pop out the same shit everyone else is having! Thank God I did quit my job!! These guys called me this morning and told me to see if I could still make it. I told them I cannot make it, then she started to ask me if I want to reschedule my appointment and then I reply “No I’m not Interested anymore” Then she hung up. What a stupid scam. I really want to take 2 hours off today and go over there and show them the scam. BEWARE OF THESE FUCKERS!

  • Becky

    TNT Associates in Coon Rapids MN……11452 Martin St. in Coon Rapids MN 55433….Deb, Tracy, Jez,….promised the world…..I was not going to go just because I googled the address and it came up as for lease….I contacted the leasing agent and she siad it just had been leased like a week before….

  • Becky

    I think this is happening in MN…. I just applied for a management position for TNT Associates claiming that you do 60-90 days of Training and then get your own office to manage distributors out of……The trianing included:50 supervised transactions, and a family and friends bonus program…. I was a little suspicious going to interview when I typed in address and found out the strip mall area had only been rented about a week prior to interview??? They have offices set up all over in MN…. I went to 11452 Martin St. in Coon Rapids, MN 55433…..

  • Don
    Subject: To make a comment

    this is an ad i found about the scam artists scentura.

    I think these scammers need to be stopped……..

  • Ritz

    They are now at 11452 Martin Street, Coon Rapids, MN. They are calling themselves “T&T Associates”. Will, Rob, Tracy, Deb, Kerri, Jez, and Tiffany. 612-910-2284 and 320-455-1783 are their associated numbers.

  • dave

    Scentura and world perfume are now in rhode island with the name eastcoastmanagement. I went to the second interview and immediatly knew it was a scam. I looked around the room thinking did anyone else think this guy was a joke? But everyone was sucked in i guess im one of the lucky few who actually trusted their gut. Sure enough i looked them up in the internet and confirmed they were a fraud. Hope you can get the word out their address is 461 main st the guy has a partner and one named jeremy, other is marvin say

  • Fortunate

    I was targeted by the same scam however under a different name then scentura. I was targeted by Southern Distribution Group in Deerfield Beach Florida. They have the same exact MO as scentura and i have found others who have been targeted by this group of individuals under different company names. The people involved in the Deerfild beach location are Dan Long regional manager, Dan Chasin Branch Manager, Neil Johnston Personal Director, and Roweena (no last name) office manager. Thses people have gone and done this scam many times over i have found just some of the names of the companies they have done this under:

    National Marketing Aurora Colorado
    SMC Management Group Indianapolis Indiana
    Sentre Management National Management Worthington Ohio
    Executive Management llc Arizona
    Innovative Managment Inc Arizona
    Imi Innovative management Colorado
    National Marketing Colorado
    Imi world perfume Arizona
    Sara Carl Management LLC Arizona
    Perfume world Arizona
    Executive Image Colorado

    Right now they are basing themselves out of Deerfiled beach florida, address 10 fairway dr deerfield beach fl 33441 and phone number 9546354401.

    I am thankful i did my research before giving these scammers any of my personal info. Thank you Investigative guy for the video that sounded all too familiar. ,,


  • Yosh

    thanks for your comments. i ran across the ad in craiglist and gave them a call today and supposedly set up an interview for tomorrow at noon. since ive read this i wont be going… although i was thinking of maybe going and showing whoever might be there what theyre really doing. Anyhow i was supposed to go to 7798 nw 64 st doral, fl. i spoke to “George” by 7864161673. Thanks for your help.

  • All smiles

    Investigativeguy John Mattes here
    I have included the comment below just to show how mean-spirited and pathetic the Scentura con artists really are.They are afraid of the truth and that is why they keep trying to post here.

    We don’t have to read your resume, your unemployed.
    You don’t do us a favor by showing up,you don’t even have a job.
    You complain about nothing.
    Probably because you are nothing.
    Half of you are probably still jobless, living at home, or scraping up 5$ and making life decisions between putting it in your gas tank or buying noodles.
    While we still have a job.
    We OWN the job.
    No one scammed you. No one took advantage of you.(your broke)
    When are you going to realize your stupid threats don’t phase us.
    We just replace you..
    Just like they do at walmart(where you probably work at)
    Do you want cheese with your whine.Lol
    (but your probably to broke to get the joke)
    Some people just can’t work for themselves.
    Your life’s rejects..
    But hey,someone has to detail my car :}

  • Nicole

    I can’t believe I almost fell for this SCAM!! I wasted 2 days on fake promises. They made me feel so foolish!! but I’m so glad I was smart enough to look up the address on google and come across this site! This saved me from quitting my recent job…good thing I found out before I turned in my 2 weeks. BE AWARE of this address 7798 NW 64th Miami Fl 33166 this is nothing but a SCAM!!!! There lucky I had to go to work today otherwise I would be in the first training ripping there heads of for playing me!!! Karma will come back on those cruel people one day!!
    Thanks for the warning guys(:

  • Christina

    I just came home from the ecact same place Jon Doe below me described on his message. Damon was the one who conducted the first interview (if you can even call it that).. it was after that encounter that I ran home and did a quick search for ‘South Regional Management Company'; That was a name written on a sheet of paper and taped to the inside of the front door.

    I found it strange that even though i was more then happy to provide my resume he barely looked at it, and never asked me anything about my qualifications. Although I must say that my first red flag was the blaring music when I entered and the dishovled appearance of the ‘office’. I dont know any corporate office that would have that ambiance.

    Anyway, 5 minutes into the supposed first interview he invites me to a second interview about an hour and a half later (At 12:30 p.m.). I ran home and researched the company, low and behold, it didnt have a website. I checked on and the name did appear there.. but for nowhere near 33 years (the supposed about of time that the company has ben in business.. over 900 locations globally).. it was more like 8 months.

    Anyway I went to the ‘second interview’ out of morbid curiosity. First Damon came in and told us that we had all been selected, congratulated us, and then made some jokes. Then Shanelle came in (not sure on that spelling) and gave us a breakdown as to what the company is (finally). She started talking about perfume. ‘Bootleg’ perfume as she lovingly referred to it. Once I heard her mention it I knew that it was totally bogus. I stayed just to see where it would all go.

    She went on about the benifits: after 90 days you get health care, 180 days you get simple dental, she never mentioned the car insurance but she did mention the 20 weeks (unpaid) vacation after a year. She explained that it was not paid because you’ll be traveling 10 times a year for rally’s and cruises.

    After her presentation was over Damon came back and closed the ‘interview’ up by telling us about the training schedule: 9-5:30ish monday through friday. Saturdays were ‘Promotion Days’ where we could move ahead in our training.

    I remember there was a part of the ‘interview’ where Damon stated: I dont care if you have commited any crimes, gone to jail, where you worked before, what experience you have, if you use drugs.. we dont care about your past, we only care about today forward. Apparently they dont want to spend the money on standard drug tests because it costs the company too much money.

    I couldnt believe that someone would actually want to appoint another person as a ‘manager’ without even glancing at their employment history, let alone their criminal records.

    Bleh… sad I wasted so much of my time here.

    Thanks for the video it was really helpful.

  • dave

    Email: (Copy sent)
    Website: http://
    Subject: To make a comment

    I applied for a ‘Manager’ job with a perfume company. They were hesitant with telling me the name of the company during my first and second interview. Everything just didn’t seem right. My wife had a gut feeling that this was some kind of scam job full time job. After a few days of training with them, they finally showed me the products that I will be in charge of and then proceed to tell me that I will have to sell 5 bottles of perfume to family and friends first before I get a promotion. I brought the perfumes home, my wife looked up the company named on the perfume and we found that it was a scam. I live in Minnesota and the “managers” had promised me a paid training; I was only there for a week, what are the chances that I will get a paycheck from these douche bags? Should I contact the police? Thank you for investigative reports, otherwie I would not have known (and my wife was right).

  • Jon Doe

    Hello Mr. Mattes. I ran across this same ad on Craigslist earlier this week and responded to it. I am currently unemployed and a college student studying Journalism, and I quickly called the number to see what the company was all about. It was already kind of fishy when they didn’t put the name of the company or what product they were selling in the ad.

    This is the exact ad from Craigslist:

    *FRONT DESK HELP- Answering heavy phones
    -Handling paperwork
    -Filing and Faxing
    -Handling Money

    *MANAGERS -Overseeing an office of 15-20 people
    -Deligating job duties
    -Make sure duties are done
    -Must love working with people!!!

    *STOCK ROOM -Handling inventory
    -Ordering etc…..

    *SALES TEAM LEADERS-Must be able to lead by example!!!!


    786 416-1673

    I called the number posted here and left a message responding to the job. Surprisingly, they called me back within the hour, and told me to come in for an interview at 12:45 PM the following day. I went in yesterday, October 13, 2011 for my first interview… and when I arrived to the office I was already having second thoughts. The office they had was basically empty. The first floor contained a waiting room with chairs. The bathroom had a broken sink on the floor an no lights, and for a company that offers 40K to their employees after training, it was hard to believe there were no computers or televisions in the facility. After waiting for half an hour , instead of having a one-on-one interview as expected, this guy named Damon called four people at a time into a small crammed office. He then told us about how the company is in 900+ locations for 33 years and they are an “International Wholesale Distribution Company” looking to expand and opening 25 new offices soon. He then began “interviewing” everyone in the room, I being the only one with a resume might I add. He basically read a questionnaire and asked us our age, if we wanted a “job or opportunity”, and if we were available Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM. Mind you, not once did he look over my resume and ask about past experience in sales or management. What already got me suspicious was that he was saying he would choose people he felt capable for the tasks at hand, yet he selected everyone for a “second interview” the following day.

    This morning was my 2nd interview. I walked in to the same office, after waiting for about 45 minutes in the waiting room (with about 30+ people), Damon told all of us to go upstairs into the “conference room.” Instead of an interview, a current “lead manager” who was in the training program for 5 weeks (supposedly) ran the ORIENTATION rather than an experienced person in the company as you would expect. After breaking down what the company distributes (cheap knockoff perfumes), she told us we had an 8 week training program, but that it could be as short as two weeks. She broke it down into a “CROSS-TRAINING” program for people who wanted to do Administration and Management. There were two levels of this 8 week course broken down into 4 parts:
    1. Marketing (2 weeks)
    2. Training/Evaluation Phase (2 weeks)

    3. Administrative (2 weeks)
    4. Management (2 weeks)

    After she explained the levels, the first thing they said was we could cut the Marketing part of the training process down to 1 day instead of two weeks if we did an “assignment” with our family and friends. Basically at that point, I figured it was a scam. They wanted us to sell their cheap perfumes to our family & friends. This lady then walks in, claiming to be the CEO of the company and tells us her “success story” of being homeless, then joining the company and becoming a millionaire all of a sudden, living in a mansion and driving a Benz.

