It’s a scam that never ends… so don’t get suckered. For over a decade, a company called Scentura places ads everywhere — including Craigslist .. offering a high paying ‘manager’ job. But the conmen rope innocent people into hustling cheap perfume. No manager’s job — it’s a scam. I signed up ten years ago in 1999 and now in 2009 this scam is in almost every city. How did law enforcement miss this stinking mess? Watch the story.
I got your back
John Mattes

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  • liz Post author

    I saw your you tube videos about the scentura creations scam. I am supposed to start this Monday. I’m so glad I saw it before I decided to go. It sounded so perfect. I am furious! I want to do somthing about it. What can you do? The office location is 841 Juniper Crescent suite 113 chesapeake VA 23320. The same person in the video was the man who interviewed me

  • beckie

    Enter your questions or comments here: – Nu Beginnings (SCENTURA) elavator code #2012
    Email: –
    Street Address – 18350 N.W. 2nd. Ave. Ste. 406 Miami Gardens, Fl.
    Select a State – Florida
    Zip Code: – 33169
    Phone: – (561)779-9419

  • Tom Lee

    They’re now operating under the guise of Synergy Expansion. Same BS they tell people in hopes to rope them in as sales persons to make the “owner” money. I pity folks who fall for their lies and have their time ultimately wasted.

  • sandra

    Sarah Fuller
    1:01 AM (8 hours ago)

    to me
    I have been looking for a job for quite some time. I found this posting on craigslist:
    Interviews Begin Tomorrow!!!!
    Date: 2012-08-31, 3:20PM
    IMMEDIATE OPENING!! We did not fill all of our office openings!!! We are looking for a super energetic, organized, multitasking professional to join our team!!! Our office atmosphere is very positive, fun, but we maintain a high production and demand. The opening is M-F, 9-5. All applicants must: be atleast 18years of age, love people, have the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner, enjoy a ‘TEAM’ environment, and have the desire to advance. If you would like a chance to interview for the position please respond to this ad with a resume, or a detailed email regarding your prior work history.
    *We will begin interviewing this coming Tuesday&Wednesday *
    Thank you! Have a great holiday weekend!
    We hope to find our new team member a.s.a.p!! So good luck!!

    I thought oh well how cool. I sent my resume and got a phone call late that evening for an interview. I’m not very good with the St. Louis area so my husband drove me. The first thing we noticed was the directions I was given were completely different from GPS. When we got to the office, there was not an address above the door. The office name is AG. My first interview was on Sept 7th @ 8:30 am. I had to call back @ 2:00 to find out th status of my application. Nothing out of the ordinary. The second interview was on the 8th. It was strange though, there was a whole group of people. We were judged on our participation and note taking. I called back at 2:45 and April told me I was hired. I was ecstatic! Monday I went in at 11:00 for the 3 hour orientation. When orientation was over, I told her my mother would not babysit my children anymore without some sort of proof that the job was legit. She gave me three websites and a newsletter with “Scentura Creations” on it. I searched the websites, but I was not convinced, so googled the company name and your video popped up. I am really worried. I gave this lady my social security number and license plate number. She made everyone at the orientation meeting sign a paper saying we could not say anything bad about the company or the employees and if anyone does the company will sue that person. She also talked about being friends with lawyers. I took those comments as threats. My family is my life, especially my children. I think this company needs to be shut down! I want to see them shut down!!!

    I’m very paranoid when it comes to craigslist, I have been scammed out of money before.

  • chris

    went to the first interview, before finding this site.
    the “interview” was a guy just talking about sports and barely anything about the job… i am gratefull to you for warning me about this.

  • jmattes Post author

    Oh really..SO they paid their employees a wage? Did they pay SS or any other taxes? Did they provide the state sales tax records? Do they get peddler permits for employees? Do they tell applicants they will peddle cheap perfume on street corners? Did they tell applicants that a judge has ruled the scheme a ponzi scam?

  • OpenedandHappy

    @ Brandon. Synergy Expansion isn’t a scam. They told me everything up front and after 78 days I just got keys to my office! I’m happy. So I had to do some sales. Wasn’t that hard. It’s not for everyone. But I did learn how to run the branch. They don’t take money from you. They haven’t asked me for one dime. Oh, and they are accredited with BBB. Obviously your searching skills aren’t very good. Maybe that’s why you’re so unhappy.—General/Synergy-Expansion-LLC-in-San-Jose-CA-1000004006

  • In Phoenix

    Went to the interview at 2227 S. 48th St. suite A and immediately when I started talking to the interviewer, something didn’t feel right to me. He started talking about marketing Direct TV subscriptions in places like home depot and Fry’s Electronics…(Mind you, prior to going I was also offered the “manager” job)…I had already decided that I wasn’t going back for the second interview. Googled the company as soon as I got home and everything that comes up in the Google search engine says it’s a scam. Thank you for confirming my suspicions. Also, they handed me a little green paper at the end of the “interview” and said I have to do my own background check; just seemed really lazy to me.

  • Brandon


    My lady found them through craigslist and showed up yesterday.

    She said the interview lasted 90 seconds (no joke) and there were 3 other women in the room with here. The lady at the font desk, Liz, said she would get a call later that day…

    As soon as she told me the name of the company, synergy expansion, without telling me anything else, I laughed and said “babe, its a total scam. All you do is sell cheap shit at strip malls and make no money.”

    Well she got a call back AND EVERYONE WILL about being hired and she said no thank-you.

    This was there San Jose branch.





  • anonimous

    I was interviewed yesterday the same company Rhino Management. I was wondering why that office no chairs no table and no name of the Company or any Licensed hanging on the wall. As I said I am not really investigating looking the internet about the company but something is fishy for me. Now I know about it and I was called yesterday to have a second interview. I called back today saying them I will not come for the second interview.

  • Lisa

    I went in for an in interview an the office was in a nice office location. But when I went inside there office it looked really weird to me because it was not even a office setting at all! It was dirty and the people working there didn’t seem right to me. They were really nice and overly friendly. I showed up 30minutes early for my interview and the person interviewing me was running late. So when I finally got called infor my interview the lady seemed very perfessional she mostly just stated what the company was about and asked me like 2 questions that was it. Then she said if u get a call back by the end of the day then I’m set for a second interview which will then determine whether I’m hired or not. But she wouldn’t answer my questions about the company, kept on insisting that the guy giving the second interview will cover all my questions. So I get a call back for second interview and the guy that gave the 3hour “inerview” which wasn’t an interview at all..he just cover what the companies about how its a multi million dollar company and he was very motivating. Which made mewant it

  • Nick

    I found this article online but decided I would go in anyway just to check it of for myself. I went in for my first “interview” at Axis on 48th St. & Broadway Phoenix, AZ.

    When I got there I asked the receptionist Shay what they did and she said they outsource for companies like Direct TV and Home Depot and couldn’t tell me what I would doing yet.

    They had a lot of people in the office and kept taking them outside for the interviews with guys in Direct TV shirts and normal business clothes on. Outside they were asking about what cars they drive and where it was. I don’t know what the people did after that because I was inside. My mom said she heard them talking and they had to drive over to the side of the building to pick something up and they left with the guys in the Direct TV shirts, my mom said one girl was told to go door to door with one of the guys but wasn’t sure what for. .

