Unite Against Cell Phone Companies! 3

David Pogue of the New York Times is bringin’ it – he’s taking on the cell phone companies and taking names. See names below (you WILL email these jerks when you hear what they’ve been doing to us).

Here’s what they’ve told us: “Bend over, it won’t hurt a bit.”
1) Text messaging — gone up from ten cents to twenty in two years with no new technology — no extra cost to them. Email is free with basic internet so why are we paying for texts?
2) Double billing – you get charged whether you get or receive a call. Not in Europe and not here with land lines. How’s this possible?
3) 15 second instructions — that you pay for — those silly prompts are adding time to your bill.
So get off your ass. Do something. Here you go:
Verizon: Post a complaint here.
AT&T: Send e-mail to Mark Siegel, executive director of media relations: MS8460@att.com.
Sprint: Post a complaint here.
T-Mobile: Post a complaint here.

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3 thoughts on “Unite Against Cell Phone Companies!

  • andy

    Well untill the american peolple get there head out of there ass!!!! we all have to deal with this. The people have to stand as one thats why the gov. and big buesness like to keep you in dept. So you cant do anything at the risk of loosing your home, car, livelyhood. fuck the gov. they will fuck you every chance they get so i do to when i can.

  • BardLerne

    Hello Members…

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    MSN & the regular Search Engines unfortunately don’t work.

    I found… Frompo.com – apparently is above average cellphone search engine – but I thought I’d ask anyway.


  • John

    OK, first of all I wanna say this, AT&T is a joke, their customer service is a joke, their service is a joke, anything that has to do with AT&T has Gotta be the biggest cellular joke in the wireless history. To give some background on why I say this, let me just tell you I did hardware repair for United States army. In my training I had to deal with cellular technology and I can tell you from first hand experience that one cell phone tower can handle roughly 1000 phone calls. The same cell phone towers can also handle roughly tens of thousands of text messages. Unfortunately there’s no way to be sure exactly how many phone calls and text messages one tower can handle at any given moment. Most of the cell phone towers are state the art, state the art been 3G and if you tried to figure out how they work without some kind of hardware experience, being the hardware engineer for a wireless technician it would blow poor insignificant little minds. I have also had issues with dropped calls, so I’d understand how AT&T has commercials that say “join the nation’s largest network with the fewest dropped calls”. This too is a joke. I live less than 500 feet from one of these cell towers and I get on average five dropped calls a day. I have called AT&T on this multiple times and made below me off. And as far as the bill part of this goes I can understand where he’s coming from because my bill is out of whack every month, and I do and nothing different from month to month. As for the text part of this there’s no reason for the price of test messages to go from 10¢ to 20¢ apiece, if anything they should’ve gone down. For those of you who think this guy needs to get a job all I can say is look in the mirror and get a life.