    When the entire charade finally ended, Damon gave us an “information sheet” trying to get our names and security contacts & references down. It asked for our License #, type of car we drive, License plate #, had a line for our Bank, Account number and our signatures. He told us not to put any of the bank information down, but I still found it suspicious it would be on the paper to begin with. They told us it would be a paid training, (in cash), cash bonuses for showing improvement in training, and that after you passed the training you would begin receiving your checks and automatic 40K a year.

    They also promised:

    1. Company Healthcare after 90 days
    2. Simple Dental after 120 days
    3. Car Allowance after 190 days
    4. Two week vacation after 1 year with the company
    5. Company rally in Las Vegas at the end of June, beginning of July.

    That was the basic breaking of the “Interview” process of this company. I noticed the name of the company at the door said South Regional Management, it had no number or address on it. Also, in the conference room, there were a bunch of makeshift certificates with random peoples names who made “sales” with the name D.V.A printed under it.

    I quickly came home and checked the name and company and saw a bunch of SCENTURY SCAM headlines in Google and saw your video. I’m glad I didn’t get sucked into the “Training Program” waste of time, but as a Journalist, I would love to write a story about this and present it to the head editor at my school with your help if you would be interested in helping me.

    The Address of the company is:

    7798 NW 64th Street. Miami-Doral, FL. Zip: 33166
    Phone: 786 416-1673

    Thanks for your report!


  • Matt

    My name is Matt Marshall. I am currently caught up in the scentura scam in Saint Louis, calling themselves American (with an American flag on the sign in sheet no less) but they don’t know I am on to them. I want to help bring them down. I will gladly wear a wire or hidden camera and continue on in the program to help expose them and save people from the damage they are causing. I feel violated because I did the first week and bought the BS hook line and sinker, fortunately I DID take good notes and some of what they said didn’t add up so I did some digging and found out about the lies and your website. God Bless you!

  • MN

    I went through the first interview, which was very short and the office was dirty and poorly kept. As soon as I opened the door I could hear loud rap music, people shouting and cheering and young people walking around using vulgar language. Tracy was the lady that interviewed me. She briefly gave me an overview of the company and said it is a fragrance company, which caught me by suprise because nothing in the entire office hinted at that. Tracy asked me some brief questions about my experience, made some comments about how cool I was and wanted me to rate my customer service skills on a 1-10 scale. Then she told me to call back later in the day to find out if I was accepted for a second interview, which I was. Upon showing up to the second interview, there were several other people in the office waiting for it to start. When they escorted us to the room, he had the movie “Dont mess with the Zohan” playing as to “relax
    us”. I will admit that I was only a little skeptical on the procedure of all this but I still was eager to make $30,000 so I sat through the entire thing.
    Jez entered with tons of enthusiasm and a really loud voice and tons of jokes and relatable subjects like partying, drinking and rap music (as most of us were 20 somethings). He went on about how a good attitude is the most important thing to him when hiring new “superstars”. He also said he was watching for skepticism in our faces and whether we were taking good notes. I took it seriously and wrote several pages of notes, making sure he could see my participation. As you already know, he educated us about the company’s history with vague facts, some stuff about perfume and the differences between PARFUME and TOILETTE spray blah blah. He even pulled out two wads of cash from his pocket and teased one of the other applicants with a $100 dollar bill telling him he could get it easily in one day of the “Learning Program” as long as you stick with it and dont display a bad attitude/skepticism/crybaby etc. Jez also said he could see that out of the
    12-15 of us, 4 of us were skeptics and we know who we are and we should walk out of the room, to my suprise, 2 people walked out of the room! This is when I started to get suspicious, I even thought about walking out myself but I stuck through the rest of the 3 hour spiel and continued to take notes. I found it weird that at the very end, and I must add that I was exhausted at this point, so much information was spewed out of his fat mouth that I felt a bit disoriented in the head. He brought up the fact that people like to talk and nothing is private anymore because of the internet, and that (his exact words) “you can talk about me all you want, because I’m happy with myself, but if you talk about my company or my people, I WILL GET YOU” It was also clearly stated in those words on a “disclaimer” he had us all sign before we left the room. I did sign it. He gave everyone a time to call back and find out if we were accepted, not asking any of us
    any questions or attempt to get to know anyone. I left feeling a bit dizzy and tired, and I found it odd that one of his employees stood outside the building as we were all exiting to say goodbye and “high five” us. My assumption for the reason for this was so that we wouldn’t talk to eachother about the “interview”.
    I was told to call back that afternoon at 4:30. Having a couple hours to kill, I called all my friends and family to tell them I may have gotten a new job and found myself unable to clearly describe exactly what I would be doing or what the company was called. I knew it was called Executive Associates, but there was no business name on the door or on the directory in the lobby of the building.
    I made the call at 4:30 and got an automated response from Magic Jack saying that the line was busy, no voicemail, nothing. All of a sudden my phone rang and it was Jez, he told me he was interested in having me come in for the orientation and start the “Learning Program”. I was a bit hesitant as he was talking so fast (just as before) and he kept saying that I should not take the job if I was skeptical or self consious. I corrected him and said I am not self consious, just nervous because I didn’t have any experience in running an office. I wish I would have told him to kick rocks now but I said I would take the job and be at the first orientation in 2 weeks when I put in my notice at my current job.
    I called my Dad immediately and expressed my excitement and nervousness. While on the phone with me, he asked if I had researched this company on the internet and I said no. He had difficulty finding anything under “Executive Associates” but when he did, he started reading off several posts calling it a scam, fraudulent, non licensed etc…
    I felt had. I was angry but my skepticism was warrented. All of the crazy things Jez said in the interview started to come together as I was reading multiple testimony’s that were similar to mine, thank God I didn’t quit my job. I fully know now that every person in that 2nd “interview” was “hired”. There’s no way Jez knew all of our names and faces by heart after meeting most of us just that one time.
    The address I interviewed both times was at:
    9220 Bass Lake Road
    Executive Suite E
    Crystal, MN 55428
    Let me know if there is anything else I can add or help with. I know that all those managers (Jez, Tracy, Will, Rob and Karrie) will get what they deserve, I just don’t want anyone else to fall for it.

  • Myrna

    Well hi my name is myrrna. i have a story about scentura i saw an add in the penny saver about a manager position in anaheim California when i went in there was like 10 other people there waiting on their interview i stuck around just to see what it was about. i got the second interview when i got there Wednesday morning i saw that all the people that were in the first interview were all there. i really didnt think nothing of it until i went to the first day of training which i really didn’t like it cause they really didn’t tell us much about the company the girl bella said she was making 300,000$ a year but shes driving and old beat car. your report really helped me thank you

  • Louisiana

    I was viewing some of your reports about sentura creations, well I too was duked into working for Big Schott Management in Metairie, LA they promised me that if i came everyday and produced well then that I will be on my way to first be a manager and then own my own office, I thought that my break had finally came I even told alexis hernandez aka alex and Pat the two people who run the office at 4617 Sanford St Suite B, Metairie , LA 70006 upstairs from the bar and grille, that I really needed that chance because me and my family were staying in a motel and we needed the money or become homeless, so after being hired they told me that since i dont live in a house or apartment then i cant take any bottles home. I have no idea why, I also was wondering why we couldnt let the people filling out apps to even see us, they would try to schedule interviews after our morning meeting and after we had left, also they have pamphlets stating that the product is oil based but when I lo
    oked on the back of the boxes that the bottles were in it states that it is based with alcohol and water. Also, when me and 3 other guys drove to mississippi the cops were called on us and we were told to leave the city and not to come back (i have never heard of being kicked out of an entire city before. When I asked to see the business lic. Alex told me that its put up but we are covered, although officials told me that each individual has to carry one on them at all times. There is a lot more to it please feel free to call me and i hope u will expose them to everyone including the ppl in the office that they have brain washed. Thank u!!!

  • Kevin

    2 days ago I went to an interview with this company called Designers International. I wasted my gas and spent 4 hours there just to listen to these evil people trying to brain wash and scam honest desperate people that are just trying to find a job. I came home angry as a hornet and desided to do some thorough research on this company and found that they where call Scentura creations and that they go from city to city to scam desperate people using differant company names. I saw your video on youtube when you busted these guys. The name of the person that interviewed me and did the orientation was Rob Zuckert, if thats even his real name, anyways he is one of those guys that was in your video when you busted this company. At the orientation, all they talked about is money and this guy named Larry Hahn, and that we should worship him because he’s the founder of the company. The whole time i was there, it felt like i wa
    s in a cult, and every one was just eating it up. I was told that my training starts 10:30 on monday, I already know that this is a scam but my question to you is should i still show up on monday to expose their scam to all the others that show up for training? I could just not go and forget i ever came there in the first place but that would be on my conscience for a while. I really want to save those people that where at that orientaion. Please give me some advice as to what i should do. Thank You

  • Julius

    I was viewing some of your reports about sentura creations, well I too was duked into working for Big Schott Management in Metairie, LA they promised me that if i came everyday and produced well then that I will be on my way to first be a manager and then own my own office, I thought that my break had finally came I even told alexis hernandez aka alex and Pat the two people who run the office at 4617 Sanford St Suite B, Metairie , LA 70006 upstairs from the bar and grille, that I really needed that chance because me and my family were staying in a motel and we needed the money or become homeless, so after being hired they told me that since i dont live in a house or apartment then i cant take any bottles home. I have no idea why, I also was wondering why we couldnt let the people filling out apps to even see us, they would try to schedule interviews after our morning meeting and after we had left, also they have pamphlets stating that the product is oil based but when I lo
    oked on the back of the boxes that the bottles were in it states that it is based with alcohol and water. Also, when me and 3 other guys drove to mississippi the cops were called on us and we were told to leave the city and not to come back (i have never heard of being kicked out of an entire city before. When I asked to see the business lic. Alex told me that its put up but we are covered, although officials told me that each individual has to carry one on them at all times. There is a lot more to it please feel free to call me and i hope u will expose them to everyone including the ppl in the office that they have brain washed. Thank u!!!

  • christopher

    scentura creations scam still going strong i just did my first day of training and all the scam came out and we need to stop this i just came from 1 out of the 7 offices with 40 people each please contact me

  • Leanne

    I almost got caught into this not once, but twice. The first time was in Columbia Heights, MN, and the second time was just today, in New Hope, MN. The first time I never got a call back for a second interview so I just shrugged it off and didn’t think anything of it. But today I did, and it just felt so shady, the atmosphere, so I decided to look it up, and sure enough.

    9220 Bass Lake Road
    New Hope, MN 55428

    is yet another location of these bozos. Hopefully my fellow Twin Citians will stay away. I can only hope.

  • Jean-Pierre Doreant

    Does Stonewall Management a real Company because I just talk to them about a job opportunity in their Company….Please let me know.