    I don’t have a car so I stayed inside and they had me talk to a manger there. He said they had a new office opening up and offered me a job for $15 and hour and he said he would call on Monday if I got the job.

    I am pretty sure they are a scam like everyone else says they are so if I get a job I will turn it down. It’s a shame because I really need a job and got my hopes up for nothing.

    Thanks for read and hopefully you guys don’t fall for this.

  • Kingcold08

    AXIS INC in tempe arizona is a scam so if u find an ad on career builder or any where else don’t even wast your time trust me its not worth it

  • thank u for this

    Feb. 29th 2012
    Today I saw an ad on career builder for Direct TV and so I sent in my resume. I don’t really need a job becuz my husband takes GREAT care of me and our son. I got a email back within a few hours and called them to schedule an interview. Its set for tomorrow at 230pm. I knew this sounded wayyyy to good to be true, so I just had to do some research. I have a degree in psychology and I have worked at some great paying places. Although I have time to do this again I refuse to get involved.

    I have actually worked for this company before I had a child and found it very exciting, fun and free. However I had to do other things on the side to actually make money to pay my bills after I got my own office. My office rent with water and electricity was around 1500 dollars a month and other partners we had in our office NEVER made there half, which meant we had to work all day and night. I remember paying to place ads in the paper and stressing to sell 10 bottles on Friday nights. Oh and don’t let me forget the weekend traveling. Vegas, tucson, california, yuma……and so on. The amount of drugs and drinking that goes on is horrible also. My boss in this business is still my friend even today and I have met some other people that are still in my life today. So if u want some friends go to the interview. If not STAY AWAY becuz this business will bring u more negatives than positives.

    I’m so glad I did some research and will NOT be going to TEMPE tomorrow at 230pm.

  • David

    I wish you ppl would get a life and find something else to do. LOL! Here should be the FINAL end all & be all – ask anyone who has COMPLETED the Scentura “training program” is it a fraud…..

    P.S. you might have to contact them in their business office that they got from the opportunity of COMPLETING the training program

  • jmattes Post author

    FIrst excuse the spelling and the typos of the scentura managers ,they can’t help it. So is the Scentura crowd so desperate that they have to attack real job seekers? How low can they go now that they attack even veterans?

  • loser at scentura

    The economy is stagnate. Which means nothing is getting better.
    You people should be grateful that we even gave you a chance.
    Let’s be honest, it’s not like any of you are going to be president…lol
    I would be surprise if you have a utility bill in your name.
    Once again. What did we scam from you?
    What do you have that’s even worth having?
    Oh, let me guess….your
    (which the majority of you are on)
    I would hate to be in my 30’s unemployed.(nor less a veteran)
    But that’s the reality when you don’t make smart decisions.
    Complainers have been trying to stop us for 37 years…
    NEWSFLASH!! It’s not working.
    Move on. Your the bottom of the pit.
    The silent majority.
    The fly at the picnic.

  • jmattes Post author

    SO the question is,Who is allowing these companies to scam job seekers? Tell the Dept of Labor this must be stopped

  • Nathaniel Gardner

    This is a cry for help. Not just a complaint. I’m a veteran. I also worked for the state of Arizona for 12.5 years. Back in he 90’s, I could get a job on my own at any company at any time. Now you MUST go through these employment agencies to get a job. It’s insane. All the agencies I went through just smile and tell you what you want to hear, take all your personal information then shut the door on you. Can somebody tell me what happens to all that information? Do they make money just getting your info then selling it later to someone else? I went to AppleOne, Aerotek. Same thing over and over. THANK GOD I checked out Axis Inc BEFORE I commited my time, and avoided this road to no were. I do want to thank you all for the heads up on Axis Inc!! Does anyone know if there are any legitimate employment agencies out there, or are they all scams? It can’t be they are all crooks. Is there a law against this kind of thing?

  • Gregory Strecker

    One of my friends just fell for a similar scam such as this…Warning: they are now in Sacramento, CA under the name of Rhino management. Whatever you do get out of this scam as soon as possible. Thanks investigative guys for helping my friend realize this terrible scam!

  • Nick

    These are sites set up by scentura front men to redirect people who go online and google the word scentura and scam. They hope people will go to these fake sites and be sold on the Scentura fraud These low lifes now come here and ask me to promote it ..This is how worried they are about what I have exposed. It shows how they fear the truth and the fear people posting the names of the businesses they hide behind
    John Mattes
    Investigative guy
    .PS I changed the address so I won’t advertise for them

    Here are three more sites about the Scentura Scam:

  • Ester

    Please someone go in a break up this companies 2nd Interviews.. Especially the office in Middlesex NJ. Donny and Holly have made millions of puttine other people in a hole and giving people false hope…448 Lincoln BLVD middlesex nj… 2nd interviews are at noon on Thursday!!!!!!! Please

  • Rebecca

    I had an interview on Tuesday but it wasn’t for entry level management although that was one of the open positions. I told them I wans’t interested in any kind of marketing or sales but customer service rep position is was i opted for ( Office-Clerical work like answering phones and everything else office-clerical work entails. 40-45 hours a week, $16/hour. Does anyone know if what I am talking about is also a scam? Please help me figure this out because the opportunity got me very excited and i’ll be very upset if they are even scamming the workers of the business’ foundation….the office. Thank You!

  • Itz

    Actually made it to the AXIS INC. interview in Tempe, AZ

    2227 S. 48TH STREET SUITE A
    TEMPE, AZ 85282

    While 5 of us were sitting in the waiting room, the receptionist kept calling to schedule more and more interview. It doesn’t seem like they were reviewing resumes at all. Luckily, I got suspicious and found this site on my iphone while I was waiting for the interviewer.

    Got called in to interview at the same time as another lady. The interviewer couldn’t properly explain to me what the job entailed. She kept dropping names like Home Depot and Sam’s Club. What I think they want you to stand in these big stores and sell DirectTV subscriptions. The interviewer said she’d become a manager in 6 months and would soon have her own office. It all sounded very suspicious to me.

    The office looked a bit worn down and after reading the comments here, I was on my guard during the “interview”. I really feel badly for the other lady in the room. But I hope she became a little suspicious too when I walked out of the interview room after unsatisfactory answers from the interviewer.

    Only a few hours wasted.

  • Jana in Tempe

    I got the same letter, just like Felice A.’s.
    This very morning for another interview.
    I remember going to this company for an interview about two years ago. At the time, my car was not working. Fortunately they did not hire me for any positions with this scam company. These people looked very shady from the beginning. I live in Phoenix, AZ on the east side and I had to go all the way to the West Valley way in the avenues, close to Glendale. What a waste of time and effort. The office was in an old raggedy neighborhood in a very dinky strip mall. I did not feel safe in the neighborhood nor in that office. They had a blonde slick fellow interview me in his mid 30’s, two young Hispanic women one receptionist the other his HR assistant/manager and a Bleach Blonde young lady happily walking through the office in dark shades swiftly heading towards the back office area swinging a brief case, the bookkeeper he said. The entire episode was weird. They had other people in the office going for interviews too. The small reception area had too many people waiting, like a cattle call. And the phones would not stop ringing, setting up appointment for interviews continuously throughout my entire waiting. The people waiting to be interviewed, some were dressed properly, and others look like street people. All ages. Most of the people they did keep for another interview were young Hispanic women. A couple of the more mature (over 40 years) men looked unhappy and disgusted after their interviews. I guess they might have asked more engaging questions and figured out the score. As soon as I heard them mentioned using your own car for job, that turned me off. I knew they were not a good company to even consider working for.

