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Watch this video to see how you, and other victims, may have been deceived.

  Dollar/Thrifty Rent a Car Insurance … Consumers Call it a Scam

Dollar/Thrifty both are angering consumers by allegedly tricking them into insurance they have declined. According to consumers the scam is simple; customers tell the agents they don’t want the added insurance and are then told to acknowledge declining by clicking on a small pad. Consumers report they don’t know the agents have actually just signed them up for pricey insurance. Consumers say the agent then completes the contract and folds it up without ever revealing what the proposed total charges are. The customer leaves and only finds out days later when they have returned the car that they were in fact charged for the very insurance they declined.  The agents get a commission for every consumer they trick. The scam goes on at Dollar and Thrifty locations all over the country.  

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