  • All smiles

    Actually John that’s in the independent contractor agreement.
    That’s included in clause 1 and 4.
    Which states,” you can sell these goods whenever,wherever,and in any way you see fit”
    Clause 2 states that,” no claims are made they are to be original fragrances”
    Also an extension of clause 4 states you are responsible for any extra licenses.
    Now remember these offices are independently owned.

  • jmattes Post author

    So after they lie to you about a manager’s job they get you to sign a document saying it is all a scam and that they owe you nothing.Do they tell you you will sell cheap perfume illegally without permits??

  • All smiles

    Don’t fight with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig loves it.
    State proof.
    Where is the evidence of you losers getting scammed.
    Where is the false promise of an office when most of you did not even complete 3 weeks.
    Your stating your opinion.
    Facts is there is an independent contractor agreement that you sign either your first or second day.(depending on the office,which all offices are independently owned)
    In the agreement form it states that,”no joint venture including employee/employer master/servant etc….”
    Also clause 4 states,”I am my own boss,I am responsible for all applicable taxes. State and federal and no claim will be made of employer/employee relationship”
    With that being stated where’s the leg to stand on. Legally.
    There is none.
    My suggestion is to get a life.
    As Larry winget would say,”shut up,stop whining, and get a life”
    Nobody took advantage of any of you..
    You have nothing to take advantage of.
    Don’t get me wrong, there is pros and cons in our business, but
    there’s also pros and cons being a wage slave.
    One of those is employees get taxed the most.
    Insignificant people with your karma crap.
    Nobody did anything wrong to none of you..
    You choose to be there.
    You choose to come back for another int.
    You choose to listen.
    Nobody had a gun to your head.

  • Nora

    recently my daughters friend told her about a “receptionist” position. So i took her to the interview and she came out talking about the guy that interviewed her was laid back and nice and that he asked her if she would be able to manage 6-8 people for an entry level management position. He said he would get back to her by later that evening to let her about a second interview. I actually spoke to the guy myself for an interview as well.. i wasn’t even dressed for an interview and he was like thats okay.. when i went into to the office it looked kind of weird.. it was very colorful and he had hip hop music blasting.. well he started to talk about the position and at first it was catching me, but the way the guy was talking and mumbling i had a feeling something wasn’t right. After we sat there for about 10 mins talking i asked him again what the company was because when he first mentioned i couldn’t understand what he was saying.. and so when he said Whole Sale Frangrance Company.. and that the owner was Larry Haun and that it was a fortune 500 company.. i didnt beleive it… when i was getting ready to leave i asked him a few more questions.. like where would i be situatated if i was to take the job.. he said depends on where they have space available, that it could even be california and that the company would pay for moving expenses and the first apartment.. that’s when i realized i couldn’t get out of there faster even if i jumped out the window… it was totally bogus.. so yeah this person/office was situtated in Brockton, MA.. so just to let yall know outthere.. be careful..

  • RosaMiLenyo

    All Smiles wrote: “All smiles says:

    June 17, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    What a bunch of losers!!!!,
    Not the ones that are running what you call a scam.,I mean the ones that have empty complaints…..John mattes is a uninformed reporter…like all reporters are….
    You can see how they edited the response…
    When are you wage slaves going to realize that your not going to stop us….
    You should do something more productive with your life then proving that were scams…
    ….we keep opening offices morons….
    Please get a life…all of you……especially if you were in a office for 3 days..,or a whole two weeks….and I didn’t get a office……well smartass you were only there for 2 weeks…..
    Listen complainers…,after your done voicing your opinions..,move on with your life….
    Your still unemployed..,which is about 9.1 %
    Average person is unemployed about 34 weeks
    CEO’s are making 350times more than there workers
    Jobs are getting outsourced
    And wall street is making record bonuses……
    Go get them!!!!
    Not an individual that went thru a training program,worked there ass off and finished…
    Oh but there the scam and wall street isn’t….
    The way the economy is…I would rather peddle fake perfume on street corners…..
    Hey…at least these people still own there own business…while you morons have to still look for a”

    “John is an informed reporter, like all reporters are”? Uh, what? I assume you’ve compiled statistical data on every former and current reporter as a precursor to your conclusion, yes?

    I’ll tell you who’s uniformed, and a “moron” (All Smiles verbiage, not mine). Give up? A guy who has a fetish for ellipses and can’t finish a sentence with a period.

    Your incoherent rambling and poor sentence structure lead me to believe you’re not very educated. Am I correct? Don’t answer that. Admittedly, my statistical analysis on that question is about as thorough as your reporter theory. However, I have your bad grammar, flawed reasoning and punctuation mistakes as my evidence.

    It’s truly sad people who start these quasi-businesses defend it here by disparaging those desperate for employment, while also trying to “get over” on the same people they’re disparaging against.

    Many believe in karma! Your karma will come soon enough.

    I feel sad for those who are desperate for work, and are looking for income. To those, I say keep trying, it will happen soon enough. Stay away from marketing schemes like this one!

    I would also point out to “Vertical Smiles” in reference to his original post with respect to those who do not finish training. There is a quick rebuttal, in which I retort:

    Sir, you can’t put whipcream on dogsh^^!

    Oh yes, one more thing All Smiles:

    Maybe if you’re lucky enough, you’ll figure out scam businesses like the ones you support are deceptive and actively dupe people into thinking they can make a living. If so, you might become an honest person and help those less fortunate identify what jobs to stay away from. If not, then karma should unfold the way universe intends it to and you’ll get run over in traffic.

    Have a nice day.

    Props to you John for the great work! Keep it up buddy!

  • RosaMiLenyo

    All Smiles wrote: “All smiles says:

    June 17, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    What a bunch of losers!!!!,
    Not the ones that are running what you call a scam.,I mean the ones that have empty complaints…..John mattes is a uninformed reporter…like all reporters are….
    You can see how they edited the response…
    When are you wage slaves going to realize that your not going to stop us….
    You should do something more productive with your life then proving that were scams…
    ….we keep opening offices morons….
    Please get a life…all of you……especially if you were in a office for 3 days..,or a whole two weeks….and I didn’t get a office……well smartass you were only there for 2 weeks…..
    Listen complainers…,after your done voicing your opinions..,move on with your life….
    Your still unemployed..,which is about 9.1 %
    Average person is unemployed about 34 weeks
    CEO’s are making 350times more than there workers
    Jobs are getting outsourced
    And wall street is making record bonuses……
    Go get them!!!!
    Not an individual that went thru a training program,worked there ass off and finished…
    Oh but there the scam and wall street isn’t….
    The way the economy is…I would rather peddle fake perfume on street corners…..
    Hey…at least these people still own there own business…while you morons have to still look for a”

    “John is an informed reporter, like all reporters are”? Uh, what? I assume you’ve compiled statistical data on every former and current reporter as a precursor to your conclusion, yes?

    I’ll tell you who’s uniformed, and a “moron” (All Smiles verbiage, not mine). Give up? A guy who has a fetish for ellipses and can’t finish a sentence with a period.

    Your incoherent rambling and poor sentence structure lead me to believe you’re not very educated. Am I correct? Don’t answer that. Admittedly, my statistical analysis on that question is about as thorough as your reporter theory. However, I have your bad grammar, flawed reasoning and punctuation mistakes as my evidence.

    It’s truly sad people who start these quasi-businesses defend it here by disparaging those desperate for employment, while also trying to “get over” on the same people they’re disparaging against.

    Many believe in karma! Your karma will come soon enough.

    I feel sad for those who are desperate for work, and are looking for income. To those, I say keep trying, it will happen soon enough. Stay away from marketing schemes like this one!

    I would also point out to “Vertical Smiles” in reference to his original post with respect to those who do not finish training. There is a quick rebuttal, in which I retort:

    Sir, you can’t put whipcream on dogsh^^!

    Oh yes, one more thing All Smiles:

    Maybe if you’re lucky enough, you’ll figure out scam businesses like the ones you support are deceptive and actively dupe people into thinking they can make a living. If so, you might become an honest person and help those less fortunate identify what jobs to stay away from. If not, then karma should unfold the universe intends it to and you’ll get run over in traffic.

    Have a nice day.

    Props to you John for the great work! Keep it up buddy!

  • Casey

    Casey says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 14, 2011 at 11:03 pm
    Unfortunately I fell for this scam and have been upset & discouraged all day. I sent out a resume to a company called STONEWALL MANAGEMENT for an Entry Level Marketing position. I have been sending out resume, after resume, after resume, and I was surprised at how fast they got back to me. Instantly I got a funny feeling but I ignored it, probably because of how badly I want to get a job, I called and they set me up for an interview the next day (today) at 10:30AM. I got there and the office was completely empty except for two rooms, one with the blaring music and the other looked like an office but staged. Again I got that bad feeling & ignored it. I briefly talked to an older man waiting to be interviewed he was pretty chatty and expressed his concerned & skepticism due to the lack of information on the company through the internet. Although I agreed (in my head) I continued to ignore my intuition. He went in for his interview and was done within 10 mins. Another young girl came in for an interview and expressed the same concern. Now it was 10:40 and was my turn for an interview. I was told that they were an international marketing firm with 65 locations, and that they were a third party company with clients such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Target, and Lowes that helped these companies raise brand awareness through marketing & promotions. This sounded great to me!! The women continued to explain that since they were expanding so rapidly that they had come up with this “training program” which within 6 months you were to become a manager. Again, that feeling came up but …. yeap, you guessed it I ignored it! The interviewer continues to tell me that ” I am so excited, I think this is a perfect match especially with your prior work history” she asked me to stick around until 11:45AM so I can go out into the “field” with the “supervisor”…. I agreed (I know, I know).

    I followed this “supervisor” to Home Depot, he sat me down in the kitchen & bath remodeling section. He proceeded to tell me more about the company and what they did (which is nothing). He said that he has only been working there 3 months and he has already been promoted to “supervisor” and in September he will “own” his own office. He said that you go from being a rep, to a leader, to a team leader, to a assistant manager, to an owner within 6 months!!!! Now my head is spinning.

    He proceeded to tell me about the “job”, that you spend 6-7 hours in Home Depot(s) asking the customers if they are thinking about getting their kitchen remodeled. The customers that express interest are called “leads”, you continue to set up appointments for them with a “kitchen remodeling specialist”. The goal is to get about 15 leads per week, and you get paid anywhere from $600 – $800 a week!!! What are they even doing?!? They scheduling appointments and getting paid that kind of money?!!? So …. if you meet this goal 2 weeks in a row your promoted to a leader, another couple weeks a team leader, where your “supervising” a team of reps. But where do these “reps” come from? If everyone is guaranteed for growth within the company, does this company just never stop hiring? Once you have successfully “supervised” your own team for a COUPLE WEEKS you become an “owner” …… OWNER OF WHAT?!? The answer … I was told an office and you could make up to $100K a year.