    Warning keep away from AXIS, Inc! People do your research before going to any random interview with any company that are vague and do not want you to respond to their replies.

  • Jason

    Just got called by them today, this morning I received a call from a cell phone number i dont know, so I didn’t answer and I responded with a text, I received a call back by a very young sounding girl, who told me to come in for a job interview with Zodiac, she didn’t specify what the job was for or anything and I just asked for the address and the time, since it was two mins from my house I figured why not. I first of all didn’t remember specifically applying to this company but I returned to all the emails I sent out over the last few days and traced it to a craigslist posting, I looked up the business online and saw that their phone number was different than the cell number that called me earlier in the day, as well as the phone number could be traced to the craigslist ad. So I immediately figured it was a scam. 3PM came I walked in and had to located the office inside a huge medical complex, the company must have just recently moved in bc they werent listed on the business directory of the building but I came to a door with a marked zodiac mgmt by a piece of office paper I walk in and theres no receptionist present, and a young kid *I’m 26* and this kid must have been atleast 20 walks out dressed in khakis and a plaid shirt, he introduces himself and asks me to fill out a page with some yes and no questions about self confidence and other mindless crap, I’m clearly overly dressed for this interview (wearing a 300 dollar suit) he asks me to crack the door so the other interviewees can find the room easier and he returns his interview, looked like some poor 19 year old was being suckered into this, but I immediately left pissed off I had wasted 10 minutes of my day and slammed the door.

    ZODIAC MGMT 3930 RICHMOND AVENUE, STATEN ISLAND, NY 10312 (718) 356-7551

    THE NUMBER THAT CALLED ME WAS 1 917 767 2826

  • Al

    I sat throught the 3 hour “interview” and was also hired afterward. They also had us sign papers saying that we wouldn’t “slander” the company on the internet. Pretty sure I should be watching out for a hitman..LOL!!! I would NEVER sell or buy perfume from a random stranger on the street, ESPECIALLY without a permit.

  • All smiles

    Based on merit.
    The training is performance based.
    There is no weekly paycheck in training.
    No clock in clock out.
    Every office says that to the “T”
    We even review in our independent contractor agreement that everyone signs.
    You don’t even get passed the 2nd day(some offices do it the first day) without signing that.
    It’s not based on new hires. We don’t hire. Hiring is employee based.
    We don’t even say the word pay

  • gao

    Did it for 8 weeks. Sales were up and down. So weeks $200 some weeks $40. Very demanding direct sales. The managers partied WAY to much to be serious, that was kinda fun sometimes. Which is why it doesn’t work. If you got nothing going on it might work…..maybe……. I seen one person get their own office. But she doesn’t seem outta control excited to me. If you try do it at your own risk!!

  • Paul

    These guys just contacted me about a job and want to “interview” me on Monday. I don’t know why but something told me to look it up, I normally don’t look up companies before I go to an interview but something told me to and man am I glad I did.

  • jmattes Post author

    THis is dead on great advice.Yes everyone who has spend even 1 day “training” has had their labor ripped off. You see if they get you to work for free for 5 days then you quit realizing it is a scam, they bring in the next 10 new hires to do the same. They then quit after 5 days and the scheme hires 10 more. THEY dont have to pay .It’s based on the premise that they always have new hires.Add to that they make hires sell 10 bottles to their family and it all works ..FOR THEM.. The have refined the scam over the last 10 years .ALL NEED to file complaints with state AGs and State Labor boards.. You would report it if someone picked your pocket, this is the same. FILE REPORTS

  • Mich

    I used to be a head hunter for AXIS and I am ashamed to admit it! I am here to tell you all THEY ARE A SCAM plain and simple. You get hired work 10 hours a day only commission, and then you get paid by starting your own team whom you make your money off of then those guys make teams to get money etc.. its a pyramid scheme rip off !! dead end selling glass,direct tv, or home depot BS!!

  • steven

    It sounds like they have business all over the United States, but what I don’t understand is how in the world did they get away without paying you a paycheck for the work you have done? All states have Labor Laws to protect employees and independent contractors. And what would be their excuss as to why you wern’t getting a paycheck week after week? It sounds like they are making money since they have so many Companies. Everyone that worked their and never received their correct pay shold make a Labor Dispute with their State. If the State receives enough complaints they will be forced to investigage. Also, make a complaint with your Attorney Generals office. It does require some time on your part, but you would be helping other innocent people with these types of businesses. What would they say to someone to keep that person working there day after day and using their own car and gas and not getting paid or compensated for their expenses . Did they have you sign something that says your working for free? Actually if all the different companies throughout the U.S. has the same business model and same owners, all of you guys might want to start a blog and look at doing a Class Action Lawsuit. Even if you only worked 1 day or 6 months and you didn’t receive compensation it might be in your best interest to talk to an attorney for a Civil Class Action It doesn’t hurt, along with contacting the Labor Board and Attorney General.

  • Internet Research Saved Me!

    E ASSOCIATES 9220 Gettysburg Rd, New Hope, MN 763-269-7585. This job is a scam! They are posting on craigslist with an offer of a management position running your own office. They don’t tell you until your 1st full day that you will be selling perfume in parking lots or on street corners. They also offer a bonus if you take part in their friends and family sales pitch. There is NO bonus. They want you to drive them around in your vehicle without compensation for gas or mileage, to the worst neighborhoods in the twin cities. They tell you while in training you will receive meager wages, but they don’t tell you that in order to get this money you have to sell the perfume and keep between $3 – $8. For compensation for helping in the office you get the offer a few free bottles of perfume to sell in which you get to keep the money. They change their number frequently so watch out!!

  • Felice A

    Glad I read this… about to waste my gas going from Buckeye to Tempe is not cheap for someone with no job! Axis… I even told them they were all the way wrong for about to make me waste my gas… I have a 6year old just starting school that needs all my money time & efforts & they almost set me wayyyy back!!! Thank u so much for posting this whom this may concern!!!

    AXIS Inc.

    2227 S. 48TH STREET SUITE A

    TEMPE, AZ 85282

    Hi !

    Thank you for applying for a job with AXIS INC. We would like to inform you that management reviewed your resume thoroughly and we would like to discuss the current openings we have with our company, and possibly meet you for a more personal interview. They also compared your resume to others received and feel that you have the right skill set and experience they are looking for in an employee.

    This is our busy season and unfortunately interview times are limited. Please call our Regional HR Department at 602-414-0357 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Thanks again and we look forward to speaking to you soon!


    Shay DeHaan
    Human Resources Manager

  • John

    I responded to an ad on for these folks & they contacted me the same day. Their Tempe Az office has set me up for an appointment for Monday at 2pm. After seeing the video as well as reading the comments on this page I will NOT be making the appointment. They sounded fishy and I’m glad I did my research.. Thanks to ALL of you!!!