    This type of marketing is not illegal, and actually very popular in the US, however, many pyramid schemes try to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses. They get profit based off of how many people they get to do this “training program” or recruit, and also the fact that they are making empty promises to people, and especially in such a hard economy.

    “The United States Federal Trade Commission states “Steer clear of multilevel marketing plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors. They’re actually illegal pyramid schemes. Why is pyramiding dangerous? Because plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors inevitably collapse when no new distributors can be recruited. And when a plan collapses, most people – except perhaps those at the very top of the pyramid – end up empty-handed.”

    I came across a comment, where someone had posted the email they received after sending in there resume … It cant be a coincidence that i received the SAME EXACT email, but whats weird is that they are two different companies in two different states!!!! The company in their email was from AXIS in Tempe, AZ & my email was from STONEWALL MANAGEMENT in Woburn, MA … exactly the same! to me
    show details Jul 13 (2 days ago)
    10 Tower Office Park, Suite 500
    Woburn, MA 01801

    Hi Casey!

    Thank you for applying for a job with STONEWALL MANAGEMENT. The management team is interested in meeting with you for an interview. We reviewed your resume and feel that you are qualified for one of our open positions. We compared your resume to others received and feel that you have the right skill set and experience that we are looking for in an employee.

    This is our busy season and unfortunately interview times are limited. You can contact me directly at 781-305-3093, or you will be contacted by a member of our HR team shortly to set up an interview.


    Human Resource Manager

    I just can’t grasp this whole concept, especially since I actually was in Home Depot watching them try & get people to buy there “product”. Is Home Depot aware of this or did they just get lucky and fly under the radar?!?! If anyone can shed some more light onto this whole situation I would really appreciate it. I felt hopeless & discouraged today, and disappointed in society but after I found this website it gave me some hope. Although I wasted an entire day, I do feel grateful that I didn’t get sucked into this scheme/”6 month training program”, I actually ended up ditching out and just driving away!!! I hope this website helps other people before the fact, but it helped me to know that we’re not all malicious in this world so thank you John Mattes for exposing this!!

  • kate


    Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    Ok Here we go I had my first interview back in December of 2010 at United Associates located at 2960 Winnetka Ave in Crystal MN. My first interview I thought was a little weird, because there were about 8 other people but I did not think much of it in the given state of the economy. Anyways Tracy did my first interview. I was pulled in the room with another older genital man she asked him questions and reviewed his papers first she went though it so fast and hardly had time to write the answers he was giving I knew then that he was not being accepted from the look on her face. He started to ask what the company was and she said it is a whole sale fragrance company, this did not detour me from not wanting a job. He then asked what types of things we would be managing? Tracy then told us that we have distributors that go and deliver the perfume and we just basically manage them. Tracy also said that the distributors are like CocaCola people who go deliver the product. How much better can this get I thought to my self no experience they are going to train me on how to manage them and give me an office of theirs to work from. She then sent him out of the room and started my interview. When she told me that in my first year I would be making 34-40 thousand dollars I was excited I didn’t have to worry about supporting myself and my family. Done deal right? Tracy had me call her that evening to see if I had been excepted for 2nd interview and so naturally I called and was happy to know I had been excepted for 2nd interview. When I got there the next day I was greeted by Jez the manager. He put me and about 15 other people in a room telling us that we were not competing for the position and that there were many available. I didn’t think much of it because hey I was going to make the big bucks. So that evening I was to call again to see if I had been accepted for the position and sure enough I was! That next week we were to have meetings and orientation. So I went the next week with my note book and pen just like Jez told me to. The first day they explained to us about all the perfumes and then told us that we should go home and talk to as many people as we could and sell as much perfume to our friends and family as possible. I didn’t understand why they wanted us to do this, because I had signed up to be a manager not a sales person. Jez and Tracy said that there was a bonus for making our goal and selling I think it was like 20 bottles got you $50 bucks or something. At this time Jez told us that they run bonuses all the time and some people make up to 500 or more a week on bonuses. Jez said and I quote ” People get bonuses for coming up with bonuses”. I thought great a pay check and extra income. The next day we came in and there were people there that I had never seen before they were teaching us a sales pitch again I didn’t ask questions because I thought that this was just them teaching us what some of our distributors would be asking people to get new clients. After this Jez said ok it is your first day “out in the field” I thought ok they are going to show us how to do deliveries. Nope I was wrong they sent us out with perfume and a trainer to go sell perfume out on the corner in parking lots in the middle of winter I was dressed for the office but I did not complain again I figured that we would just learn what we were to teach others how to do. So Jez gives us a list of levels of training that is to last 60-90 days only. Wow great! First step product line product knowledge and sales and marketing. The second level is Teaching and Training. And the third step is all the office admin. the job we really signed up for. At this point I am thinking ok I can do 60-90 days and Jez put it in writing that we are going to get an office upon completion of the learning program in 60-90 days no matter what. So I get to the second week of us going out on the streets and selling. And I am wondering where my paycheck is because so far at this point I have made about $20 bucks from selling perfume and I need gas money and money to pay for my living expenses. Jez is kind of intimidating and so is Tracy at this point so I as another trainer and she says AH no we don’t get paid. I knew it, it was all to good to be true. I couldn’t quite now I had already made it so far in the training so I keep going borrowing money from anyone I could at this point. I put many miles on my vehicle so all I am thinking is I need to do this so I can afford to pay everyone back to get a new car and to afford living where I am living. So I continue. I do not remember what month it was when this happened but after a Friday night of partying at the office someone got busted for smoking in the girls bathroom, among other things such as using to many parking spaces and for drinking in the office and for sleeping over night in the office. Among other things that were never disclosed to us. But anyways they locked Tracy, Jez, Rob, and Will all out of the office. Great this is where things get fishy but I remember I need this job to pay for things so I continue thinking that I am truly going to get this office because they keep telling me that it is going to happen. So United associates gets kicked out and we have no where to hold our meetings and meet except Heathers office in Columbia Heights. Not sure of the exact address but it is basically a hole in the wall where her office is to recruit people for Jez. She is the only one this far who has gotten an office that Jez has payed for. So we go to Heathers office and Jez sends me and people who live close to me with product and says I will call you when we know what is going on. Days go by with no word of what is going on. I sure as hell was not going to work unless I knew that they were not just up and leaving.

    Finally I hear something from another person who worked there telling me to call Tracy to see what time to meet tomorrow. So I call and they have us meet in the same office. They basically tell us to not ever give up and was the stupidest meeting I have ever sat though in my whole life they wasted my time that day for nothing only to tell us that we would be moving to a new location.

    They moved to a new location 9220 Bass Lake Rd, New Hope,MN. Now called Executive associates. (763)269-7585. I think this is the longest that they have ever had a phone number for they constantly change it when people get wind of the company.
    So now before we move here I am in the last stage of the 60-90 day training. I am promoted to Executive Manager. But wait I don’t have an office in training I was told that when you get promoted to Executive Manager that you are in your own office. Jez asked me to find my office and get a lease so that it could be signed and we would go get the keys next weekend. So I go find an office and get the lease which I had no idea goes in your name but Jez tells us that if he doesn’t like the way you run your office he will pull you out and put someone else in and make you go though training again. At this point all I am thinking is good get me out of here he keeps coming up with stupid things for me to do and plus Jez and Tracy never trained me in the office so I hope I know everything I am doing.
    In the middle of me getting the lease we move to the 9220 Bass Lake Rd office. Jez has me help out in the office for a while but comes in while I am on a recurting call and as I am leaving a message I am giving out the only phone number that we have always had he started yelling at me while I was leaving this message that, that is not our phone number and blah blah blah, so I continue and say the name of our company and this is where he gets furious. I say United associates. Apparently Jez and Tracy for got to tell everyone that they changed our name and phone number. This is when they started to treat everyone like shit. If they didn’t like you it was obvious. So I have my lease and when I ask when we are going to open the office Jez tells me that I need to sell 100 bottles to pay for the office to open it. I was a bit taken back by this because since the begining they tell you the company pays for your office to open. Jez goes since you will be in competition with me I don’t really wanna pay for your office. The reason I payed for Heathers office is because she is helping me out by sending people my way. This is where I had had enough. I knew that it was never going to happen It had been 6 months since I had started there I knew it was never going to happen.

    They also have an office in Duluth MN. Not sure where the location is but it is there and Jez’s mom is running that one. I believe her name is Deb.

    They brainwash you just like others have said. They want you to hangout with them and only them. Tracy,Jez,Rob,Will, and Kerri would all stay at the office and Drink the night away. Always showing up to work hung over telling us of their drunken night before. They all live in a house together that they do not want people to know they also don’t want people to know that Will and Rob sleep with every girl they can get their hands on while they are out on satellites. Which is where they take a group of people to go sell product where they do not have an office. They also do not want you to know that Jez,Will, and Rob have no license but yet they drive peoples cars everywhere. Tracy,Jez and Will all share a car,while Rob and Kerri usually drive in Rob’s truck. These people make that kind of money and only have one car? It’s because they all have DWI’s or DUI’s not sure of which 100% but that’s why they are not supposed to be driving. But still do. Do not let these people take advantage of you. They have money but waist it all on beer and stupid shit. While you are barley making it to work to get this office that you will never get.

    If you have a vehicle they will use the shit out of you to transport and drive everyone else around who dosen’t have a car. And as for bonuses that Jez promises they only happen every once in a while and the bonuses are usually pizza and pop or a dinner. But not much else.

    Here is where it gets complicated when we first started they had us sign a paper saying that we would never say anything bad about them well I say fuck that no one can take your rights to freedom of speech away from you.
    But still this is where my story has to stop the rest could give me away. But I have to let someone know about it I am not sure what can or can’t be done about it.

    The things that give me away are to fallow this sentence please do not throw me under the bus.
    I posted Scam and warning adds on Craigslist after this all happened. Trying to warn others.
    There must be others out there because someone else was using my name I was smart enough not to use my name. I got a nasty message from Heather (we used to be friends) She wrote on my Facebook page to “Get a life BITCH!”. I was taken back by this because I had no idea what was going on. Hours later I get a call from Tracy telling me to stop. I asked her what it was that I was doing that I needed to stop. She attacked me on the phone and said that I was continuously posting bad things about them online. But the truth was I only had a few adds up that would get flagged every well 2 weeks or so. But I never said much besides stay away it is not a managers job they lie to get you to stay away keep your money and get a real job. This other person was apparently writing things like lets get a law suit against them. I told her it was not me but she continued to tell me that she would call the authorities on me if I didn’t stop. I wanted to call the authorities on her Tracy and Heather were attacking me for what reason?