  • Casey

    Unfortunately I fell for this scam and have been upset & discouraged all day. I sent out a resume to a company called STONEWALL MANAGEMENT for an Entry Level Marketing position. I have been sending out resume, after resume, after resume, and I was surprised at how fast they got back to me. Instantly I got a funny feeling but I ignored it, probably because of how badly I want to get a job, I called and they set me up for an interview the next day (today) at 10:30AM. I got there and the office was completely empty except for two rooms, one with the blaring music and the other looked like an office but staged. Again I got that bad feeling & ignored it. I briefly talked to an older man waiting to be interviewed he was pretty chatty and expressed his concerned & skepticism due to the lack of information on the company through the internet. Although I agreed (in my head) I continued to ignore my intuition. He went in for his interview and was done within 10 mins. Another young girl came in for an interview and expressed the same concern. Now it was 10:40 and was my turn for an interview. I was told that they were an international marketing firm with 65 locations, and that they were a third party company with clients such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Target, and Lowes that helped these companies raise brand awareness through marketing & promotions. This sounded great to me!! The women continued to explain that since they were expanding so rapidly that they had come up with this “training program” which within 6 months you were to become a manager. Again, that feeling came up but …. yeap, you guessed it I ignored it! The interviewer continues to tell me that ” I am so excited, I think this is a perfect match especially with your prior work history” she asked me to stick around until 11:45AM so I can go out into the “field” with the “supervisor”…. I agreed (I know, I know).

    I followed this “supervisor” to Home Depot, he sat me down in the kitchen & bath remodeling section. He proceeded to tell me more about the company and what they did (which is nothing). He said that he has only been working there 3 months and he has already been promoted to “supervisor” and in September he will “own” his own office. He said that you go from being a rep, to a leader, to a team leader, to a assistant manager, to an owner within 6 months!!!! Now my head is spinning.

    He proceeded to tell me about the “job”, that you spend 6-7 hours in Home Depot(s) asking the customers if they are thinking about getting their kitchen remodeled. The customers that express interest are called “leads”, you continue to set up appointments for them with a “kitchen remodeling specialist”. The goal is to get about 15 leads per week, and you get paid anywhere from $600 – $800 a week!!! What are they even doing?!? They scheduling appointments and getting paid that kind of money?!!? So …. if you meet this goal 2 weeks in a row your promoted to a leader, another couple weeks a team leader, where your “supervising” a team of reps. But where do these “reps” come from? If everyone is guaranteed for growth within the company, does this company just never stop hiring? Once you have successfully “supervised” your own team for a COUPLE WEEKS you become an “owner” …… OWNER OF WHAT?!? The answer … I was told an office and you could make up to $100K a year.

    This type of marketing is not illegal, and actually very popular in the US, however, many pyramid schemes try to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses. They get profit based off of how many people they get to do this “training program” or recruit, and also the fact that they are making empty promises to people, and especially in such a hard economy.

    “The United States Federal Trade Commission states “Steer clear of multilevel marketing plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors. They’re actually illegal pyramid schemes. Why is pyramiding dangerous? Because plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors inevitably collapse when no new distributors can be recruited. And when a plan collapses, most people – except perhaps those at the very top of the pyramid – end up empty-handed.”

    I came across a comment, where someone had posted the email they received after sending in there resume … It cant be a coincidence that i received the SAME EXACT email, but whats weird is that they are two different companies in two different states!!!! The company in their email was from AXIS in Tempe, AZ & my email was from STONEWALL MANAGEMENT in Woburn, MA … exactly the same! to me
    show details Jul 13 (2 days ago)
    10 Tower Office Park, Suite 500
    Woburn, MA 01801

    Hi Casey!

    Thank you for applying for a job with STONEWALL MANAGEMENT. The management team is interested in meeting with you for an interview. We reviewed your resume and feel that you are qualified for one of our open positions. We compared your resume to others received and feel that you have the right skill set and experience that we are looking for in an employee.

    This is our busy season and unfortunately interview times are limited. You can contact me directly at 781-305-3093, or you will be contacted by a member of our HR team shortly to set up an interview.


    Human Resource Manager

    I just can’t grasp this whole concept, especially since I actually was in Home Depot watching them try & get people to buy there “product”. Is Home Depot aware of this or did they just get lucky and fly under the radar?!?! If anyone can shed some more light onto this whole situation I would really appreciate it. I felt hopeless & discouraged today, and disappointed in society but after I found this website it gave me some hope. Although I wasted an entire day, I do feel grateful that I didn’t get sucked into this scheme/”6 month training program”, I actually ended up ditching out and just driving away!!! I hope this website helps other people before the fact, but it helped me to know that we’re not all malicious in this world so thank you John Mattes for exposing this!!

  • Chris

    Scentura Scam in Brockton MA under the guise of;

    Kiburi Management

    953 Main St, Brockton, MA 02301

    (508) 510-4166

    Stop these bastards before its too late.

  • WOW!!!
    1425 Koll Circle San Jose CA 95112

    Found this “entry-level management” position on craigslist yesterday so I called right away. I was given a time for my first interview which was that same day. They called this a “screening” interview and it was NOT 1 on 1. I was then called back between 5-6pm saying I had a second interview the next day (Thursday, or today.) About 30 people showed up and we all sat in the same room for more than 3 hours and then it came down to “elimination.” Were told to not celebrate after we found out we were hired. I guess this was so that we wouldn’t figure out that EVERYONE was accepted. Evan and Liz stayed in separate rooms. Evan would send 3-5 people at a time to see Liz until about 13-15 of us were left in the room. Evan then said we were all hired, but I was told there were only 13-15 entry-level management openings, and yet the receptionist was still scheduling for interviews on the phone. I also mentioned when I got the call for my second interview I had to work that day and she said I could come the next Thursday. So what are we really being hired for? I’m guessing by all the research I’ve done, I’m hired to be a guinea pig and to make Liz and Evan’s pockets fatter. Orientation is on Monday, and I’m thinking about showing up with flyers that show helpful websites.

  • tina

    I am so glad that I was able to read this post. I just had my “2nd interview” today and was told that to come in Monday to start my training. After having spent 2 hours in this “2nd interview”, I got this bad feeling. The office in which I was interviewed in was run down and had loud explict music which what tipped me off. Very unprofessional setting although they kept claiming that they were. The interviewer was cursing and tried to make the company seem like the best place to work. They said one of the terms was working 50 hours weekly & the pay would be 520 weekly…so basically $10.50 is all a supposed Office manager is worth?????

    Everyone in the 2nd interview was amazed and seemed to be falling for this so called orientation. We recieved some information about the benefits, “training”, and what is to be exxpecte from us. We were told to give in personal information for a “background check”.

    Because of my gut feeling, I postponed my training until I could reseach the company to see if it would be worth my time. After researching this company further I am convinced that I had not only wasted my time even listening to this speech, I could have fell victim to a scam that would have costed me time and money.

    I knew the ad sounded too good to be true. Although this is another disappointment for me in my job search, I am grateful that I did not end up wasting more eneregy.

  • Desu

    BEWARE of “Metamorphic Mentality Management” or “M3″ in Woodland Hills, CA. It’s just one of many Scentura satellites operating around the country. They’re trolling craigslist looking for “entry level managers”, but what they’re *actually* looking for are young and impressionable kids to sell their crappy perfume on the streets of the San Fernando Valley. Trust me, you won’t be paid much, if anything while you’re in “training.” It amounts to slave labor, and they can get away with it by calling you an independent contractor in training. The branch managers are Jacquie and Richard. They’re fakes, they’re liars, and regardless of what they say, they don’t give a damn about you. They’ll say they’re making a fortune and you can, too, but all you have to do is look at Richard’s belt and shoes to know that’s hogwash.

    The office address is: 6016 Fallbrook Ave, Woodland Hills, CA, 91367
    The office phone is: (818) 712-0366

    I feel bad for all the young kids, single parents, and desperately unemployed folks in their training program right now. I hope they wise up fast.

  • Robin

    Same story here! We live in San Antonio, and here they go by the name SAS INC. My boyfriend saw an ad for a manager position w/ no exp. necessary. He had two interviews in an old hotel or apartment looking building w/ the music blaring and tons of other hopefulls. He was told he was one of two selected for the management positions outta 17 people. So yes, he was hired. He was first told he would be a manager for a perfume call center and would not be doing sales. The managers kept telling him this is not a sales position. His first day of work/orientation they are having him write down what kind of car he drives and his plates? Wtf…odd. But we didnt think much of it. So anyway he gets off after orientation, and tells me he needs to sell some perfume, JUST that one time, to get an idea of what his future employees below him in the call center will be doing. Of course nobody wants to buy perfume you cant see, or smell. And nobody wants to give out their credit card info to a company that cant be proven legit. So he made no sales. They told him the average amount sold for the new employees was 26…really?? 26!!?? And whoever made the most would recieve a cash bonus the next day. But how would anyone with no samples be able to make 26 sales?? Ya started getting really fishy to me, but still I stayed positive thinking it was just a one time thing. He and I were so worried he would look bad if he did not make a single sale that we bought two bottles, from our rent money, thinking we would earn it back of course once he got his check. So second day of work he comes home with a sunburned face and tells me he was taken out w/ two trainers to strip malls illegally soliciting outside and even going in to stores and restaraunts. He told me one of his trainers even stole something from one of the stores. Putting all of them at risk had he been caught. He also said they would see signs outside buildings saying NO SOLICITING and the trainers would laugh it off and still continue to solicite inside til they were told to leave. Also I guess when you see security watching you you are also supposed to get outta there asap. Well nobody told that to my boyfriend. Security was watching them and the two trainers went one way not telling my boyfriend, and he was stopped and questioned by security and told to leave. He told me he would be doing this kind of selling for the next two weeks. What!? They said this was not a sales position. So why is he selling, in an illegal manner at that??? I was suspicious from the beginning but that last one did it for me. I googled scentura scam and tons of websites showed up all with the same exact stories as ours. He was so bummed when he realized it was a scam. We have had it rough due to this harsh economy and were really looking forward to finally getting a well derved break. These people are terrible. They lie to get you to do dirty work for them. Please do not fall for it. :/ -oh and as for why they want the car information from their new employees? In case anyone takes off with their perfume they can inform insurance agencies. What a fucking piece of shit company. And a huge waste of gas, money and precious time.

  • Ruben Salvatierra

    theres a couple in the inland empire area just checked in at craigslist, terrible just terrible!!! after 2 days, I wanted out, but I wanted my personal info back like my social number, I.D number, etc.

    there address is 1126 foothil ave. suite 175 and phone number 981-9000 i want these crooks stopped now!!!

  • Vincent

    Scentura is now going by Zodiac Management in Staten Island New York doing all this exact same stuff. Beware.

  • Sabina Doyle

    SYNERGY EXPANSION is now working out of Staten Island NYC under the name Zodiac Managment. They gave me the same story about a managers position for $30K a year selling perfume. After my second interview they told me I was perfect for the job and were going to hire me. I was told I would be attending a 6 week unpaid training program then starting work in their new yet to be established office. Then they told me that I needed to immediately fax all my personal information even the make, model, year and plate number of my car to their main office. I never applied for a job that asked for all the info they were requesting and became suspicious. Before I did anything I checked them out and found this page thankfully before any information was given.

  • PRC

    This is another email from AXIS, the supposed advertising and marketing firm that opened in Phoenix and Tempe AZ. I see these folks EVERYWHERE< in malls and Targets and Walmarts, peddling the overpriced perfume and borderline desperate to meet their sales quotas. I understand a little work and some $$$ is better than none, but the overhead the company makes, while cush and watching the desperate try and sell this perfume/cologne all day, in rain and shine, for pennies and empty promises is depressing. DON"T FALL OR WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

    *****They are merely looking to recruit suckers, even if you work a day or two, they still take the chance you you ringing sales to family and friends in the beginning and paying you NOTHING.

    You are BETTER off applying at fast food, the mall, grocery stores, phone support, market research or customer service, there ARE jobs out there, just be patient and keep trying.

    AXIS Inc.

    2227 S. 48TH STREET SUITE A

    TEMPE, AZ 85282

    Hi PRC!

    Thank you for applying for a job with AXIS INC. We would like to inform you that management would like to meet with you for a interview! They reviewed your resume and feel you are qualified for some of our open positions. They also compared your resume to others received and feel that you have the right skill set and experience they are looking for in an employee.

    This is our busy season and unfortunately interview times are limited. Please call our Regional HR Department to secure a time for an interview at 602-414-0357.

    Click to view our press release!


    Shay DeHaan
    Human Resources Manager


  • PRC

    AXIS Inc.

    2227 S. 48TH STREET SUITE A


    Hi PRC

    I tried to reach you today in regards to your application for a position with our company.

    We would love to have you in for an interview!

    Please give me a call at 602-414-0357 at so that we can schedule as soon as possible. We’re trying to fill these positions fast and they won’t be around for long due to the high response we’ve had. I hope to hear from you soon.


    I look forward to your reply

    Shay DeHaan

    Human Resources Manager


  • Breanna

    Had an interview today in downtown San Jose, California. Same type of guy talked very fast- Sleezy. Soo glad I looked up the company and found this…Thank you so much!!! Its Synergy Expansion here. BOOO!

  • beccan o.

    This scam is now in woodland hills ca. going by gtw management aka serenity management.
    My husband went to his “2nd interview today” we spent more on gas trying to get to these interviews for them to say there is no set hourly or weekly rate what work you put in results in a higher paycheck. Its such a scam we found this on craigslist so be aware and do your reseach

  • Rob

    Scentura Creations has moved to Phoenix. They are called Triple Crown Management and BOS Management. False promises and a joke of a training program. I was losing money every single day because the managers that made it and were making all this money didn’t have a car! So as a new trainee, I had to drive all over the ghetto of Phoenix about 50 to 60 miles a day, spraying random people on the street, parking lots, and inside places of business with cheap perfume. They were telling me that in order to earn my office, I had to hustle that crap 7 days a week! What a waste of time. I have been unfortunately effected by this down economy and the industry that I worked in for 8 years laid me off. I am a very driven and motivated person but companies and people like this are making it tough for everyone. They are praying on the unemployment rate and it makes me sick. People of Phoenix you have been warned about Triple Crown and BOS management.