    That is the just of the story there is more about others who have worked there and got treated like shit once you told them that you were not going to jump though hoops for them anymore. I could go on and on about everything that they do to people but I am sure I would be writing a novel. I am just glad that I have gotten the word out about these people many people thank me for warning them. It is the only thing that lets me know I have saved on more person from falling for a more than 10 year old scam. Let me know If there is anything else I can do.

  • larry

    Hey John Mattes my freind refer me to a job that he was working with but he no longer works there anyway to make a long story short I gave them a called they got incontact with me & told me to come in for a interview, I get the job but for some reason I didn’t feel right about it @ 1st but I’m thinking that I could become a manager in 6 to 8 weeks because I needed a job because I have a 2 yr old & a 4 yr old to support so bsically I’m puttin my all into this job making sure I’m there on time basically trying to make sell 7 days a week to make my quota I been with them for a week now & to up my sells I was thinking alot about what I could do to get promoted quicker & help me selling this perfume because they promise you that you will have a manager postion in 6 – 8 weeks. so as of today 6/26/11 I was online looking for business cards & I finally decided to look @ the website that they gaves in orientation to check out & as I’m looking I come across a bunch off scams & rips
    off sites about Scentura Creations & I am just so disapponted that I’m really putting my all into this & this shit is not even real I mean they promise us that once we are promted to our own very office that will be making 100,000 gram a year & 6 – 8 weeks done pass away for a few people that already been there like this one girl I know she have been there since Jan of this year & still don’t have her own office that they insure we will have. These pass few days I been spending with them all day coming home late with so little, we had to fill out this application & it require a whole lot of infomation included our social security & not once have they made a copy of that & my id thats when I 1st thought that this whole thing wasn’t right. But they people that interview us & everything make it seem like this is the answer to our problems. Its people in there that really believe that they will become a manager, own they own office, & will be making a 100,000 a year. Some of the
    m have childrens & most of them is there all day like I am. In the morning we have meetings and around 12 o clock we are hitting the streetsthey products. Now they actually do had out money like they throw contest if yu make ya quota, take you out to eat. From my understanding we recieve money for every bottle that we sell from them. We get 3.00 for each bottle we sell, they want us to make profit so they request that we sell the bottles for 30.00 dollars each & the lowest we could sell a bottle for is 20.00 but we have to hand that 20 in the next morning & like I said before they sometimes give us money out their pockets I guess when they are throwing a contest. Basically I would like you to put a end to this please I beg you. People are believing something that’s not real & I really thought this will put a end to most of my finiacial problems specially me taking care of my babies because it’s been a long time since I haven’t had a job & I’m pissed off because I thought thi
    s was it. A career that I thought I would have & accomplish to support my babies & my family. That’s really fucked up I honestly missed studying for my GED putting my time in this because I be to tired coming home so late at night just to show themn I’m worthy & loyal & actually have what it takes to become a manager & run my own office. I don’t know what else to say because I know I’m writing kinda crazy & sloppy but please give me a call & I pray that you expose them Im def. gonna get on my knees to tonight & pray hard that ya’ll can shut this operation down I have a whole to say so please make sure you call me I really don’t want my name out there so please don’t give my info out I will give you the name of the company because I seen ya youtube video and they constantly changing they name like you said…. They called “Imperium Management” 7050 Chesapeake Rd. Suite 10 Lanover Hills, MD 20784 # 301 577 7807″ Thank you & please call me

  • julian

    well heres my story i was looking for a second job so i found the ad on craigs list same thing as everyones story mass interviews no personal one on one interviews so that led me to think that the really dont care who they hire…so i went to 2 interviews and was selected in the second interview but after hearing everything in the training about no pay for 12 weeks of training and selling knock off perfumes to my family i decline after the final selection.

    9896 bissonet houston tx 77047 suite 454 #713 988 8887 DJM management is what their called

  • All smiles

    What a bunch of losers!!!!,
    Not the ones that are running what you call a scam.,I mean the ones that have empty complaints…..John mattes is a uninformed reporter…like all reporters are….
    You can see how they edited the response…
    When are you wage slaves going to realize that your not going to stop us….
    You should do something more productive with your life then proving that were scams…
    ….we keep opening offices morons….
    Please get a life…all of you……especially if you were in a office for 3 days..,or a whole two weeks….and I didn’t get a office……well smartass you were only there for 2 weeks…..
    Listen complainers…,after your done voicing your opinions..,move on with your life….
    Your still unemployed..,which is about 9.1 %
    Average person is unemployed about 34 weeks
    CEO’s are making 350times more than there workers
    Jobs are getting outsourced
    And wall street is making record bonuses……
    Go get them!!!!
    Not an individual that went thru a training program,worked there ass off and finished…
    Oh but there the scam and wall street isn’t….
    The way the economy is…I would rather peddle fake perfume on street corners…..
    Hey…at least these people still own there own business…while you morons have to still look for a

  • kev

    Scentura Creations at it again? Brockton MA company “Kiburi MGMT” an independent contractor of Scentura Creations, has been hosting “interviews” and spouting things like; “Be your own boss” and “Be a manager of your own company making thousands a year”. They promise to provide you with all the tools to be your own boss and partner up with Scentura Creations. It was shady to begin with, and now doing research im finding its an age old scam. Please contact me back with more information, possible class action lawsuits, so on and so forth. Thank you for your time.

  • Beth

    Was searching for a new good promising job, Found a pretty eye catching position in Woodland Hills CA. The job sounded to good to be true, I said to myself that it didn’t matter if i got the job or not that i was just going for the interview experience. Having this type of mentality i got through my first and second interview. I was so excited to be able to have this opportunity to be taught and train for a branch manager position. Companies name is M3. Can you please Mr. Investigating guy find out if its a scam or not? I would really appreciate it, Thank you,

  • tipster Post author

    Yet another Scentura location discovered:
    1606 Fallbrook Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA (818) 712-0833
    Here’s one of their adds:
    “Managers” are Richard and Jaqui. They are operating under the name M3, or Metamorphic Mentality Management. Plenty of people are going in for interviews, with no idea they’re being scammed.

  • Ashley

    I was scammed by B.S.M. the perfume people I sold about 23 bottles, gave them over $400 dollars, I stayed there for about 2 weeks then realized it was to good to be true, they said after a certain amount of time we would get a bonus they also said they would give a $1000 dollars to the person who sold the most, that did not happen..This is a scam and they are getting into a lot of peoples heads…Pat in the owner of this one, Jennifer is another one who runs it thats the only two names i remember but their offices are at this location,

    4617 Sanford Street
    Metairie, LA 70006-5317

    its on top of the club house bar and grill.

    their number is (504) 208-9633

  • Steve

    The name they’re using these days is Zodiac Management and they’re currently located in 3930 Richmond Avenue Staten Island New York Suite 101. They still admit they’re a fragrance company. The person I spoke to on the phone was a woman named Renee and the person that interviewed me was an African American by the name Sylvester. The sign on the outside of the building listed every business except theirs. The sign outside the door was not a permanent style sign. It was a computer print out with the words Zodiac Management on it. It was a totally non descript office space. Sylvester was the only person there when I was there. During the interview he said that the company was started by someone out of the trunk of their car and now he has hundreds of millions of dollars. He told me the positions that were open were a 10/hr receptionist job and a 30k per year management position so that I would say I want to go for the management position. During the interview Slyvester tells you that if they’re interested in you they’ll schedule a second interview with you. He also told me about the 6-8 week training program. The phone number at their office is 718-966-9620. Thanks for your help.
    Steve DeSantis

  • Vincent

    They are also going by the name Zodiac Management in Staten Island New York. Same exact stuff. Beware.

  • toni

    hey john mattes i was looking for work on craigslist and low and behold i founf this place looking for entry level managment and one receptionist and so i called the number 818 610 3078 and they told me to come in for an interview the same day but i coulnd tcus i had class the same day im putting my self threww college and so i made an interviuew the next day for this company called gtw managment managment so i went and when i got there there was 3 other people i was kind o flike taken back but i thought since everybodys out of a job its only normal im 23 by the way so i walk in and the office looked so shitty like it raised red flags but hey i needed work so they took us in and and interviewd with this guy named brandon and so i did the interview trying to stand out the best for the postion and i was talked into trying out for a entry level managment postion so i left and i got a call around 6 pm that night informing me that i had gotten accpeted to the second interview
    and so they told em to come come back next thursday and i did and when i showed up there was like 12 people there i was like what the hell you know and they were like where gonna interview you as a group and so they did and they narrowed it down to about 6 of us and had every bodyu else leave and they where like you guys got the postion! and so i was alittle skeptical you know ive done telemarketing for 3 years iknow a scam lol but they sugar coated me and promised me all these things and i acutally was like ill give it a try and i did and the first two days wjhere just taking notes and training anf on the third day they where like your gonna “go out in the field” an dtrain you gotta learn the ins and outs of the fragrance industry and so 4 of us go into the car with are trainers and went to corners and had o sell perfume and cologne to people for 20 bucks and did that for 5 hours and i actually got this african american guy tpo buy me one onlky cause he felt sorry for me he
    had pitty and so that night i was like man what a scam they say they have distributors we are them!!!!! and so i decidied to go to rip off report and look them up and found all this shit you wouldnt believe!!!! and then i was like i wonder if there on you tube you know and here i am i found you so i hope you go and bust these guys there at this location 6016 Fallbrook Ave
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367

    (818) 610-3078

    all there boxes say scentura creations

  • sue

    I see that you have done a report on the “perfume” scam that is going on all over the country. Well it is here in CA and it is ruining lives, literally. Do we have any legal rights to go after these scammers?
    I-GUY answer You need file complaints with state Dept of Labor. They pay no witholding ,sales or SS tax. In short they are tax cheats that victimize those seeking legit work

  • ZKAL
    Phone: (719) 275-6624
    Website: http://
    Subject: Other (explain below)

    dear mr. mattes. i am writing you about the scentura creations job scam. We have a major problem. Your amazingly wrong. I think it would be wise of you to do your reserch befor making yourself look so bad. The simple fact of the matter is the scentura oppertunity is one of the best oppertunity’s out there today. Trust me, i know, i did it. I completed the entire program asside from getting into my office. why did i not get into my office? that was my choice. the entire program is very real, and very perfect. I went through training in portland oregon in jeremy smith’s syndicate management. I would love to invite you to interview me or whatever it is you do, and ill give you the real story, ill sit down with you and really go over the details, cuz right now, your the one pulling the scam.

  • PAUL

    Scentura Perfume IS IN PHOENIX,AZ LOCATED AT 3001 W Indian School Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85017-4168 Call: (602) 283-4536 OPERATING under Triple Crown and BOS Management

  • r

    SCENTURA!!! i know you know that name. hi, my name is ricardo ayala. i attended a “business” meeting for a company named DESTINiii ent. it is located in Hayward CA in a cheap old office. Im sure you know how it goes. They need people with no experience, training or skills. As i sat in the courses, we would take notes like, 95percent attitude, 1percent skill. 95PERCENT ATTITUDE??? who are they think they’re fooling with this crap. i have to worn the other good people that still attend NOW! they don’t deserve that. with your help im sure i can bring those clowns down. please contact me ASAP for further information. those people can loose everything if we dont act now. thank you.