  • Rob

    Scentura Creations has moved to Phoenix. They are called Triple Crown Management and BOS Management. False promises and a joke of a training program. I was losing money every single day because the managers that made it and were making all this money didn’t have a car! So and a new trainee, I had to drive all over the ghetto of Phoenix about 50 to 60 miles a day, spraying random people on the street, parking lots, and inside places of business with cheap perfume. They were telling me that in order to earn my office, I had to hustle that crap 7 days a week! What a waste of time. I have been unfortunately effected by this down economy and the industry that I worked in for 8 years laid me off. I am a very driven and motivated person but companies and people like this are making it tough for everyone. They are praying on the unemployment rate and it makes me sick. People of Phoenix you have been warned about Triple Crown and BOS management.

  • Kelly Anderson

    Please do one of World Perfume too . I was scammed back in 2002 by them. They are a “breakoff” of Scentura !!

  • Little Lady

    Happening in Crystal, Minnesota! 763-202-7448 is the number and I can supply the address if needed!

  • Steven D.

    I actually just had an interview today with Synergy Expansions, they called me back around 5:15 and said they had “great news” saying that I have a 2nd interview on Thursday. You don’t know how much it made my day, I was .. hopeful and happy again. But then I got curious and decided to do some research on this company and stumbled upon this.. Now I feel like dirt, I feel mislead. So much for the “Entry Level Management Position” and “30,000$ starting”.. I thank you John Mattes for the info, and I hope somebody catches these crooks..

  • Frank

    Axis, smaxis, what a joke! There are NO jobs with these idiots. They claim they have a call center on Ray Rd in Phoenix somewhere that pays $15.00 per hour, M-F 8-5. The interviewer had no clue where this “call center” was even located. PLEASE be aware people, Axis in Tempe, AZ is another scam, INC.

  • Brittany

    I went to one of these yesterday! I wish I-guy would come out here & expose these people & thier scam for what it really is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I went they called themselves: “GTW Management”
    6016 Fallbrook Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    Brandon & Alicia

  • Harry H

    Thank you so much for this information! My girlfriend and I just moved out to the Bay Area of California. I have a job, but she is still looking. She took a train down to Hayward for the first interview at “Empire Management” and she said it was kind of weird. She got called back for a 2nd interview, so I decided to do some research before. I quickly found this page, and my worries were correct, the place is a scam.

    Good lookin out, you saved us valuable time, money and stress!

  • Mandy

    This has been the most frustrating 4 months of my life. Scam after scam…..I’m almost paranoid now after sending in my resume…FINALLY Get an interview…research it to only find out they’re scams!!!!!!! I’m livid, disappointed, and most of all I’m broke. I try to live each day as if it were the best day I could live, do the most I can, and give back to others, but why is this never given in return. I left a job that treated me like garbage, but at least I was making money!!! I’m an only mother and to try so hard everyday only to get scammed or turned down is breaking my heart!

    I got an email back from “Axis” to interview for an Entry level Mngmnt position in Tempe, AZ. Now that I’ve read dozens of comments here, needless to say I won’t be calling back.

    It’s company’s such as this that I ask myself WTF has happened to people??? People like each of us are hard-working members of society that just need an opportunity! So why has that become so difficult? Why do “these scammers” think they have this “God mentality” to take others pride and time!!??!!

    Trying to stay positive and as optimistic as possible, but it’s getting more complicated the more time seems to pass me by.

    Good luck to each and everyone of you and my apologies for enduring such heartache, frustration, and angry such as myself through these scams that tag innocent individuals such as us! I’m thankful there’s a site like this to prevent us further from getting in over our heads in bs opportunities that won’t pan out!!!

  • Yazmeen

    OMG!! thank you sooooooo much!!..If I wouldnt have seen this I wouldve been sucked in and they probably would of taken advantage of me just like they did to all of those other innocent people!.I was actually kind of excited about this job,I had an interview today @ 5pm.To meet with one of the “Directors”..I just emailed them to cancel my interview.ugggghh!!These kind of scam artists aggrivate me!! I once before was scammed by a company named Rhino Kirby here in Phoenix AZ,on 43rd and Cactus.They would have me out all by myself (a 17 yr old girl at the time) @ 10pm door knocking from street to street!Imagine if something wouldve happened to me.!! They promised to pay me $500 a week.and i worked the for 2 weeks and never received a damn dime!!Thats why im so cautious to even try and look for a customer service job!.

  • Nicolle

    Thank you SO much! I have an interview tomorrow with “Axis” in Tempe and will be calling them back to tell them to shove it. I’m glad I didn’t end up wasting my time with this bs.

  • Dakota

    I got dragged into it the same way, a high management position great pay on craigs list too. I worked for J.D and Kurt I was told all the same things, but the kept dragged me around telling me they wanted me as there partner. When i started to quit because i lost my apartment I still have two maxed out unpaid credit cards from trying to live and feed myself. I lost my cell phone everything I had was sucked and gone within two months!! The most I ever got from them was a few meals, and 200$ when I left after all the trips I did. Staying up all night making my goals in bad areas. Total scam and the fact that this creeps left girls go out and do this is ridiculous. I had to stay in a bad motel that had cameras in the room I found them and the motel guy got mad when he noticed i had found them. I called Kurt and J.D saying I need to call the cops but they told me not to, because i needed to stay on track and sell bottles and just to get out of there.I hate them everything was going alright in my life until I found them, i was promised so highly I didn’t want to believe the truth when my mom kept telling me it was a scam.


    Scentura is operating out of 2 South Florida offices called “Regional Managment” and “Innovative Solutions”.


  • KAmbriz

    I came across their job post on craigslist Phoenix under the company name AXIS. I submitted my resume, was contacted and set up an interview. I came across this site before I went. Thank you. Below is the email I sent cancelling my interview. You may find it rather amusing, possibly disturbing, but I feel much better. :)

    July 12, 2010

    Dear Shay

    I regret to inform you that I will not be keeping my scheduled interview for tomorrow 7/13/2010 at 4:30 PM. As I was researching your company to prepare myself for tomorrows interview I was fortunate enough to come across numerous web sites and hundreds of complaints exposing your company for the scam it really is.

    I am thankful for that, and you and your company should be as well. You see, I am SO fucking sick and tired of being screwed over by people like you and your company. Sick of being scammed, fucked over, lied to and taken advantage of. I am at the end of my fucking rope. I was excited about my interview tomorrow, about the job offer and openings we had discussed, and had I showed up tomorrow only to learn it was a scam…? I fear that would have pushed me over the edge, caused me to snap…go postal…and then you and many others wouldn’t have made it home to dinner tomorrow night, and I would be behind bars for a very long time.

    So, thank god (seriously, you should), that I’m the type of person to do my research…and thank god, there are people to expose scam artists like you and your company. And as you continue on, lying to and misleading innocent people…I would pray…religiously, often, because one day you are likely to piss off the wrong person at the wrong time and not be so lucky. Something to think about.


    K Ambriz

  • Here we go Again

    Another Scentura scam is happening in Cherry Hill. The address is
    2428 Route 38 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002. The first training date is Tues. July 6 from 11-5 pm. The person who does the talking tells all the candidates to unlearn everything and not listen to their family member who talk down on them. Then he brought in the perfume and explain that all the real brand is ripping people off and that a bottle of perfume only take $1.35 to manufacture. I hope you can do something about it


    $$$ Entry Level Positions $$$ (Jacksonville)

    Date: 2010-07-02, 8:53AM EDT
    Reply to: see below

    Entry Level Openings – Immediate Availability!!

    AMG has lived by a company philosophy of loyalty and results; loyalty to our people and results for our clients. We specialize in creating and executing promotional incentive packages for our clients; we are the alternative to generalized mass media advertising! We are experiencing unprecedented growth and need a few great individuals to help us further reach our goals collectively. We are looking for career oriented individuals to run new locations. Positions involve face to face customer service, promotional marketing and sales presentations to new customers.

    Skills/Abilities: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

    * Good verbal communication skills
    * Interacts effectively with people and groups
    * Upbeat & positive attitude with great energy
    * Maintains good customer relations
    * Handles large crowds effectively
    * Ability to approach and ask consumers to participate in a promotion
    * Interacts effectively with all levels of staff
    * Self-motivated and works with limited direction
    * Reliable with excellent attendance
    * Team player

    For personal Interview CALL KAYLA @ 904-683-8979

    Location: Jacksonville
    Compensation: Earn while you learn! Up to 500/wk to start! 1st yr. to 52k, Experience to 100k w/commissions, profit sharing and bonuses
    Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    Phone calls about this job are ok.
    Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.


    The guy in this video is in an office here in Jacksonville. I just didn’t feel right meeting this guy & being in their office. Things just didn’t add up. The guy you interviewed in the 2009 interview is the guy from my “interview.” He cussed, had rock n roll music, and during the 2nd “interview,” he actually had the nerve to tell the 10-12 ADULTS to turn off their cell phones. RED FLAG!!! I walked out. Came home and happened across your youtube link I have above. The “new” office is at 2980 hartley blvd ste 5. The advertised on craigslist the same thing you said. The “name” of the company is AMG. I don’t remember the guys name, but it is him!!! He still dresses the same.

  • Teri

    John Mattes does such a great job exposing these idiots for who they really are!
    I wish you had your own National TV Show dedicating the show premise on getting all these losers off the streets and behind would be such a HUGE hit!
    We’ve all been hit up by these losers at Gas Stations, Shopping Center Parking Lots, etc.
    Great job John!

  • Found another Scentura Front

    I saw your piece on Scentura. I just left the 2nd interview for a company called Prestige. After looking at a website they gave us I saw the Scebtura name and googled. That is when I saw your piece. I would like to you to know that Prestige is the same company they just changeed their name. After seeing this I will not be going back. I live in Saint Louis missouri

  • JJ

    Scentura strikes again! There is a branch in Hayward, CA calling themselves “Empire Management.” I found it on craigslist and after the 2nd interview I decided to do some research and instantly I found a dozen stories identical to what I went through. Larry Hahn is a scam artist. My first day of training starts Monday. Needless to say, I will not show up. I feel sorry for the rest of the saps who don’t know what they’re getting into. The number is (510) 886-2110 and the address is 24565 Soto Rd, Hayward, CA., if anyone is wondering.

  • Cameron Verotti

    Yea the “Axis Inc” A.K.A Pinnacle Systems Group-HBH and Maxum Industries Inc in Tempe, AZ tried to Recruit my girlfriend into doing it. They never explained the job nor what she would be doing. Soon after hearing about this from her I found this company to be shady, After a phone call to their Local Tempe office ( 602-414-0357 ) I found out they were worse than I expected. I couldn’t even push the information I wanted out of the lady on the phone named ” Ashley”, then after that she has the nerve to ask me to come in for a interview. ” We are interviewing over 300 applications and Monday is the only day for interviews.” This Ashley didn’t even want to hear about my qualifications, didn’t even want me to send my resume.

    Seriously Shady business, go at your own risk…So far all the information points at disaster and the more exposing we can do the better informed people can be about these horrible scams.

  • Another Scentura Spin Off

    I recently applied for a job with a company called AXIS INC A.K.A Pinnacle Systems Group-HBH and Maxum Industries Inc in Tempe, AZ . The company was looking to hire customer service and marketing managers. I also recognized the address. I had been there before when I tried to be convinced into the perfume scam. They have gotten trickier now. It has gone to selling perfume to promotions of products. The most interesting thing is they are trying to make them self’s look legit and professional by having a great web page at to make it look legit!
    This is a marketing scam they keep on changing the name and products, but use the same building. For all I know it depends on the day and the scam. I personally feel the man who runs this Chris Hinshaw needs to be looked at and investigated. He’s been running his scam in the way valley to long!

  • Victim

    I was employed by SYNERGY EXPANSION, located at 1425 Koll Ciecle Suite #101 in San Jose, CA 95116.
    I was there for one week because I found out they were liying to me, I was hired for the Maneger Position, and ended up saleing Scentura Creations fragances on Parkinglots all over the City. I was told that I was going to get paid on Friday the 14th, but nothing happend and they did’nt mention anything about it in our meeting that same day Evan & Liz, that’s how that Office’s Owners are called. I know I did something really wrong because I kept 7 bottles of Perfume, but I am very Overwhelmed by what they did to me, I was their number one seller in their office and they keot telling me that I was going to get Promoted on that comming Saturday, But when I started conecting their lies I did’nt know what to do, I’m a Single Mother of two Beautiful Children, and they made me work for them from 9:00 to 6:00pm. I was expecting some Money for my hard work, so I just did’nt show on Saturday nor any of the rest of this week, I still have the Bottles with me, and I just received a call
    from them saying that they want me to bring them their bottles or else the are going to turn in My Information to their Insurance Company, and going to get a warrant for my arrest. At this point I am willing to give up and take them what they want, but I also want to take them to court and make them stop doing this to Innocent people.
    Please If I can have your advice I will be Happy to Hear you. Thank you.
    Yours Truly,

  • Yes Another victim

    Hello! I have 1 of your best scam artist new location in Atlanta,Ga.Once again Mr.Larry Hahn Scenteura Creations.They almost got me.My training start this monday at 10:30 everything you said is true.I wanted not to think anything bad about the business but,I just could not help to look and research for myself and others that will be there monday.If you can please got catch them to save the others.I was able to meet some very cool hard working new people that will be starting training monday & 1 girl even is a young single mother catching the bus and a college student, other are just out of high school & married with a family like me looking for extra income.I seen you on youtube I know what you are about so please crack down on them again.I remember some of their names but could not find them on facebook so i’m asking to help them.

  • Needs Help

    Need help regarding Scentura. my step daughter has been involved w/ this company for over 4 months were concerned about her welfare. is there anything legal that we can do to shit this down?

  • Angry

    i think that the scentura people are in arlington, texas. i worked there with some other people. we saw their ads on craigslist and applied for the job;however, they sent us on the street to sell those cheap perfums for them. thank you for you video. i will not go there anymore. its a shame. can you stop those people from abusing honest people that want to make a living? the office address is 2221 west arkansas rd, arlington texas. phone number: 817 801 4466

  • Pissed at Scentura

    hello.. i just saw the sentura creations video and it is hilarious. there is another office in long beach at the Cambrian home care building. There on the Corner of- Pacific Cost Highway & Anaheim st. there phone number is 562-986-6300. the man in charge is Jamie Sterns .. please do expose them to.. Thanks John mattes..