  • jim

    Dear John,

    I’m from New Jersey and I answered an ad from Craigslist saying:
    “We are seeking 18-25 sharp, motivated and ambitious people to help staff our new locations. At present we are interviewing for receptionist, customer service, sales, assistant manager and manager level positions.


    Must be a people person and enjoy working in a loud, fun and fast paced environment. We offer rapid advancement and an extremely competitive starting package.


    For more information please call us at (732) 764-6868

    Serious inquiries only”

    This company is Phoenix Management. Just yesterday, I got the job there along with 7 others after the second interview (or 3-4 hour talking session). During that 2nd interview, I got the name of the company they are working with, Scentura. My mom was checking up on information involving Phoenix Management and its site and told me about being a possible scam. I looked up on it more and eventually found your youtube video on Scentura. Tomorrow I am going to tell them that another job came up. I do want to give you information to the place if you don’t already know:

    Phoenix Management
    448 Lincoln Blvd.
    Middlesex NJ, 08846-2439
    (732) 764-6868
    President Donny Zinkin
    Been around since January 1995

    The first day is Monday March 21, 2011 from 11:00am-3:00pm. This is when they are supposed to begin to train the other candidates. I don’t know how you operate, but maybe you could pay Phoenix a visit. Thank You.


  • dolce

    I watched your video on the scentura scam cause i went through something very similar to that. I went throught the same company hiring for a office manager position and no experience was required. I live in the saint louis missouri area. Please contact me back if you of any way to stop this madness

  • perky 2

    They are at it again in Seattle! Taking advantage of the unemployed and possibly breaking laws. They place a Craigslist ad for Managers/salary of $40,000 and receptionists/$9 hour,
    (I HAVE A COPY OF THIS), hold a “second interview where they tell them they have been “HIRED” with a promise of becoming a manager,
    giving them a list ONLY (no product) (I HAVE A COPY OF THIS) of “Name Brand” fragrances they can sell, take the money for the sales, then bait and switch these people, have them sign a
    “consignment” agreement (I HAVE A COPY OF THIS) that states we are independent contractors/ own boss and that we are responsible for all taxes and threaten if items are not returned to them they purse you with legal action to recove the loss. I also have the phone numbers and emails of others
    including a supposed relative that was of the those hired!
    Like you, KOIN Local 6 in Portland, Oregon did a story on Lucid Management Group and Syndicate Management Group LLC., a Scentura scam.
    The Manager, Joann MacDonald, in the Oregon Office of consumer affairs contacted me yesterday, said that this company
    was referred to the Labor department for violating labor law, “making false or misleading statments on future income”; and that the Attny gen has investigated and filed charges against Scentura.
    I flag every job posting that they have on craigslist to no avail; sent a disertation about this problem to craigslist staff;
    contacted Jesse Jones/News 5-Seattle ; filed a complaint with the FTC implicating 4 similar companies here in the Seattle area.
    I have the phone numbers and emails of many of those coming through the doors of Elite Mangament Group LLC.
    This week im going to contact every news station in seattle; file a complaint with the Wa attny gen office; contact craigslist again; and file a complaint with the department of labor.
    If there is any information you can give me on how to shut these people down, PLEASE contact me.

  • perky

    Scenturea Creations might be here in Federal Way, Washington. Same ad, same pitch, same training, same perfume sales, same promise of management to come. The team is Andrew Sheckel and Taylor’an Truong. They live in Maple Valley but their business address is 1727 So 341st pl suite a, federal way, wa 98003. Im in training right now, want to come and blow them out of the water? Im gonna flag their ads, Get a hold of the attorney general, and try to blog about it as much as I can.

  • pam

    I have an interview with Axis Inc, in Tempe Arizona tomorrow but I get vibes that this will be another scam type job and I wanted to know if you knew if it was or not before I go. I watched your video on a few of the scammers and I am wondering is this company is as well. They say they are Advertising agency seeking for customer service, Sales, and Manager trainees and they have contracts with companies such as Home Depot and Direct TV. Hiring ft and pt with paid training but not very detailed as to what exactly you are selling until you attend the interview. Please let me know if you have any info on this company to save me a trip if needed.

    Thank you,

  • mich hill

    Aurora, CO Makaha Marketing also Three Lines Marketing

    My 20 year old granddaughter is falling for the same scam. She found the ad on Craigs list. She has a 9 month old son. She leaves by 7:30 each morning and returns late a night. She has been there for 3 weeks with nothing to show. We can not convince her. I can not find a link from 9news in Denver about the same problem last year. Do you have one. I can see your videos on Youtube. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • sonya

    ear Investigative Guy,

    “Scentura Perfume” is also using “United Associates” in Crystal, Minnesota. I had an “interview” today with 2 other females. The lady had called me yesterday saying how she loved my resume that I sent to her in reply to a job ad on for a manager position. She wanted me to come in the next day for an interview. I did research on the phone number that she had called me from and couldn’t find any info on it. That sounded weird, then I looked up the address she gave me that I would be meeting her at for the interview, and I still couldn’t find any information on who occupied that address, besides information on leasing the office space. I went to the interview today and the lady was really awkward and did not seem like a professional and the room that we interviewed in was superbly small. Some things she did did not seem right and the way she avoided some questions was even more odd. She wanted me to call her back this afternoon for more information…blah blah blah. I dug deeper online and was able to find more information and found how they were linked to this old “Scentura” Scam and finally came accross your video on this scam and your website. Needless to say, I did not call the lady back, in fact after I was 15 minutes late in calling her, she called me. I did not answer. She left me a message saying she’d like to go over my application with her some more. I have no intention of ever calling her back.

    Thanks for your investigations, I’m sure it’s helped many others.


  • Jman

    I almost got nabbed, but luckily got out before the training started. There are several of these listed on craiglist under “18-25 Needed ASAP! No Exp Nec. Start Now!”. They are suppose to have a meeting at 11:00am on Monday, March 21. This place needs to be shut down.

    Phoenix Management
    448 Lincoln Blvd.
    Middlesex NJ, 08846-2439
    (732) 764-6868
    fax: (732) 764-6870
    President of Phoenix: Donny Zinkin
    Been around since January 1995
    President of Scentura: Larry Hahn

  • thinh

    here is another scam of larry hanh in hayward ca. adderss is 24565 soto rd hayward ca 94544 please let everyone know about this so no one get hurt this is no jokes, they almost got me but i had to look them up before my 2 interview which is on 03/17/11 it was to ture to be real to me they didnt even ask that many ??? at my 1st interview. they change they name every month to something new the one i when to was called Density Enterpise its up on the top.

  • David Vesio

    Sentura creations is in cincinnati ohio. i followed an add on craigs list. and just like everyone else i got the first second and orentaion. After the orentation we were to sell to are friends and family. just as i was trying to make a sale to my friend. he looks up the companiny and bam. here is he reports and info. so cincinnati beware.

  • Michael

    Hey, i just finished up my so called oppurtunity with scentura creations in elmhurst,il the so called ring leaders who scammed me big time. They have taken advantage of me for 4 months. the thing that turned me off was your video thank you so much. and that the fact that the boss who made millions of so called dollars had the nerve to ask me for twenty dollars. what a scam thank you again so much. due to this job i lost my cell phone car and house thanks rob and ricki from elmhurst. visit there page at

  • Deann Reese

    I went to Scentura Creations (aka SAS, INC) for an interview and everything that I have read on your page is true. And by the way when you look up SAS, INC online its a computer software dist. I bet they would be glad to hear that Scentura Creations is using their name. Anyways I went to the 1st and 2nd interview they told me I was hired and to come in on tuesday for orientation. I am glad I found your page so I will noot waste my time on this scam. I thought it was a little funny when she told us we would be paid in cash through out our training. So I decided to look them up and found some very interesting information about this company. Their office is in San Antonio Tx. Maybe you should pay them a visit…

  • syd

    lol oh i got something to say to them people that made me sit for 2 1/2 hours for my 2nd interview. I threw up red flags when everyone got the job… hmm well ALEJANDRO you just signed your warrant for having an angry/ young hippie named evan bailey that is going to convince all of these poor people that you guys are a fraud. not for just one day either, I will post up and sacrifice my time to save others. thanks dude and more power to you!

  • Stacy

    Hey John I wasted my time there. I thought I was going in for a managers positions and it turned out I was going to be selling perfume bottles in parking lots and malls. Where we need to try to stay away from security or else we can get kick out or arrested. If we do not drop bottles we do not get PAID! We were promised to get paid a weekly salary not $4 or $5 off each bottle we sell. Please help the next class that begins tomorrow. The trainers name is Doug Z 760-310-9840************ and his wifes name is Amy Sue. apparently his wife may or may not be training us tomorrow.

    They are located in Mira Mesa CA
    858-554-1156 ph.
    6790 Top Gun Street #5
    San Diego California 92121

  • Mike

    Scentura is now operating in San Jose, CA under the name SYNERGY EXPANSIONS. Trust me i know it’s scentura. I went to the first 2 interviews, orientation, and then 1 day of training. They didn’t even tell us we were going out and sell their product. I can’t believe I wasted sooo much of my time there.