  • Susana

    Thank you John Mattes, for all your support on my case, you saved my life and my children’s security.
    You are the Greatest in what you do, never change and MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR WAY!!

    Thank’s again

    Yours Truly,
    Susana Perez

  • I was pimped out by Scentura

    This is a very detailed account of my experience in this “opportunity.” I spent a total of six months in this “business” and absolutely lost everything. I’ve e-mailed this to I-Guy already and it should be here for everybody to see this. Prepare for a lengthy read:

    The e-mail I sent to I-Guy:


    I wanted to share you with a very embarrassing experience concerning the Scentura Creations “opportunity.”

    I must preface something first so anybody who reads this can understand just how big of a ride I was taken on. At the time I started this “opportunity,” I was 22 years of age and had been living abroad since I graduated High School at 18. Within six days of receiving my diploma, I took my $200.00, filled my truck with fuel, put everything in the back and trucked on out “into the world.” I first went to Florida, then to Texas and then returned home. On year later I set out again and this time – became successful at taking care of my needs, earning money, paying rent, becoming responsible with my bills, etc. I lived in Indiana and had recently moved to New Mexico – just traveling. At the time, no woman in my life and no family – just kind of had the free spirit thing! I had my own car which was completely paid for and kept in good condition, good clothes with no holes in them, and always had a little bit of cash just “in case.”


    Its summer of 2008, I’m working like a dog in a Supervisor position of the security company SECURITAS in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After many weeks of having merely half-days or one day off a week; I’m tired, hot, annoyed and definitely ready for a new line of work. I start buying the paper regularly and looking at the jobs section. You know the story – “Fun and fast paced atmosphere! No training required!” I actually didn’t bite for the first three weeks I bought the paper – instead trying other places first. As a last resort, I call this place and get an interview that very day!

    We know the drill – the two interview process, etc. Something wasn’t right in my mind, but I was so completely tired of working consecutive 18 hour days for weeks that I was ready to try anything so I could at least get some sleep at night – if I only knew! My first week, I was chosen to go on my very first Satellite trip that very weekend. However, I had given SECURITAS my two weeks notice and definitely intended to properly work the final two weeks to leave a good impression for that company – as I had a near flawless employment/attendance record. Somehow, the co-owner was able to talk me into neglecting my duties and go on the Satellite – which I did. At this point, I thought I would be riding in a rental car with those expenses taken care of. Wrong! Instead, I was chosen to drive my own car at my own expense. Forty minutes into the drive, my radiator blows up and myself and one other guy were stuck in the middle of I-35 for almost four hours sweating in the he
    at as antifreeze went everywhere on the road. The tow truck finally came, and when I saw the amount I immediately realized I couldn’t pay it. That day, I lost my vehicle. That’s not even the best part: after being stranded for hours on the side of the interstate, the owner called and expected us to continue our job and hit our team goal, which was 21 bottles. We finally arrived back in Albuquerque at 22.30HRS, with 21 bottles to sell. I soldiered on thinking that perseverance was the key.

    Weeks pass, my situation drastically deteriorates. I’ve missed rent on my apartment for almost two months in a row; I now have a court date for past rent and an eviction notice. I missed so many payments of my debt consolidation program that I was dropped and my interest rates skyrocket again. I went from eating steaks in the comfort of my home to living on Ramen noodles (chicken flavor) for almost three weeks straight. And still yet, I just think: persevere! Nothing comes for free!

    It then comes to my attention that the owner wanted to move to Arlington, Texas. At which point, they asked us how many of us would be willing to relocate. I thought: see! Perfect timing! Everything is unraveling at an unmanageable pace for me in Albuquerque; I can hitch with them into Arlington! Perfect! What this really translated to was me moving their five bedroom three bathroom house and they paid me in pizza and beer – no cash. I drove one of their cars all night into Texas – they paid me with a McChicken from the dollar menu. They rented a luxury apartment in Arlington on the third floor. I and one other guy hauled all of their belongings up three flights of stairs for nine hours… pizza and beer as payment. No money, no check, no cash. For all of this hard work, they allowed me to stay and room with them. My belongings, which went from a considerable amount to just two boxes and a military footlocker, were stashed away in a closet. I didn’t have a
    penny to my name – not even clean clothes. They did just enough to keep me interested a little while longer. I turned 23 during this time and they took me out for a night of free food and drinks – it’s one of the three times in my entire life that I purposefully drank to get as drunk as possible in the hopes I could get a decent nights sleep.

    Upon moving to Arlington, I’d been in this business for almost three months. I had no income and had lost my apartment and vehicle. Normally, I’m a healthy 165lbs with a very muscular frame – two months after working for Scentura I was barely tipping the scale at 140lbs. I was even more tired and burned out than I was working for SECURITAS, and I had had about all I could handle. Just then, as if the owners knew I was ready to leave, they offered to pay my first months rent at an apartment complex they found as well as “promote” me to Manager Position and give me extra profit sharing. It’s at this point they handed over $190.00 – the most amount of money I’d ever held in my hand from the Scentura Opportunity. I took the apartment and immediately bought a paper, intent with finding another job and leaving Scentura. Also, again, is if they knew what I was doing, I was suddenly needed around the office even more! I was going on two Satellites a week, trai
    ning new people in a city I couldn’t even navigate because I didn’t know where anything was. I started to lose my luster for this “opportunity.”

    Finally, in December, I was again destitute and morally wiped out. I was on the streets in un-ironed pants with a button up shirt that hadn’t been washed in weeks. My shoes were worn flat, I was lucky to get a .79 cent taco at Taco Bell once a day – I had had enough. I took the remaining $47.00 and bought a very cheap phone with PCI Express and I called my father all the way back home – a 26 hour trip by vehicle. Three days later, I would be in his vehicle on the way home. The last three days in Arlington, TX were spent in my apartment with no power, no heat, no bed, no pillow and no food. I packed up my belongings and left.

    What did the Scentura “Opportunity” give me? Well, in summation, I lost my vehicle, my money, my drums, my guitar, dozens of books, dozens of pieces of music, clothes, movies, and pride. After years of being on my own and always making it through, the Scentura “Opportunity” squeezed all the life out of me, and they made thousands off of it.

    Presently, I’m starting to finally get a grip on my life again, taking almost two years to recover from the six months of absolute disaster. I fell for the scam and it took me for a very big ride. I learned a lot and I’m glad this happened to me at a very young age when all I had to lose was an apartment, a car, and some money. I hope this story can be a warning for anybody else considering the Scentura “Opportunity.”

    This is not an opportunity at all; it’s not even a scam – its textbook slavery. That’s all there is to it.


    The Albuquerque office in this story that of J.D. Smith and Kurt Sanger. When it relocated to Dallas/Arlington, it was changed to C.S.I (Central Scents International.) I understand that work is very scarce right now; but do NOT carry through with this. I am an exceptionally hard worker and very loyal, loyal to a FAULT (as you can see.)

    One last thing, they always talk badly about McDonalds and other places like this – the thing they don’t tell you is that McDonalds will actually pay you with an actual check – and the management opportunities in McDonalds are actually REAL and McDonalds WILL train you to be a manager and you CAN have your own franchise McDonalds — Scentura will just slave you out. Pure and simple as that.

    Just don’t do it.