  • Lacey Small

    I went to Scentura Creations (aka SAS, INC) for an interview and everything that I have read on your page is true. And by the way when you look up SAS, INC online its a computer software dist. I bet they would be glad to hear that Scentura Creations is using their name. Anyways I went to the 1st and 2nd interview they told me I was hired and to come in on tuesday for orientation. I am glad I found your page so I will noot waste my time on this scam. I thought it was a little funny when she told us we would be paid in cash through out our training. So I decided to look them up and found some very interesting information about this company. Their office is in San Antonio Tx. Maybe you should pay them a visit…

  • they wont stop

    Just seen your report on Scentura !! Fantastic ! But there is another break off company that was from Scentura called world perfume . These people scammed me back in 02 . Just for shits and giggles I wanted to see if my story was still on Rip off report ! I come to find out that this World perfume scam is still going on but with a different person . Here is the back story of World Perfume . Johnny Whitworth used to work for Scentura , got into a fight with their owner Larry Haun and started World Perfume . They are identical with their pratices . Now on Wikipedia it says Johnny retired in 07 . Now here is the part that could cofuse people I really don’t understand it . Billy Nolan is running All star motivation which is a Distribation center of World Perfume . There is all sorts of plaques with the World Perfume logo on the wall on their training videos . So I’m not sure if Billy is a relation to Johnny or not . Wikipedia says World perfume is shut down because Johnny reti
    red . But it is not it is running under Billy Nolan and wikipedia has nothing on him . Go to and you can see for you self the World perfume crap all over the place . They even have a you tube channel and one of the videos demostrates how to sell Perfume out of your car !! I just want people to know that what it said on wikipedia is very misleading World perfume still exists

  • Kimberly Martin

    I went to Scentura Creations (aka SAS, INC) for an interview and everything that I have read on your page is true. And by the way when you look up SAS, INC online its a computer software dist. I bet they would be glad to hear that Scentura Creations is using their name. Anyways I went to the 1st and 2nd interview they told me I was hired and to come in on tuesday for orientation. I am glad I found your page so I will noot waste my time on this scam. I thought it was a little funny when she told us we would be paid in cash through out our training. So I decided to look them up and found some very interesting information about this company. Their office is in San Antonio Tx. Maybe you should pay them a visit…

  • Lisa

    This is in reference to the office in Miami. Hester Hernandez and Damon Williams and anyone else who are just using the people is what gives scentura creation a bad name. There are offices that have no complaints because they don’t lie cheat and use their people. The business is not a scam, it’s the people that run the business. Hester and Damon don’t care who they hurt to pay for their so called pod life. They live week to week, use peoples food stamps and tell their people to give their children away just so you can stay and make them money. Even if you manage to get an office because you have been there for two years and people start asking you why you don’t have an office so they make you sell bottles to come up with the money for it, they will take your money and people if you start making more money than them or if your people are better than theirs. They tell you they are gonna help you with ffaar and practice day but u have to pay them and if you do more bottles than them they Try to tell you to double your pcs when infect they keep the money and don’t publish your numbers then blames it on Marc and carol shottenfeld for not putting your numbers in the bulletin. Point of the story is that the business can be a good business if you do it right an don’t do it with Hester Hernandez and Damon Williams or Curtis sherard.

  • john

    Scentura in woodland hills, ca

    CALL 818 610 3078

  • pissed off

    Scentura Creations is at it again! They now have an office open in Minneapolis, MN and are doing the exact con games that you show in your video! A friend of mines daughter has gotten conned by them (thought she was getting a managers position) and is now having to go out peddling the perfume in parking lots! I have attempted to show her your video (which she refuses to watch) because I felt that Scentura was a scam from the start! Is there any way to shut these clowns down in a hurry?? I’m guessing their up here peddling their product during the Christmas season and I’m willing to bet they will be gone soon after Christmas leaving the suckers that they have found high and dry!

  • nate

    So I watched your video about scentura creations and everything you said was 100% true there are tons of stories about people getting their “own” offices and who are now homeless because these bastards would break into their offices to steal inventory to get them out and get someone else into their office but the bills would still unknowingly be in their name.. They’re back at it again under the name C.P. Wholesale in San Diego ca. If you email you back I will give you the whole address and my story.. I am supposed to be there for work tomorrow morning at 8:30 but the only reason I’m going is to warn the others of this scam.. Oh and thanksgiving is on Thursday and they want everyone to work that day as well.. Someone needs to stop this..

  • cheri

    I went to an interview today for GTW management. I found this on your website after doing some research because I just thought it seemed fishy. This sucks! Thanks for reporting. They are doing interviews all week long.
    6016 Fallbrook Ave
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    (818) 610-3078
    Brandon & Alicia

  • brooklyn ny

    Sentura creations sounded like a good oppertunity to jump on being young and needing a job. The job tht was offered to me was an office position however by my 1st week they had us n the rain selling there perfume for hours and unable to leave untill each one was sold. I found it strange tht when cops came around we would have to quickly put the perfume away and act like we where just shopping so we wouldn’t get a ticket. About this time last year a day before black friday I decided not to return because they wanted to start selling perfume at 5am until we sold all the bottles we had

  • Rio

    Scentura Creations is quite possibly the largest MLM scumbag outfit on the planet. Do not even be tempted into their cheap and cruel mind control techniques. Even if your are a talented salesman, they will lie and steal from you anyway. And if you do manage to get your own store, the higher-ups will then steal from you as well. Scentura Creations contains one of the biggest collections of socio-paths I have ever had the mispleasure of becoming aware of. Just stay away from these people. You will lose everything you have if you don’t

  • Anthony M

    My fiance found this job listing on Craigslist. He was told he would make 30,000 a year, maybe more. that he was being hired as a manager of his own store so that he could hire people to sell perfumes. thankfully his mom thought it sounded fishy and decided to look up their store name “SAS”! and found nothing. thinking it was WEIRD that such a BOOMING business had nothing on GOOGLE about them, she researched a little further. She went to their blog page and found the name Scentura Creations talked about all over their but still nothing about the store name “SAS”. so she researched some more and googled “scentura creations” and found this website plus a couple of others like,


    their so called BOOMING business is a bunch of SHIT! They prey on innocent and honest, hard working people. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, the scam we found is located @ 2379 NE LOOP 410 Suit 110 , San Antonio TEXAS..


  • tom

    Watch out, they have you ss# and other info about you that they most likely sell to other scammers so be careful. I am going to try some of the locale news affiliates in Chicago about this outfit and see what I can do. The thing is it’s like the carnival, every once in a while someone makes something and if you check the wording in the adds they place they are worded just inside the parameters of legal, not promising anything concrete but they are clearly b.s. I was involved with the one in Elmhurst, IL.Firebird is the name. Fortunately for about six hours worth with Rob, Ricky and Denny. C’mon, really, what kind of place uses the tactics that they use especially with more mature women in the room. The language…wow. I,m no prude but I do have manners. But they seem to be able to keep this ruse up all over the country, again the carnival thing. Bounce around enough and you won’t get busted, hurt maybe but not busted. Managers don’t usually sell, they manage. I just wish I could warn people about this outfit. Maybe I can, I know some people.

  • Matt

    I fell for it also, fortunately only for two days. If you’re being hired for a managers job why are you asked to sell perfume especially sight unseen to friends and family,this is a load of crap. Go online and read all the stuff about these con men and women it’s disgusting. If I thought I could do something about it I would. They all have the same script, all over the country. I had the same un-easy feeling in my gut also especially when they asked me to try and sell to f&f. These people are trash. I was with the one in elmhurst, IL this Denny character is a real piece of work.Any business pro coming to work looking like this was just one of the many signs of trash. I could go on but you get the idea by now. And just take a look at the people going in for an interview and of coarse every body is accepted… yea managers job, go #### yourself firebird

  • consumer

    I recently responded an ad on craigslist on monday about a “excellent job opportunity to learn management positions, administration work and to become branch managers”, I attended first and second interviews and received the job. Fortunatley, the whole time I smelt something fishy going on, so I did some personal research on this fragrance company named Scentura to find your website and helpful insight. I am supposed to attend orientation tomorrow monday october 25 2010 in Aurora,Colorado. I am going to attend as only to warn my fellow victims. I thank you for what you do or else I would of been victimized myself.

  • Reale Satterfield

    Does anyone actually have proof that this is a scam because I just started this same job and all the steps sounds familiar.

  • Jon Flick

    I just got sucked into this scam. It goes down exactly as everyone says. Today was my second interview and it seened real fishy to me. Immediatley after I got home from the three hour interview, I researched the company. Not going back for my first day of training Monday. Already been enough of a waste of my time. What through up the red flag for me was that everyone who showed up for the second interview, was told to come back. The one that tried to lure me in was called Firebird out of elmhurst, IL. Info is as follows:
    909 S Route 83
    Elmhurst, IL 60126
    (630) 279-5514

  • Benjamin Robertson

    Hey, i have been attending this so called Manger position. thie one teaching it is this guys Doug. he seems like a nice guy, very verbally bad language, bad mouth, it is sad! he today showed us a check of how much he makes weekly. the check said 8500! and he ran on saying that he makes this weekly. he also gave us his cell phone number today. he also said he dosent give out the number. so let everyone keep it on the DL! lol! i think this this is BS. he even tried to make me use bad language and say this stupid song that is involved in a porno apparently. im sorry, but i will not use bad language! i see it as a pathway to your heart! and it shows a lot about a person, there intelligence level! and ALL THAT! thats something they didnt teach me there did they! i feel bad for all those people involved 12 people counting myself. i will not be attending tomorrow. his number is 760-310-9840************ and his wifes name is Amy Sue. apparently his wife may or may not be training us tomorrow.

    PLEASE JOHN!!! show up tomorrow at 830am!! that is when it begins!!!!
    Mira Mesa CA
    858-554-1156 ph.
    6790 Top Gun Street #5
    San Diego California 92121

  • Benjamin Robertson

    Hey, i have been attending this so called Manger position. thie one teaching it is this guys Doug. he seems like a nice guy, very verbally bad language, bad mouth, it is sad! he today showed us a check of how much he makes weekly. the check said 8500! and he ran on saying that he makes this weekly. he also gave us his cell phone number today. he also said he dosent give out the number. so let everyone keep it on the DL! lol! i think this this is BS. he even tried to make me use bad language and say this stupid song that is involved in a porno apparently. im sorry, but i will not use bad language! i see it as a pathway to your heart! and it shows a lot about a person, there intelligence level! and ALL THAT! thats something they didnt teach me there did they! i feel bad for all those people involved 12 people counting myself. i will not be attending tomorrow. his number is 760-310-9840************ and his wifes name is Amy Sue. apparently his wife may or may not be training us tomorrow.

    PLEASE JOHN!!! show up tomorrow at 830am!! that is when it begins!!!!

  • Darkcloud2218 Post author

    @9dazzlers Wow really? You are clearly one of the “Bosses” of this BS company. It’s not just one guy, there is TONS of people that agree that this is just a scam, and I am one of them. I just finished a interview with this company and it is clearly a scam. And I was lucky enough to be the golden boy of the class as the owner said, but I’m not going to waste another day at this place. BTW, this place didn’t go by scentura, so that’s why it took me till the second interview to find out.

  • psychomop Post author

    @9dazzlers thanks for letting everyone know that you are a greedy, deceitful idiot. And please, save your rebuttal for someone who cares, because I sure as hell don’t want to listen to you ramble about vague things like “opportunities” and “dedication”. Your job necessarily has to prey on the stupid and desperate, hence the rambling, misspelled responses attempting to defend what is essentially a Pyramid Scheme.

  • 9dazzlers Post author

    Wow: talk about LAZY people. I do feel sorry for all these people on the video cause they did scam themselves out of a great opportunity. Especially that lady in the orange/red dress. But what does she know, if you believe idiots that go around carring a microphone and you take there word for everything, then you deserve to be working at Mc Donalds. And yes this job is NOT for everyone, it’s only for the ambitious, goal oriented, hardworking and determined people.

  • sunny19123 Post author

    “SCAM ALERT” in 608 mantoloking , bricktown, NJ

    somebody needs to help people there…

  • Brandy Reza

    Hi, yesterday I went to AMG for my second interview and was told I was hired and would start on Monday training. Here’s the address, this time its located in Long Beach Ca. 5199 E. Pacific Coast Highway #700
    Long Beach, CA 90804
    Phone # is 562-912-3993
    Please do something! I’m glad I figured it out before I wasted even more time on this!

  • cherise


    I am so glad that I found this site. I was taken in by Scentura also. This was my 3rd day there. Tomorrow I am supposed to report to Brooklyn. I guess it is to go out and sell perfumes. I had my alarm clock all set to go. Then something in my stomach said. Check the internet. I was hired by the office at 621 Jamaica Ave 4th Floor Suite 402. In Queens NY. I just got my sales sheet today. And the worst part is this company has my social security number and drivers license number. I think that you should expose this office also. They have 50 people coming in tomorrow for an interview. Thank you so much for this report. I just hope they don’t do anything with my personal information.

  • Yazmeen

    September 24, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    OMG!! thank you sooooooo much!!..If I wouldnt have seen this I wouldve been sucked in and they probably would of taken advantage of me just like they did to all of those other innocent people!.I was actually kind of excited about this job,I had an interview today @ 5pm.To meet with one of the “Directors”..I just emailed them to cancel my interview.ugggghh!!These kind of scam artists aggrivate me!! I once before was scammed by a company named Rhino Kirby here in Phoenix AZ,on 43rd and Cactus.They would have me out all by myself (a 17 yr old girl at the time) @ 10pm door knocking from street to street!Imagine if something wouldve happened to me.!! They promised to pay me $500 a week.and i worked the for 2 weeks and never received a damn dime!!Thats why im so cautious to even try and look for a customer service job!.

  • Brock

    I had my second interview with a company under the name 2 & 1 Management. I’ve been suspicious since the moment they called me. Why are they called 2 & 1 management and they are selling perfume/cologne? Why is the office so beat up and no one is ever there but the same “Boss”? Why is the office so beat up when they are supposedly a 100million dollar company? Why? Why? Why? After my first interview I looked up the company online to no avail. So I took a chance and showed up to the second interview. After sitting in a uncomfortable lawn chair for over 3 hours taking notes (None of which made me feel like I knew the job description really) he tested us one by one on the notes we had taken, and said he would write in our notebooks whether we were hired or not and to not open them until we were long gone. After “testing” the first 5 people, he had me come to the front and said “I remember you, in the owner meeting I put in a good word for you, I’m not even going to do this with you. You’re hired; be here on monday.” I was excited hoping I was wrong about everything and this would be the best opportunity I’ve ever had. But, I had a new clue I just had to check into, a fake looking award with the name Mike Hill (The Owner/Boss) rising star of 2010 sitting on a podium in the meeting room. At the bottom of the trophy had the words ‘Scentura Creations’, “Now that seems more like a fragrance companies name.” I thought to myself. The minute I got home and took off my formal interview clothing I sat at my laptop and looked it up online. What a surprise the first thing that comes up is “Scentura Creations: A Pyramid Scheme for the Ages”

    This happened Today 9-23 in North Oklahoma City, OK

  • joshua

    Hello my name is Joshua, i was recently working for scentura scents down in San Antonio. They promised me all kinds of management positions and my own office it all sounded to good to be true so i decided to do some research about the company when i saw the videos and scams. I went back to the office the next day to show some employees. Every one was in shock and velt betrayed. My boss found out so i quit Mark got upset and yelled at every one. Rosie and Mark run an office down here in San Antonio Texas adress is 2379 NE LOOP 410 Suit 110 Parrenbeitel and Starcrest.

  • didnt get fooled

    Here is the ad that got my attention:
    Sounded too good to be true at the first interview. I went to the second interview and we started a “training program” with Hester Sherard Hernandez and Damon Williams as the ringleaders. I stayed for the 2 hours listening to their complete BS and something just didn’t seem right. The office was disgusting too, no office equipment except desks and chairs, and just not a clean office, especially for a woman who claims to be making $300,000 a year.

    They never mentioned “Scentura” but they did explain that they were the largest “international wholesaler” of rendition perfumes, $27 a bottle, etc etc. They said everyone in the room who made it through training would manage their own office. The training was a 4-stage process and the first was marketing, where the next day we would start to experience the sales part of the business, but they kept reassuring us this is not a sales position, we would be successful, bla bla bla. The music was blasting, Hester cursed a few times, and gave us this whole 90 minute speech about how she was homeless when she got into the business and now she is making 6 figures, bla bla bla.

    Something just didnt seem right to me. When I came home after day 1, I started doing alot of internet searching, and I found this out for the scam it is. I read stories and postings with almost identical stories, down to their scripted speeches that they use to lure in the unaware job-seekers. I caught on, and luckily only wasted two hours of my time before I decided to forget about this job.

    This is so wrong!!! They are misleading people and not being completely honest in their advertisements, people are trying to support their families and pay their bills with the hopes of landing these amazing jobs, and then you have this company just taking advantage! They state in their ad that its NOT a telemarketing job, but they fail to state that it IS a sales job where you only earn commission!

    Just wanted to give you the heads up about REGIONAL MANAGEMENT in Pompano.
    138 E McNad Rd Pompano, FL 33060
    786-416-4140, cell phone but they have no office phone

  • spierre

    please stop regional management from wasting peoples time it is a perfume scam they are all over criagslist here is the telephone number 7864164140

  • ink

    Scentura Creations is still back at it gain under a new name in Landover Hils area “Selah Management” I found them in the express paper,being a 21 year old yound women; I was looking for employment, so I contacted them via the number given in the paper. We set up an Interview I initially applied for a Customer service position but they claimed it was on call. So I applied for the Entry Level Management position. It went well, I was called back for a second interview and sat in a 3 1/2 hour class and got selected for the job. The first working day we had to sell five bottles to family and friends, I did so selling one bottle. Day two we hit the streets older managers and employees were risking being arrested for hustling this garbage. It’s sad how we get fucked over when we really need a position to pay bills and take care of our families. I hope this gets busted soon.

  • scentura cult

    Hi there,
    I will do anything to get rid of this company completely, especially if Bill & Brit are still in the works. My husband and I met through the company and that was the ONLY good thing to come about. Believe it or not we were there for about 2 years…..we were brainwashed. It took months of recovery for my husband after we left. And leaving was not easy. People think its easy to just quit something but when Bill & Brit (scentura managers) would yell at us and try to keep us, it got hard to say no….to a point where we did anything and everything they wanted with no question. It was rediculous and we would love more than anything in the world to rest in peace every night knowing that those two along with the rest of the scentura company is DONE!

  • Jon

    I was just hired to start on monday for now what they call WMI. Its larry hahns perfume scam. Also known as scentura. I want to call fox news. I could expose every last detail of my experience. I will be going to this meeting on monday and try to find a way to tell everyone what I know about this group.
    Help me out, lets get them. They just opened up the office and have 17 final people to show up on monday for their first day.

    Im in phoenix AZ



    Ok it started three weeks ago. Everything you have heard about the initial process is correct. The first interview, the second group interview, and then the so called training. In hindsight the training is actually pretty useful in a sales market, but for what we were peddling? The owners of the office are Rob and ricki Zuckert. The numbe there is 630-279-5514. Address 909 South Rt. 83 Elmhurst, IL 60126. Overall they seemed like honest nice people. After my second week (actually being the top merchandiser out of my group) I started to notice people leaving. People who interviewed me, and worked with me in such a “positive” environment. I didn’t honestly think I would be doing this variation of “outside” sales. I even went out of town twice (I came back early during the second trip and ditched the job) to do this in Iowa and Indiana. I have a whole notebook of so called “notes” I took directly from the owners. Everything they said I pretty much copied.

    When I realized it was a scam I was with my grandmother, the following day (this past Sunday) I got calls from her and my parents. I left the next morning from Indy to come home. By then, there was already a shit storm of hell from my parents. The promise of making around $400 a week from the owners, I could not deliver to my folks, the fact that I’m 24 and back at home because times are tough, and haven’t procured a decent job. Basically the lies these people told me, I told my parents, and well it has made me look inferior and degraded. I am no longer at my home. My mind is a whir a the moment so it is hard to put everything into detail on an email.

    I was promised so much but as I started seeing these little things happening leading up to this week, I have fully encompasses how bad this company really is. I’m glad I didn’t have to invest any of my money or name into the business. I would love more than anything to take them out. The Palos Hills, IL office has already shut down. And I know for us or I should say them to be out there, they need a soliciting license (I am not blacklisted in the City of Addison, IL because I did not know that previously) What can we do, what do you need from me. Maybe a few control questions, I can answer more vividly, I’m so tempermental and furious now, it is hard to think straight. I appreciate any help, and like I said am willing to do the same. Thanks

  • francis

    would like to thank you so very much for working as hard as you do to bring the truth to us all.

    Please continue the hard work and again, THANK YOU.


    Francis Gonzalez

  • Found yet one one scentura

    in broward county fl we have a new frangrance company trying to use people to sell perform i hope you check it out i was supose to start this mon 08/09/2010. but at the interview i realize it was a scam please stop these people in pomano beach florida they wasted my time and 30 other people precious time is the # 7864164140. there located off atlantic and cypress creek rd in the pompano beach plaza suite 138 the new name is Regional Management now I believe they also have a office in ft lauderdale off sunrise but i dnt know the exact location

  • ZAS

    Convince the editor of the classifieds and websites to stop running their ads and their revenue will stop. This is the only Legal way to shut them down. Write multiple letters until the ads are pulled. John maybe you can do a story on the sites & newspapers that run these ads if no action is taken

  • Scentura almost got me

    Thank you for your videos it saved me from being a victim to this scam! They are doing this now in Burlingame, CA. They are still advertising on It is being operated by Richard Greenley at 1299 Bayshore Highway #200 Burlingame, CA 94010. Their website is I am not going back for training on Monday but there are still 10 who are could you please try to do something about it.

  • Francis Gonzalez

    I heard that if someone say’s something negative about you it’s their problem but if many people are saying the same thing then it is your problem. WOW, I was just selected as one of their cream of the cream of the crop and I am suppose to start on Monday. What to do?
    I have been out of work for a while and it is hard for me right now I feel like I will at least be doing something but I had no idea that there where so many negative reports about Scentura.

  • Nolan

    I was nearly scammed by these same exact people. made to believe that I, like the many others that were there for the “interview” would be able to run my own office or “location”. Please shut them down, i spent the day today sitting outside their office informing everyone that went in for an “interview” that it was a total scam.

    1045 armando st. Anaheim CA suite G

    Get rid of these heartless scam artists
    I got the number to their lease holder and informed them about the scam going on in the business track that they own and they had no idea. I also informed the FTC and went to every single business in the area and informed them of the scam that is going on right under everyones noses. Everyone let it be known that these people need to be stopped.